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    posted a message on D4 is just D3 reskinned. Cmon.
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    My first impression was similar. This looks about the same just gritty. However, after watching all the streamers and VODs though, it is apparent that this is a demo, and there is still a lot more to do. The announcement might have been a forced thing too. Older Diablo systems were used for the sake of ease in pushing out a demo. David Kim in Rykkers stream said something along the lines as, This is all the content we have done and completed so far. Which is not much. "Not even Blizzard soon" shows that as well. As they continue to worldbuild and balance, there will be many changes. The demo in d3 was much different then the game today. The big difference is how they listen to the community. Now that this is shared with the community there will be a lot more voices chiming into this project.
    Remember, D3, the Devs ignored a lot of what we were asking for with little information in between Blizzcons. The system failed us which in turn made a failed game. Blizzard knows this. They are already being a lot more open about this game and expectations I hope that continues after Blizzcon.
    My wife enjoys diablo 3, I enjoy diablo 2. I think they want 4 to be the combination of both.

    The system failed ? Ehm Diablo IV support same mechanichs= Bounties - Key Rift Called in D4 =Dungeong keys , there will be grater rift, same interface buttons Diablo 3 - achivement and quest event as in diablo 3 . The system failed ? i don't think . And paragon level system in diablo is under decision team developers. i think game will be the same with botter players -macro gamers- addon and bla bla. Consider only for console the paragon system = lots of money to refresh subscription online.

    Boy it must hurt being this negative. Similarity doesn't equal it being a straight clone. And sure, there will be botters are macro users, they are everywhere. If they will impact you, is very much unknown at this time, thus not really relevant. Maybe blizzard will be wow-style-vigilant in banning? You don't know, I don't know hell blizzard dont know

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