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    Your first calculation method is correct, 100 to 120 to 140.

    When people say you get less they're talking about overall relative gain.

    120/100 = 20% increase

    140/120 = 16.6% increase

    Both sides are technically correct, one refers to absolute gains, the other to relative gains.

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    TL:DR Mammoth does more damage if it is placed closer, even with zei's gem equipped.

    Due to some questions raised in this thread:


    Further testing showed that:

    • A single fire trail can tick up to 16 times on a single target, if close enough, so that's a 4.5 second duration from first hit to last hit.
    • A target at max range will have 10 ticks per fire trail dealt to them, takes 1.5 seconds for fire trail to travel to them.
    • Mammoth ticks for 99% wpn dmg once every 18 frames (0.3 sec), per fire trail.

    This Means:

    • 1584% wpn dmg done per fire trail cast if all ticks hit (melee range)
    • 990% wpn dmg done per fire trail cast if at max range (10 out of 16 ticks)

    *This testing was conducted at 1.0 aps using a single fire trail

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    posted a message on PTR GR59 Clear (2x Wizards, 1x Crusader, 1x WD)
    Quote from Enthar»

    Nice Job,

    I'm stuck at work so I can't watch the Vid. @BDF2000 what was your gear set up for pieces? Thanks.

    I'll just copy/paste my post in the official forum thread:

    Well since the video is live....

    Build: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/wizard#UPQabO!aceY!YYZaaZ

    Power Hungry was the method used to maintain 100% uptime on the focus+restraint buffs on single target. Though even with that, on single target, we sometimes still drop below max arcane power, and since that is a huge dmg loss I used reaper's wraps to speed up our slow passive regen to overcome bad RNG in globe spawns and our power hungry stacks being used up.

    Prodigy is useless in the RG fight, but critical when things get hairy while moving through the rift, cleaning up whites chasing you that got missed by the zDPS. Each individual meteor shower ball would crit for ~4.5 billion on the RG for me. Molten impacts around 33bil, star pacts around 45 bil.

    I was using ancient devastator, meteor boots, magefists, focus+restraint, and tal's in other slots. Shoulders could be anything.

    I've got a working prototype spreadsheet for calculating this builds dps w/infinite power hungry stacks and so far it is looking like it will be improved by an ancient furnace once we get a 7th tal piece. That might be enough to keep up with the power increases that M6 also saw, but as others have said, outside of an infinite health globe situation I don't see us being quite as close to DH in dps as that video would suggest.

    I could see room for improvement by adding a mammoth hydra to the build, but honestly with the PTR as it was (or maybe just because of all the meteor spam) that would lag the framerate too much and kill us. We actually dropped hydras for this clear for that very reason.

    If it weren't for the lag, and Nyan needing to go, we could've definately cleared much higher.

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    I hate math.

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    posted a message on "Chance to create a Frost Nova"
    If you wish to know more about the ring as it was implimented on the PTR you can see the thread I made about it:


    Gohm: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ezka4K-W_Sg
    Blackthorn's(lol): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-5DAt7ndeq4
    What I know so far:
    It does inherit the rune of frost nova that you have on your bars.
    It does not have an internal cooldown as far as I can tell
    Losing an amount of shield equal to 10% of your health will trigger it...things like galv ward.
    It replaces the melee dmg reduction from the base ice armor, doesn't stack with it.
    Fully absorbed damage will still proc the ring even though your health doesn't change. This includes blackthorn's for sure, and I suspect immunity amulets as well.
    I'm pretty sure it doesn't need to be over 10% in a single tick to trigger, but 10% within a small window of time. I'm not sure how long.

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    posted a message on A mistake by blizzard or did they actually improve wizard with hotfix??
    Quote from russell3773
    I'm not saying your wrong. But every wizard I have talked to says they see the damage increase. I see it. Mammoth Hydra isn't doing 1 attack per second as a DoT anymore. It is critting for a lot and doing it very fast with a TnT. I also don't lose cindercoat with my build. I guess it could just vary from person to person and what their build is. But as of right now, I see a major damage increase with using a non-ancient Serpent.
    Well I AM saying that you're wrong.

    This hotfix was nothing but a cosmetic change to improve system performance for mammoth/blazing hydra.
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    posted a message on What will be the best solo class for pushing greater rifts in season 2?
    Patch 2.1.2 went live on January 13th.

    As of today, Feb, 2nd, the highest clear (on the leaderboards*) for each of the class since that date so far on NA boards is:

    Crus - 51
    DH - 51
    Wiz - 51
    Monk- 50
    WD - 48
    Barb- 47

    I expect them to look like that for season 2 as well since we don't have any looming patches or changes on the horizon, and I don't think any of the new season 2 items (except maybe the witch doctor staff) will change that ranking.
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    posted a message on Forgo damage passives with Firebird?
    Most damage passives just aren't worth using at all,

    Conflag doesn't work with firebirds because your crit chance for the dot is snapshotted before the debuff can be applied
    EE isn't usually worth it since most weapons worth using don't give you the option to not have fire or holy damage.
    Unwavering Will is useless because you're always moving.
    Glass Cannon CAN be useful, but I find it often better to run glassy in general with dps stats on gear as opposed to being tanky enough to feel safe with glass cannon.
    Audacity is bad for the same reason Unwavering will is, not to mention zei's leg gem.
    Arcane Dynamo is useless since you don't use sig spells and even if you did the dot will not benefit form this passive.
    Cold Blooded is cold.

    So yeah, wiz has really poopy dmg passives in general, but doubly so for dot damage.
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    posted a message on Firebird Dot Mechanics
    Greetings D-Fans, haven't posted here in a while. As per a request from Jaetch I'm porting over the work I've done compiling information about how the firebird's dot works from my post over on the official forums.

    Q: How hard will my Infinite DoT hit?
    Short Answer:
    It will display as 2400% buffed weapon damage per tick and deal 3000% per second.

    Long Answer:
    Dot Tick Value = (30) * (0.8) * ((MinDmg+MaxDmg)/2) * (1+INT/100) * (1+CC*CD/10,000) * (Buffs)

    Your Buffs multiplier can be found using this thread:

    Also the 0.8 is in there to reflect the fact that the dot displays a tick every 0.8 seconds rather than once per second.
    Here is a spreadsheet I made where you can plug in your stats and get a sense for how hard your dot will tick for:

    **Note: If you have any other DoT active whatsoever on a target, its damage will be combined with Firebird's damage for the displayed tick value.

    Q: How often does the DoT hit? Does IAS make it go faster?
    Short Answer:
    It will display every 0.8 seconds and the dot does not interact with attack speed in any way whatsoever, at all, nothing, nada, not one bit.

    Q: How do I make the dot infinite?
    Short Answer:
    Deal slightly more than 9000% buffed fire weapon damage without letting the dot fall off. So you need to deal fire damage at least once every 3 seconds to keep refreshing its duration.

    Long Answer:
    Here's how much damage you need to actually deal in game without letting the dot fall off:

    DmgThreshold = (90.90) * (MaxDmg) * (1 + Int/100) * (1 + CC*CD/10000) * (1 + Elemental%/100) * (A1_Buffs)

    Again referring back this this thread for the definition of A1_Buffs:

    You can replicate my tests if you would like, my spreadsheet format can be found here:

    **Note: The calculation uses Max Dmg value, not Average Dmg value.
    ****Note: I'm looking for someone to reproduce my results, I've been seeing some weird things lately and I might be missing something.

    Q: What can make me hit infinite faster?.
    Short Answer:
    Buffs that don't show up on your sheet dps let you reach infinite faster.

    Long Answer:
    Two things, first is that it doesn't matter how you reach that damage threshold....you can crit and it counts point for point towards the threshold just like not critting does...the second thing is how you can take advantage of off-sheet buffs.

    The biggest example is how this works with Elite% Dmg. Having 30% elite damage, will increase your temporary dot's damage, it will increase your infinite dot's damage, but it will NOT increase how much damage you need to deal to trigger infinite dot.

    The same thing applies to any buff that doesn't affect your sheet dps (except for elemental%).

    Q: Which buffs get snapshotted into the firebird dot, which ones update dynamically, and which ones don't affect it at all?

    Have not yet finished investigating, but as Vishnu#1844 found and I have corroborated: Class A1, A2, B1, and C Buffs snapshot and others update dynamically. In addition anything used in the threshold calculations will be snapshotted if it was not already mentioned.

    Further discussion:

    Posted by Void:
    "the A1 , B, C buffs are snapshotted at the start of the dot ( that's why conflag is useless in this build because it's never snapshotted )
    the A2 buffs are snapshotted at the 9000% threshold"

    Q: Are there any current mysteries or bugs?

    -I have no idea how many cross-class buffs stack and interact with our self buffs.
    -On live, the temporary firebird dot seems to be double-dipping all of the multiplicative buffs.
    -Also there is an issue causing short-term sheet dps buffs (Namely Taeguk gem and Harrington's) to sometimes work in the infinite dot and sometimes not work. I haven't been able to figure out a logic to it.
    -Finally there are reports that having blizzard active on an enemy with the infinite dot could lower the displayed tick values, and perhaps the damage done. I've yet to see a frame-by-frame monster health change investigation.

    Q: I don't think that one thing you said is correct because XYZ.
    I'll try and keep this up to date, but I have limited time and don't often visit dfans forums. Please state the exact method used that made you come to a different conclusion so I can replicate it and correct the post.

    Original post from official forums:
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    All this complaining, and nobody says anything about how freaking awesome that fanart picture is.
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