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    I have collected some more +cold damage items, atm for a total of +90% cold damage. The following are my questions/thoughts:

    1.Altough both rings: RoRG and SoJ are very nice, they both dont have chc on them. I am wondering if on the RoRG i should replace the CHD for CHC. What do u think?
    2. Seismic slam: permafrost is awesome for my build, but its very expensive. Even though i have points in resource cost reduction i always end up hitting mobs with white damage until i can leap again. I like Ignore pain to keep me alive and all my passive help me deal more damage. So yeah i dont know, has any one a clever idea what i can tweak in order to still do lots of dps, die less and keep fury up?
    Another option would be to get more cool-down reduction. This would be at the expense of my +life gem, but then again when i can leap more often, i have more fury and and mobs stay frozen more, yeah? So that would be worth a try i think.
    3. The secondary stat from azurewrath where u freeze mobs from hitting them, does that proc from seismic slam? Just asking since i am not hitting them with me actual weapons like when using bash of frenzy...

    FYI i only pay in clan grps doing t5.

    All in all, thats it, if u think there is something else i can improve feel free to tell me.

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    good luck grinding!
    Btw why not go for reapers wraps?
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    This is a serious post. Like said if for some reason my play-style sucks id like to get some pointers on how to improve. After all this is a forum where one can ask for help, is it not? I have worked very hard to get where i am now with my barb and if i can improve myself even further that would be nice.

    When i engage mobs i dash out a few hits to get fury going, then get BR up and start ww around the mobs. From time to time i rend and get WotB up with elites. In smaller aera' s i ww through mobs.
    In higher MP i get killed easily from elites.
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    Quote from pylorih

    I spent a lot of gold this week changing the chest, boots, and amulet (mostly for the set bonus) - 170M. Fairly certain I overspent but curious what you guys think of this character and the stats and gear.


    With those new pieces I went from 23k hp to 31k hp and the damage went from 66000 to 71000. It seems like a modest gain but I know that I gain more from breaking the set with another neck piece. The main reason why I got the amulet was to get the extra 100vit. I am thinking of simply changing that and gaining 5000 dps while losing 4000 hp.


    You spend 170m and still only dash out around 30k of dps? That is sad tbh.
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