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    +Life on hit seems to have some kind of scaling based on attack speed and aoe's. I am looking for tests and research about this. But it seems that if you have an attack that does a lot of small hits, you get only a fraction of the stated hp per hit. Also large aoe's seem to have a similiar scaling.
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    posted a message on Nephalem Valor stacks seem to have a greater effect than they claim.
    I say, ABUSE IT WHILE YOU GOT IT! Maybe I've been playing Blizzard games too long, but it seems like they never let good things stay around for long. Stuff always gets nerfed into oblivion and RUINS EVERYTHING OMG! lol

    Can "abusing" something eveer be a "good thing"?
    I mean, with all the omg and the lol, you might be joking, but still..
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    posted a message on Who thinks white items need a purpose?
    if only they had colored gems, pots and pages with a different color. say red. many d2 mods also did this.
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    posted a message on DiabloFans Calculator Build Contest (ONE POST ONLY)

    Hi All, here is my little crit build for a chance for the lottery.
    This is a barbarian build based on crits, because, well, who doesn't like big numbers, eh?

    I basically picked up everything and anything that said "critical". Of course, I don't know the actual flow of the game, so I don't know if i actually need any defensive kind of skills, whether healing from globes or allies would be enough, etc. So i allowed myself to be as greedy as possible with crit damage. I did not pick any defense, leech or control skills.

    Frenzy with Sidearm: Frenzy because faster attacks means more chances for critical hits, which will drive my buffs, see below. Sidearm because, I am giving up the constant aoe damage of cleave, so hopefully sidearm can be some help.

    Hammer of the Ancients with Birthright: Hammer because its got even more chance to crit. Birthright because it works off of crits.

    Overpower with Killing Spree: A free aoe attack on a timer which is reset when i crit, also increased crit chance afterwards.

    Revenge with Best Served Cold: Another free aoe attack with another crit buff.

    Battle Rage with Into the Fray: A buff that can be recast as soon as it expires, with a little crit bonus. The rune generates fury from crits, which I hope will synergize very well with fast attacks (frenzy) with high critical chance.

    Wrath of the Berserker with Thrive on Chaos: A mighty buff to all stats including crits. Thrive on chaos will feed off of Into the Fray.
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