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    posted a message on Crusader Help and Critique thread. - Post Gear/Build queries here.
    Jesus that weapon would be awesome
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    posted a message on Crusader Transmog Thread!

    Samurai Crusader
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    posted a message on Oddball 7th Class Suggestions
    I say Samurai class

    Specialized in Two-Handed Swords with lots of bleeding damage based skills, and a Parrying system.

    would be awesome if you ask me
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    posted a message on Gunslingers ~ The Diablo III Clan for Adults.
    I've just joined and looking forward to building on some friendships like I did back in D2.
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    posted a message on any barb pvp builds
    I find myself having the hardest time with barbs who build around Rend and use Stormshields with Crit Chance, probably a good place to start if your playing as one.
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    Quote from Huminator

    I can't believe your asking that question, are you blind? Your gloves and amulet are completely trash. And neither of your weapons have sockets.

    Whats the point of replying to someone who is asking for help, with ridiculously rude replies. So maybe to you its obvious, maybe he doesn't play as much, maybe he isn't as knowledgeable to the things that can help him, maybe he isn't a long time Diablo player. A lot of factors could be leading him to be stuck and ask for help, being blind certainly isn`t one of them. You think his questions are laughable and noobish, then laugh at your desk and move on, don`t bother coming into the thread and put effort into making the guy feel like crap.

    Back on topic, your DPS would greatly increase with Critical Hit Damage on your weapons, your gloves could use another offensive stat like Crit Chance or Crit damage to go with the Atk Speed. One of the biggest boosts in DPS could also come from A Witching Hour belt with Atk Speed and Crit Damage, now these aren`t cheap, but you can find decent ones with the stats i`m talking about for 20 - 30 mill.
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    posted a message on Life Steal vs life on hit
    Quote from Gallizhor

    @Huminator: How much LS would you say equals "X" LOH? I'm at ~70K paper dps in my MF gear, and around 1200 LOH and zero LS.

    I personally run an Off-Tank setup with a crit chance, high block rate, shield for Higher MP runs and my paper DPS sits around the same as you. I used to use just a lifesteal weapon and kept my overawe active. But I recently switched to Life on Hit instead and currently have 1700 with 1.9 atk speed, and the difference is noticeable. it allowed me to move up 1 MP level, it makes me more versatile against certain rare packs because my regen is far more consistent and not reliant on whether I landed a crit or whether I activated overawe, or if there is enough mobs around to Lifesteal enough off my sweeping wind procs.

    Ultimately what I noticed is when I run my glass canon build that sits around 155k dps, a Lifesteal weapon did better for me, but when you sit under 100k paper dps, it seems having high enough atk speed with 1500+ life on hit helps more. All depends where you are at in that regard in my opinion.
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    posted a message on I fear Monk's status in PvP.
    I believe the Monk will act as a front line juggernaut, capable of sticking to the enemies glass cannons. I don't see much use in being a glass cannon themselves, instead relying on a balanced offense and very good damage mitigation and mobility, acting almost as an off-tank who can pick his targets everytime.

    The ability to take a 75% reduction in damage while being impaired will be crucial to penetrating through the only means of defense the squishes have at keeping them at bay, and eventually their cooldowns will fall behind the monks ability to absorb the punishment they take while CC'd and stick to them the entire fight.

    The mobility advantage will speak for itself alone, the fact Monks can have 2 dashes equipped in there skill set, one of which is free and the other of which can have a CC on impact will be huge. If a Monk in pvp sets his mind to help his team by focusing on the Glass Cannons only, he can keep sticking to one until they place themselves out of the fight trying to escape and immediately dash at long range to another squishy that is still in the fight and keep creating these tactical 4 on 3's for a few seconds all throughout the match.

    I personally do not fear a lack of effectiveness at all for the Monk, is a 4 man Monk team going to be the answer? no of course not, but they will be crucial to success for your team, and having 1 on the team will be a huge benefit as long as they don't feel the need to be just another glass cannon who gets blown up by the first CC he encounters. It will all depend on how many Monks are stubborn enough to keep there PvE builds in PvP, and not taking into consideration the skill set of other classes compared to mobs in act 3.
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    posted a message on Rate the Monk above you
    Well, first thing I'd like to point out is your offensive output is a little low, even if you are rocking out the Shield you should aim for the 20k range for DPS. Secondly I notice you are mixing your secondary resist on some different pieces, you should definitely focus on 1 resist, probably Arcane since you have a bit more of it already and replace the others with Arcane to increase your overall Resists.

    Other than that, looks good so far.


    Actively Looking to upgrade my secondary weapon and increase my Vit.
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    posted a message on Skip past Ghom
    Honestly, all these posts where people are acting like they are gamers forged by Zeus himself need to put the "high on me" juice away and actually acknowledge that if you don't take Ghom on with ideal gear, he is tricky at the very least.

    The most important advice I can lend anyone trying to solve this guy besides spend millions on gear, is to use every inch of the outer part of the room to kite him along. It is important as hell to not just go in a basic circle around the room while kitting him around, but to take him deep in the corners and really hug the walls. Don't be complacent at all, the moment he does his little shake before he spews out his gas, start moving back.

    If you use enough of the room to kite him along properly, you will notice that by the time you get back to where you started, the gas will be gone, sometimes when you are fighting him right before the spot you started the gas will still be there, but if you JUST used enough floor space it will disappear just before you have to move away from him. It may take a few tries to see the effect I'm talking about, but once you do you, know that your on the right track and probably going to defeat that smelly Jaba the Hut wannabe shortly.
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    posted a message on Hall of Shame - ilvl 63 edition
    *insert Darth Vader's NOOOOOOOOOO*

    Here I am, getting a kick out of this thread for the last little bit, only to have this happen to me about 10 min ago....

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    posted a message on Players quitting after 1.0.3
    Well said sir

    But to be honest, this patch wasn't even that bad, and easy to adapt to IF you actually wanted to, you hit the nail on the head when mentioning stubbornness. There was a lot of people who quit over it, this can be seen in the amount of publics there are today versus the amount there was 2 weeks ago. Ultimately this patch cleansed the game of one dimensional cry babies that flood gaming communities everywhere with there negative attitudes.

    Since day one of this patch the only aspect of it that bothered me more than anything was the high amount of wear and tear repair costs, I fully agree with your bank account being shredded as a penalty for dying, but haven't agreed with the high wear and tear costs. But i've moved on and just avoid deaths as meticulously as possible and swallow the 5 to 7k repair costs for just playing the game.

    The patch cleaned the Diablo 3 community and the patches going forward will have a much more positive aspect to them because of it.
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    posted a message on Setup of Physical Bnet Authenticator giving invalid code error
    As the title suggests, I recieved my battlenet authenticator in the mail today, opened it up, sat down to set it up. At first all was well, asked me to verify the email, clicked the link it gave me, brought me to the setup page. It asked me for the serial number which is on the back of the device, typed that in, next was the authenticator code. I pressed the button, and typed in what I saw, it has given me an invalid code error since, repeatedly.

    Now i'm not sure what the problem is, i'd like to hear back from anyone who may have experienced this issue during setup and was able to resolve it. It could also be that the code it is giving me is difficult to interpret, for instance, if the 0 it shows is actually a "O" instead of a zero. Or if the 1 is actually an "I".

    any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    posted a message on Gold Price on RMAH
    The prices are an absolute joke, how in the world did anyone even think "good gear" would sell for over 40$. there is no one on my friend list or anyone I spoke to in real life, that is willing to spend more than 20$ on 1 item in the AH, and people actually think they are going to sell decent stuff for what most people won't even spend on awesome stuff?

    The sooner these trolls figure out that most things are going to sell for 5-10$ the sooner we actually get to enjoy using the real money auction house.

    At least i got a good long laugh out of it when I got home from work
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    posted a message on The game was boring, now it's amazing!
    Quote from Ozbaab

    Quote from guanqi

    yep, from face-rolling act1 to barely able to kill white mobs and easy affix combo champs in act2, you will need a good 3 to 5 million gold worth of upgrades. and by going from act 2 to act 3, you are looking at 30 million gold + worth of upgrades.

    I do like a hard game, but between the messed up economy and the steep difficulty wall between acts (difficult as in getting 2 shotted by white mobs with over 800 all res, not challenging mechanics) the game desperately need 1.03 patch.

    30 million gold? Are you high?
    I'm playing a wizard, making my way through Act 3 about to kill Cydea in infero and I've spent perhaps 4 million total on equips.
    300~ resist, 29k DPS and I'm fine.

    were talking about taking a MONK through act 3, and 300 resistances on one would be an absolute roflstomp in the enemies favor, white mobs included. Most gear that gives a monk 100 resists runs for 1 million, multiply that by just the 8 armor pieces not including shields or rings/amulets and we are already at double the number you are suggesting. It might not be as high as 30 million but certainly higher than 4 million.
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