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    posted a message on Back in the day when i realy liked the game.

    Looking back, I had a freakin' blast playing hardcore self-found throughout D3V. HC was dangerous as fuck-all back then, and self-found allowed a sense of adventure to the progression. I would certainly play it again if given the chance, but not necessarily choosing it over RoS.

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    posted a message on End game sucks!

    Every game gets old, every game reaches an end to each individual, in time. If you play too much, the game gets old.

    I remember getting burned out numerous times during my many years of playing Diablo 2. I'd quit. I'd take a break. I'd play again and, inevitably, the thoughts of 'what to do now' always came back until I finally hung it up for good.

    All there was to do is trade items back and forth, do some MF runs, gain some XP doing Baal runs. Maybe some PvP in between runs. After awhile, the shine wears off and so begins the rigor of realizing that all you're doing is repeating the same actions over and over again just to better prepare yourself to repeat the same actions over and over again.

    Have fun, play your own way. Stop chasing cheaters and unemployed slackers. Stop predicating your Diablo 3 experience entirely upon your success on a dubious leaderboard.

    4 years and I'm still having fun. I still come home and often sit my ass down, smoke a bowl and play Diablo 3 for a few (several) hours. 4 years now, and I gotta say, the game is more fun for me now than it ever was. I don't play as much as I used to, but when I do play, I have more fun nowadays than back when the game was lousy with underwhelming itemization and lackluster build pliability.

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    posted a message on D3 dead? or just the season?

    Seasons, and the ever increasing onus Blizzard has placed upon incentivizing seasonal play, has changed what D3 is to me. I do not like Seasons. I do not want to play seasons. I never will play seasons, no mater how much they incentivize it. I'm done trying to compete in this game, been done for a long time.

    Despite helping to run a reasonably active clan for the last year, despite all the contacts I make here on these forums.... ........ I rarely play the game with another human being anymore. This online game that is entirely driven toward group play is nothing more to me anymore but a solo ARPG that I enjoy very much. This game has four modes; Standard Non-Season, Hardcore Non-Season, Standard Season, and Hardcore Season. As it happens, I far prefer the most unpopular, ghost town of a mode, HC NS.

    The game is great for me, I love it (speaking toward the actual play of the game specifically). It continues to grow in depth and content, and after four years and thousands of hours, I still enjoy kicking back after a long day of work, smoking a bowl or two and playing D3 for a few hours. It used to be so much more for me than that, but their workaround for PvP was leaderboards, and this was a serious mistake on their part IMO.

    In short; I've grown quite "casual" due to the insistence by the developers to drive the game toward speed...fast fast fast, timed runs, and seasonal restarts.

    Love the game, hate the 'suggested' play-style bullshit.

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    posted a message on Banwave for botters incoming ?

    And so did D3 lose 75% of it's population xD It's fun, I think the bots and 3d part programs have extended the life of D3. Nevertheless, I am awaiting the shitstorm on the forums.

    How the hell does letting a robot play for you while you're asleep extend the life of a game?

    Not sure I follow. ... ...
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    posted a message on One week and botters are p900+...


    This thread, what happened here, is EXACTLY why we internally debate whether or not to allow botting discussions. Not because we covertly support botting practices, but because of what happened here in this thread.

    In the future, please avoid arguing with angry posters. Just report them and be cool about it.

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    posted a message on Greater Rift Guardians need to be redesigned or removed
    Quote from aztec91x»

    I'm having the same problem with my witch doctor getting 1 shotted, even with all defensive buffs (Jade Harvest so 10 SH stacks, Bracer, horrify, and in my case uthkapian serpant.) Its fucking ridiculous, I haven't even reached gr60 and almost all my gear is ancient.

    "1-shotted" by who/what?

    Can we please (everyone) have more specifics if we want to suss out any actual dysfunctions with RG's.

    I will say; If you're getting 1-shotted by RG's under 60, you're doing something wrong. I was tickling 60 on HC last season with mid-grade gearing. Let's narrow the conversation into specifics and see what the real issue is.

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    posted a message on So Diablo 3 is dead to Non-seasonal?
    Quote from boz0»

    Or just get yourself powerleveled in season? Maybe seize the opportunity to try a different class?

    It's far more complicated than that.

    I appreciate that there are 4 different game modes (HC NS and HC Seasonal included), offering players numerous choices etc etc. .... but I did not expect that there would be such a schism between season and non season as there is now. The disparity in player populations is dramatically worse than I thought it would be.

    I don't like the idea of seasons, but I supported them being implemented because I knew many others would love it, and that would be good for the player-base overall. I play HC exclusively now and have for a very long time, but I got talked into jumping into season 4 because so many of my clan mates and friends were going hc season.

    It's been a disaster. As soon as s4 hit, I picked up some extra work and I barely had enough time to play the first week to get 100 para, and then I started working even more.

    Because I haven't had time to play I made a few mistakes and lost two characters back to back (I don't die much usually). So now everyone is ahead of me by hundreds of para and that combined with their impressive gear causes them to be far more powerful than I am, causing frustration when trying to party up and set the game difficulty.

    There's no clear end to the hours I'm working, so I said 'fuck it' and went back to my fully loaded 650+ paragon non-season monks. Maybe a future season will work out when I get back to an easier schedule, but what makes non-season so great for some people is that we can work heavy hours and still enjoy a well-paragon'd, stoutly geared full account.

    The issue? My choices of HC players to party with went down from about 40 to only 5. ...and don't even mention joining a public HC non season game. You will rarely ever find one .... not even one game. So yeah.......this issue is worse than I thought it would be. The disparity is too wide.

    The silly part is; They would literally have to start introducing non season-only items at the start of each "era" to correct this issue. Not saying I support that idea, but that's the only thing I see fixing the disparity, because the chasm is a mile wide as of now.

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    posted a message on GMs are completely useless. anyway to open up a ticket to the higher ups??

    I don't see this going anywhere good.


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    posted a message on Death's breath goblin maybe?

    I'd like to see them up the amount that the Odious Collector drops, something far more substantial. Another Goblin just for DB's seems unnecessary. Rather, just adjusting the numbers with the goblin that already drops them would be sufficient.

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    posted a message on This Banwave is a joke imo
    Quote from Glowpipe»

    In this thread. Exploiters who got banned are complaining. People who play legit are not. How about that.

    Good guy blizzard for finally doing the right thing. Perm bans should have happened on all previous exploits as well.

    Any ban-wave is a good ban-wave imo
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