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    posted a message on @Travis Day, D2 had drop lations for specific items...
    Quote from zachafella831

    In D2 - Say I wanted a certain set item, well in D2 i could grind a specific area / boss for a few hours until I found it. Specific item locations were amazing and could limit the flawed RNG aspect.

    In D3 - There is no specific area to farm certain gear. No certain bosses drop certain items, nothing of the sort. In D3 we can grind for hundreds and thousands of hours and only find crappy 2 handers all day everyday.

    In D2 where would you go to grind "for a few hours" to find your Windforce? Where would it take "a few hours" to find your Tyrael's Might?.... It wouldn't, it would take thousands of hours at best, most people, including myself who probably over the many years spent hundreds or over a thousand hours on that game NEVER saw those drops, not "well I didn't find it in a couple weeks"... I NEVER found them. Thats how the game worked, and if you remember it any other way you are just kidding yourself.

    In D3, I feel like I have a fair chance to find any and everything, and I do, I've found pieces of every say for Wizard, (I'm currently running 4 piece Tal's bonus less than a MONTH after expansion release), I've found most of the list of legendaries at one point or another, new potions and follower items excluded. I'll take this system any day!
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    posted a message on Cache specific legendaries
    They are definitely sorted by act, the answers you seek are found here
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    posted a message on Diablo fans needs a rant forum!
    There just needs to be some place where people can go, segregated from the topics that are actually trying to accomplish something and go off on their own little tangent without bugging others.

    Like right now. I know it's just the usual. I know its not a huge deal, but for the millionth time the freaking maintenance is going WELL over the announced time. And when do they decide to tell us? 4 minutes before its supposed to be up.... SURE... GREAT.... I mean seriously, why, in the freaking world can't they just build in 'OMGWTFIMSOGLADWEHADABUFFER' time into the estimates to begin with? Why SO OFTEN do they have to just suprise us with extra unplanned down time when they clearly have a history of going over already?!...

    As I said earlier, I know this is silly, and vain, pointless, and really shouldn't matter. But for the love of freaking god when I read that down time extension message I felt like I just hit the shrine of +41230% nerd rage of bloody disbowelment and happy cannibalism. I wanted to feast on the guts of every freaking tech orchestrating the maintenance and crap it all out in the shape of a giant middle freaking finger!....

    Anyway... Rant over... New forum? :D
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    posted a message on Same Dps different Damage
    Quote from T4xeN

    It's your skills/runes, probably took weapon master and it's different types of weapons

    The witch doctor took weapon master?...
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    posted a message on Why no cheat codes?
    Quote from Doez

    Reyes trolling yet again. Please go away.

    Please don't feed the troll. That is all.
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    posted a message on Legendary Items drop location?
    Quote from Diktat

    Without Nephalem Valor (in it's current state), random champions in inferno will drop the best ltem levels. With the buff, it could be the bosses.

    Hate all you want, my post was correct.

    THIS is misleading/incorrect, with or without the neph buff, the champions/bosses don't drop BETTER loot than ANYTHING else of the same level, in the game.

    Edit: Incase I'm not being specific enough or it hasn't been posted above enough. ALL gear can drop out of a barrel in the right difficulty/area. Thus with luck I could have just as good gear popping 5000 barrels as you do from running champions/bosses all day. The original question was where can legendaries drop, the answer is EVERYWHERE.
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    posted a message on Trading CE dye? Place your vote here.
    Quote from Shebnumi

    Plocer is wrong that the CE dyes drop in world, but he is right about items reverting to default colors. It's some where in the blue posts.

    He is wrong about them reverting when dropped or traded in game, they only revert when put up for auction, and they are unique, not the pale or rogue dyes.

    Edit: Part way down this page, you can find both of these answers
    If you're too busy to fish them out yourself I'll copy and paste them here.

    "All of the Collector's Edition in-game items are absolutely exclusive to the Collector's Edition. It seems the screenshot you linked is of some datamined content, which doesn't accurately reflect what's available in the game.

    The wings are exclusive to the Collector's Edition.
    The dye colors are exclusive to the Collector's Edition.
    The banner sigil is exclusive to the Collector's Edition.

    Don't worry. Be happy."

    "Q. Will the Collector’s Edition dyes have any sort of "particle effect" on the items, or are they simply dying them with a unique color?
    No they don’t have particle effects. For now they can technically only be single color gradients.

    Q. Will dyes be shown on gear on the AH? (For example: "This gear is dyed 'Off-White.' ") This is semi-important because of Collector’s Edition dyes. Players anticipate that since this dye will be rare, it will carry more value within the community.
    No, dyes are removed from items when you put them on the AH.

    Q. As a follow up to that, can items dyed with Collector’s Edition dyes be placed on both auction houses?
    Absolutely, but the dye color is removed. Dyes are not removed if an item is dropped/traded, though.
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    posted a message on What are your thoughts on the voice acting?
    Quote from aldrek

    It's fine. Sometimes it's a little over the top (Templar) or cheesy (Skeleton King: "Yoou will never defeat meee!" As if every other villain in the world hasn't said that already). The Templar himself has kinda become a running joke with his crazy lines.


    The voice acting is bad.... BUT THE WILL OF THE TEMPLAR IS STRONGER!!!
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    posted a message on Am I the only one peeved about Magic Find socialism?
    I like the mf sharing, as much as I liked the dps sharing, you don't want to share the mf? Then stack it and kill your own monsters.

    Bigger point is... Everyone who complains about shared mf automatically assumes that THEY are the ones that are going to be leet stacked with %5023445 MF and everyone will steal from them, if MF stacking still leaves chars viable, who says YOU aren't going to be the one bringing someone else down? On average, it will be a balance, unless you're stacking so much that your char sucks.

    Everyone playing in Inferno (read - everyone playing where MF will matter) should have some idea of what they're doing with their stats. If you can't trust other people to stat themselves then you shouldn't play with them.
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