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    Just wondering how much this could fetch on the gold or rmah
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    posted a message on Rare, Legendary, Crafting recipe trolling :(
    I've found 3 of the exalted sovereign helm patterns so far. Two in one run, the other one yesterday... Still no legendary items or even a 600+ 1 hander, let alone a 1k dps 2 hander...
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    Quote from Madwizz

    nice guide. If you have low life to make the build work ofc, how do you deal with plague/desecrator/fire? on bosses there are also times where u have plague all over the place like belial and that fire from the butcher I suppose would kill you with such lowlife? Im guessing you would have to avoid those at all costs, how do u manage?

    Belial's garbage on the ground can be avoided completely.
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    Been running through hell with this build.


    Familiar with sparkflint, and magic weapon with force weapon increase your dps drastically to the point where I haven't needed frost nova for every pack.

    Haven't had any trouble throughout Hell, aside from dying once or twice to the mortar jailer combo packs, but I'm usually able to nuke down a majority of them before I die, making the rest of them fall over once I resurrect. I swap out familiar for frost nova when I feel like I need a little more control on a certain pack of mobs.

    My stats are mainly vitality and intelligence, and I've had luck with items so I haven't felt a real struggle yet. Can't wait to test out Inferno by tonight or tomorrow.
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