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    posted a message on [Graphic] Injury anyone can get through carelessness
    Quote from shaggy

    Jesus tap dancing Christ.

    This is certainly a good reminder to find better ways to channel my anger at situations!

    I am currently imagining Jesus tap dancing with Sheogoraths wabbajack staff.
    You've made my day.

    Though yeah, be careful. This is why I'm sharing this because previously I had smashed stuff out of pissy anger at some or other thing and it might as well been that instead of my accident.

    I really do think they should warn people about this for various reasons, not just random temper fits. You can even cut it if you cut your wrist since the tendons stretch between your radius and ulna - though you need to cut much deeper there than in your hand.

    Spread the word dude.
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    Quote from overneathe

    No worries at all, just don't get angry at me. :o

    I kid, I kid. Get well soon!

    Haha, yeah. When I'm angry you'll know :P

    And thank you. :)
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    Quote from overneathe

    Moving this to Off-Topic.

    Sorry, I thought I placed it there to start off with as this has nothing to do with Diablo.
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    posted a message on [Graphic] Injury anyone can get through carelessness
    I put graphic in the title since the photo’s do contain blood, I also know stuff like this has been posted (even nastier), so I feel safe posting this.

    This isn’t about Diablo, instead it’s about something that can maim you for life and is actually incredibly easy to do if you have a slight anger problem or if you’re accident prone like I am.

    The 11th of April I fell with a cup and it severed two of my flexor tendons, I didn’t know what this meant or how it would affect me – I was silly and thought I’d be able to use my hand fully again in a few days.

    Flexor tendons are the stringy white stuff that enables you to bend your fingers and apply pressure. I lost the ability to bend my fingers and this is permanent. On my one finger I lost 80% usage, I can basically only bend it about 5% on each joint; the other finger I lost about 90% as I can’t bend the last joint at all.

    The tendons sit incredibly close to the skin and are actually remarkably easy to sever if cut on the correct place – even a small cut can cause this.

    The reason I’m posting this is because I know some of you probably feel like breaking something at some point if you’re an aggressive gamer, maybe even smash a glass close to you, or something like that. I put this here as a reminder that something as silly as that can cause you to lose something very important.

    The fact that something like that can cause something like this isn’t a known fact as far as I know and people misjudge what such an injury can do to you. This has affected me largely as it’s on my right hand and it’s my index and middle finger.

    So people, be careful – it’s not nice losing the full usage of your hand.

    And yes, I can still play games, just a bit slower reaction times as I now use my pinkie and ring finger until I can apply more pressure with the two injured fingers. Honestly, I would’ve learned to play with my feet if need be :P

    This is the photo’s of the wound.

    The first one is where they try to stop the bleeding right after the accident.
    The second one is after the stitching was done and the last one is after the surgery to reattach the tendons, the reason the cut is larger is because they needed to go retrieve it (it springs back, think of a snapped rubber band)




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    posted a message on D2 vs D3.
    Well, for me Diablo 2 will always be better, but perhaps not for the same reasons as others.

    I'll make points and compare:

    Story: Diablo 2

    I felt much more in tune with Diablo 2, even if you almost never spoke. The creativity it provided me over the years is unmatched.
    In D3 it kind of feels impersonal, I don't feel part of anything. It's just not right for me.

    Gameplay: Diablo 3

    While diablo 2 had pretty nice gameplay, Diablo 3 feels smoother and much more polished - but this is to be expected considering the huge time-gap between the games.

    Loot: Diablo 2

    I feel that D2 had a larger variety and they were a lot harder to come by, when you got a rare you were actually excited instead of going 'crap, crap, crap' just by hovering over the skin of it. I understand D2 was like that also in ways, but it's much more noticable in D3.

    Balance: Diablo 2

    While Diablo 3 has decent balance, I do consider D2 better for the mere sake that there wasn't any 'insta-invulnerability' skills, or not to the extreme that D3 has. We have so many skills like that in D3 that it tips the scales slightly to unbalanced.

    PVP: Diablo 2

    There was such a large variety of skills that Diablo 2 just make it better. The match depended on who had better skills and who could manupilate the field better - it had a more realistic feel to it. D3 is flat - if your DPS is much higher than his life and you get the first skill it's *splat* for the opponent. The difference between health and damage when fighting a lower character is ridiculous. This wasn't largely so for D2.

    Skill Variety: Diablo 2

    Diablo 2 had more skills and more options. In D3 almost every hero ends up with the same skills at higher levels.

    Gear Variety: Diablo 2

    Same as above, at higher levels everyone is basically wearing the same stuff, just slight variations in stats.

    So, hands down Diablo 2 wins.
    Diablo 3 feels more like clone wars to me. Everything is the same in the end.
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    posted a message on Helpful suggestion for Diablo 3
    Hey everybody,

    I'm sure this suggestion has been given somewhere before, but I'm curious whether anyone else thinks this would make a huge improvement in a very small part of the game.

    A lot of you have probably accidentally swapped out your equipped gear for that in your inventory while identifying and so on. Now, I have personally accidentally done this and then absent-mindedly salvaged said very expensive gloves (since it was yellow I didn't think much of the skin).

    I would like to see the ability to lock your equipped armor and weapons (since at higher levels you rarely swap and change every few hours). This will reduce the possibility of accidentally doing something like this or even accidentally dropping something in battle if you for some reason open your inventory.

    It's a small thing, but to me it would help people who also make this mistake. (Much like what was done with the skills regarding how many times people accidentally moved them and lost all NV)

    So, should I officially try and suggest this to Blizzard if it hasn't been done already or is it a stupid idea in your opinion?
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    Quote from Lohk

    These topics come up often and are always replied with the same "Farm more.", which doesn't help the OP in any way.

    I've gone from 5 million to 15 million just selling gems. I have recipes for Star cuts of each color and I just farm until I have no more of the crappy rares up on the AH(the ones that sell for like 25k >.>). By that time, I usually have 100-150 Flawless gems and I just use the tomes I pick up and make gems until I am out. Then I put up everything, except Flawless, on the AH. Usually takes about a day to sell everything with the occasional re-list.

    Also, right now Inferno Essences are going for quite a bit. Although they are going down in price again. If you have some, I'd sell those off if you need money right now.

    However, if you want to invest, the new crafting recipes in 1.0.7 might use Essences/Tears, you can start picking up Blues during your farm runes and salvaging them. It's a bit of a gamble, though. You might end up with a whole bunch of essences worth 500g a piece :|

    Hope this helps! Good luck :)

    I almost forgot, use this site for looking at prices. Helps a ton.

    I gave you rep now because that's solid advice. I do the same but I never actually thought of saying it as it's a path travelled less often. It's good advice if you have no intention of using the gems on your characters.

    But it IS still farming, you're just farming for something else, though it can actually be considered passive farming as it's usually not your main focus.
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    posted a message on Millions and millions of gold....
    Farm until you get something good. Eventually you will, it just takes a lot of patience.
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    posted a message on Rate your satisfaction level with the current Diablo 3.
    I have hope they'll make the necessary improvements. So far they've made some terrible choices and some awesome choices. The biggest problem for me is the lack of gear diversity and skill diversity. Everyone is eventually a clone of someone else.
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    posted a message on Farming question
    In reality you should be able to do any of the acts with MP2, the problem though are specific monsters.

    Act 1 is those damn Goliath things that charge for all their worth, at higher mp levels they would most likely one-shot you if they charge you.

    Act 2 is the insects that shoot out the bombs, they tend to kill quickly.

    Act 3 is the Succubus spells, heralds of Pestilence and anything that spews fire.

    Act 4 is anything that does fire damage.

    Those are my problem areas, if you can find the correct way to either avoid damage from those or kill them quickly, then you'll do fine in my opinion.

    I'm a 190k buffed DH with 630 all resist.
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    posted a message on [EU] Free secret level portal (any difficulty) and some other stuff
    Right, so I tend to suffer from severe boredom when playing alone. Or just doing nothing of meaning to myself or anyone else; but enough of the back-story to this; here's what I offer:

    I can either take you to the secret level and leave you there to do it, or I can join. I'm able to do normal - hell on mp10(monster power 10) and inferno on mp1 with one person. I do, however, stand the chance of dying.

    I can do all difficulties of Diablo with ease, most I can do with mp2 with a person, the exception being the act 4 inferno (fire, you know).

    I say this because I'm both the tank and the damage dealer and I prefer not to deal out false pretences.

    Basically, if that was TL:DR, here is the snipped version:

    Secret Level
    • Normal up to monster power 10 for any amount of people
    • Nightmare up to monster power 10 for any amount of people
    • Hell up to monster power 10 for 1 person
    • Inferno up to monster power 1 for 1 person
    • Normal difficulty monster power 10 for any amount of people
    • Nightmare difficulty monster power 10 for any amount of people
    • Hell difficulty monster power 10 for any amount of people
    • Inferno difficulty monster power 0-2 depending on the amount of people

    I'm pretty much available to do anything, achievements, help farming. You mention it and if I'm up to it or can do it I'll do it. I'm not super-geared like some people out there, but I can hold my own in the game.

    As said this is only for people in the Europe region, I haven't made a sufficient character in the US or Asian region yet.

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    posted a message on Price Check on Gloves
    So no one can PC the thing?
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    posted a message on new exploit for scamming in d3
    Wow,not to be mean, but heck dude.. I could smell the scam on that the second he said to drop it on the ground. It's an old trick in many online games.

    Sorry, but wow... I feel for you, but hey...this is how we learn.

    Secondly, if he's really a 'scanner', I've got some stuff I needed scanned, like in yesterday already.

    Jokes aside, I'm sorry this happened to you and hope it doesn't make you lose all your trust in people, just know how to recognize bullshit. It's a huge loss, but it's a valuable lesson. Take it to heart and shake off the gold you lost. No point dwelling in the past.
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    posted a message on Price Check on Gloves
    Hey, these gloves dropped for me a few days ago and I'm curious as to what the community thinks it's worth as the AH isn't actually accurate.

    Feral Snare
    275 Armor

    136 Dexterity
    52 Vitality
    38 Arcane Resistance
    Attack Speed Increased By 7%
    Critical Hit Damage Increased by 49%
    Critical Hit Chance Increased by 10.00

    Thanks in advance.
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    posted a message on [EU]Anyone need help?
    So no one O.o?
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