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    Quote from Nightcrest87»

    Quote from TrueColdkil»

    Actual difficulty comes from the secondary objectives: stuff like "don't get hit in melee" or "don't spend any mana" or "don't get any damage" is what will make them challenging. Doesn't matter how much you can faceroll stuff, but if you are crippled in ability choices or need to avoid stuff, it doesn't matter anymore if they hit for 1 hp or oneshot you.

    A high level Molten Wildebeest's Gizzard will probably solve the "take no damage" thing.
    That's argueable, depending on what exatcly the phrase "take no damage" means. You can have shield on you but if you get any damage (even mitigated and nullified by shield), you fail, or, otherwise, if it means that you shall not lose any single hit point - you can solve it this way.
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    Quote from FadexStep»

    4 Set: You take 50% less damage for 8 seconds after landing with Falling Sword

    After seeing this I can't see how this has been nurfed. After using Falling Star you take 50% reduced dmg for 8 and cast Judgment "freely" which gives another 40% Dmg reeducation for 6 seconds. Putting a Unity aside you are looking at a 90% dmg reduction for 6 seconds and 50% for 2 seconds after that.

    To me this seems OP.

    This is not OP and the calculations are wrong as well, which can be proved easily.

    Let's say a monster hits crusader for 1.000.000 damage (raw, before any mitigations).

    Putting aside all other mitigation factors except FS and Judgement will give us just 70% of total damage reduction:

    40% of 1.000.000 is 400.000 and is the number of damage which is inflicted by a monster standing inside Judgement area (because i guess that this part of mitigation comes first - game needs to calculate what damage will be inflicted by monster).

    600.000 of damage which is left and which is really inflicted to you is now mitigated by FS buff:

    50% of 600.000 is just 300.000.

    300.000 is equal to 30% of 1.000.000 - so the combination mitigate 70% of incoming damage, not 90%.

    I'm not sure (and sadly do not have much time at the moment to find out), but as far as i remember the whole mitigation system is based on multiplicators.

    So if we take 1.000.000 of outgoing lightning damage, we will have somethig like this:

    40% is mitigated by Debilitate debuff => 600.000 of damage left.

    80% is mitigated by armor (which is normal for Crusaders even with average gear) => 120.000 of damage left

    60% is mitigated by lightning resistance (which is again normal) => 48.000 of damage left

    50% is mitigated by FS buff => 24.000 of damage left

    Total amount of dmg mitigated is 976.000 which is 97.6%.

    If we take only Armor and AR, the amount of mitigated damage will be:

    800.000 from armor


    120.000 from AR

    that will give us 92% of mitigation.

    Now you can compare 92% and 97.6% (let's say 98%) => we got 6% extra mitigation!!!

    This is totally OP.

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    Actually they've made what they intended to make - and I even highlighted it in "Focused feedback" section, because all other runes of Judgement give you almost no useful effects (LPH? Gather all to the center of Judgement area? 20% CC? - no big deal at all).

    Crusaders really need this reduction, otherwise they will be either too fragile or have really low damage. With this belt they can finally use 3 dmg gems: Taeguk/Gogok/BotT or BotS (though the last was severely nerfed and comes on par with BotT only after 15-30 hits - even on rank 50 - which is a nonsense and will work only against tough packs/Guardians),

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    Quote from xskarma»

    I'll probably try and get the new Spider set and screw around with that, at least in season, and god knows what kind of stuff will be best to cube for that. Looking around the web and on Dfans it seems like Furnace and Unity are high on the list for most builds, so I'm guessing I'll look at those to start. If I can get a Furnace to drop that is... *grumble*

    Tried this *new* set (Arachyr or whatever it's called). Pretty interesting with Manajuma's set, but i guess it's still behind Zuni/Carnevil. With mediocre gear (1 mil dps on ragdoll) I've seen some 500-800 mil crits from Hex explosion. And, despite insane mobility, those sets together seem awkward: you need to squeeze Corpse spiders, Bats and Hex into rotation. Also usage of Corpse spiders excludes usage of Plague toads.

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    Quote from Talyn_Rahl»

    That's fair enough Geege...

    But some of us are greedy and want to use both, combining Sweep Attack for AoE and Shield Bash for single target by abusing piro mirella and Golden Flense to get the best of both worlds.

    Combine that with a new (non shield) armor that increases the damage of Sweep attack and you're golden.

    Sadly that's not an option :P

    Moreover, I'd really like if they've changed Drakon's bracers so it worked with Sweep too - then Sweep becomes usable (and even deadly) both against boss and groups. Would be nice if they've moved Sweep bonus from that damn old ugly shield to a brand-new belt instead of different "goodies" like omni-slash or belt of hammers (which noone uses at all now if we're speaking about GR progression).

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    Lies! It started about 16 hours ago on PTR.

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    Didn't realize that Chakram quiver gets +dmg from set, will try in tonight.

    Tried UE 6pcs with Odyssey's End and Dead Man's quiver - 80 mil crits with EntShot and 200ish mil crits with Multishot - and this is with 35% Phys dmg bonus and ~450% CHD.

    Using 3 Nat's and RoRG will give you 20 more disc (+200% more dmg) but you lose +50% overall dmg buff from Bastions.

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    You should aim for 70+ CDR, 1mil+ hp and 1000+ AR. High LoH stats would be a good bonus (use Amethyst in weapon socket).

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    In order to play zDPS Sader efficiently you need to stack CDR and Sta/AR to get max numbers possible. Right now you're missing 10% CDR from Captain's set. Swiftmount is an option but not necesserity - i use sword from Born set, i.e. If you change Asheara for Cain you lose 100 AR and 20% life which is a solid amount of toughness - so i'd better keep it.

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    Hello, everyone!

    So, the topic is: will Roland's set be viable at last on higher GRs (30+) after new changes Blizzard implement in 2.2.0.

    Seems to me that with Piro Marella and Golden Flense it gives a good opportunity to kill mobs fast enough (Sweep for packs and SB for Elites/Bosses) while allowing to keep 80%+ uptime on cornerstone abilities like AC/IS etc.

    Any thoughts on this?

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    Vit => socket. You can get more health via paragon/other items and LpW is essential on higher levels.
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    Quote from wowaccounttom

    Quote from Solmyr77 I cannot express in uncensored words how stupid this move is. I even thought about going to the official forums, but I couldn't find the time/motivation so far. They take away 1 of 3 things to do in the endgame. Now that mat farming is gone, we're left with bounties and rifts. Awesome.. Why not remove a class while we're at it?

    totally agree with you.

    they said inferno difficulty would never be nerfed. it got nerfed..they claimed it was overtuned.. like every other time when they claim thats the case. people clear it before it got nerfed. obviously not overtuned.

    they claimed over 1 billion possible builds. 4 buids max per class

    they said the game needed to be online because of the AH. AH is no more, game is still online

    there was a requirement (white item) in order to craft a certain legendary. it got removed

    with loot 2.0 they said they were going to fix loot and that you should be excited when a legendary dropped. they undid that change with the +100% legendaries.

    there was a requirement (legendary drop) in order to craft a certain legendary. it got removed.


    open your inventory, close your eyes, wish really hard, and all the gear you want will be there.
    About Inferno - agree.

    About 1 mil builds - you can really have any combination of skills/passives and still play the game. Another question is effectiveness of the builds. So you want from Blizzard to make all the skills equal to each other? Then you'll whine about skill diversity.

    Internet connection requirement is for your safety. Think of all those game hackers who'll break this game in no time. Item-duping and so on. Will it be interesting for you to play the game with max stats/best gear possible?

    Hunting for specific white items was a pain in... you know )

    +100% buff is hasting the process but still doesn't give you all you want.

    This last implementation is, as some people have already said, possibly a preparation for those ladders.

    All blame Blizzard and yet all play their games. Just takes it as it is.
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    Quote from bnn
    35500 shards no tasker gloves, doesn't seem to exist in my game
    Well, and a friend of mine had already successfully salvaged couple of trifecta T&T with int. The reason is he's mostly playing Wizard and sees no point in extra pet damage. Such is our life - unjust and unpredictable, both in games and in real.
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    Well, i've spent plenty of shards (several thousands at least) on both 1-handers and shields and never seen Gyrfalcon/Darklight or Hellskull shield from Kadala. But the other day in rift i've got 2(!!!) Gyrfalcons in just 2 seconds and the next day i've got that Hellskull. Yet to see Akarat's awakening and my sabatons. So Kadala is really some extra chance of getting items, no more - no less. You shouldn't bet on her. Btw, all good drops i've got from rifts were from T1-T3.
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    Quote from FordringII
    Make the game PvP free and then track them down and camp their corpses.Much like ruksak said. I would rather deal with them personally than have a technology do it for me.
    but Blizzard will never do that, so I guess something like gearcheck tool would do. Vote is a bad idea. CS:GO added voting, and guess what. Good guys are usually the ones voted out, by jerks.
    How do you propose to "check" the requirements? By reaching exact stats? But there are different builds and playstyles - so you can keep some really good players from entering the game.

    Just imagine: the system requires from you 1mil dps to enter T6 game. Then some players can stack CHC/CHD/AS/main stat and enter the game being a cannonglass who dies every 5 seconds. Would it be wise?

    Another situation: you've got decent all-rounded stats and enter the game. And yet somehow your playstyle/build doesn't allow you to act effectively.

    IMO good solutions is the following: Blizz shall implement some internal system which counts total damage made by player in rift. If the damage of ppl differs too much option to vote for kick for "weakest" person turns on so others can kick him. This way you can pretty soon kick leechers and think about ppl who make low dmg.
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