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    What is the fastest MS% rift build with WW6 and whirlrend?

    I know ambo's and lamentation are needed in the cube or equipped, but instead of using Echoing Fury's CTC fear to proc Rechel's you use zodiac to cast Threatening Shout - Terrify and War Cry with Chilanik's plus the 45% movement bonus from the BK set. Even faster with Warzechian over Mortick's for bracers, Ignore Pain - Bravado if you are zdps and can drop Lamentation, Sprint - Marathon, WotB, Wreath of Lightning, Boon of Hoarder -- I'm not sure if these 25% or 30% boosts stack multiplicatively or additively but combined it makes rifts so fast.

    I think Lamentation for damage is necessary over Krelm's for the 25% run speed buff solo or in a group, but technically that's the fastest, same with In-Geom cubed instead of Ambo's. Is there any major speed bonus for this build that Barb can get that I'm missing, or an even faster build than BK WW?

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