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    Quote from Ryude

    6 skills means I can use one hand to play my character, since I have the Diablo 3 mouse. It has 2 buttons on each side, so I never have to use the keyboard if I don't want to. If they added another skill slot, I'd be forced to use the keyboard. I'm not saying that is a bad thing necessarily, but it is something to consider.

    6 Skills means = Keep synergy for console play, they won't go over 6 now
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    Originally Posted by (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

    For those who may be curious, this change is being made to ensure that the price of gold in the real-money house remains competitive compared to third-party sites, after all, it is our game and since we are not charging a monthly fee plus we have this debt from these new shares we were forced to buy, we need a cut of this gold flipping marathon as well. We just lost 600,000 more WoW subs, what do you expect, so we dont want to hear all the drama and BS, shit happens, deal with it.
    Fixed that for you.

    Well atleast that's what I read.
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    Why does it seem like the only people that are answered by the Blues are jerks with bad attitudes?
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    Wow, on the XP Clarification, besides doing the per hour testing, I just wonder if I'll be able to feel the difference in seeing my xp bar progress a bit faster as i do my chain runs

    Edit: WHAT!!! I'm first!!, is this a fake Video???
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    Quote from Benegesserit

    There will be a cast bar and at the end of the cast bar all items will be identified.

    Duration is important.

    How it was quoted it does seem like its going to unID one by one but just by one click of your mouse, if it doesn't atleast do them faster, its pointless if you have to just sit there and wait for it, I'd rather entertain myself by re-clicking a new unID item when the bar reaches the 90% mark to keep a continuous cycle of un identifying like we do now, atleast i'd be doing something.

    Now if you can move, go repair, and get back into action while the cast bar is still moving, that's a different story.
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    Quote from overneathe

    He's leveling super fast and has decided it makes him happy. What is the problem here?

    Thank you,

    I mean why hate on this guy, you have to realize that their was going to eventually be a first, that is probably a huge feat for him, a self esteem builder. You don't know this guy, he might not enjoy going outside so why should he?

    Could simply be about being a perfectionist, and not liking the thought of leaving loose ends open until he completes that 100th paragon level, he might not feel at ease.

    All that to say, who knows, why hate, the 100th level wasn't made thinking it couldn't be reached.
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    Bullshit, how you gonna try to say that it was a bug, the damn patch notes noted 1500%, that's not a damn bug, maybe a mistake, or maybe they didn't realize that the majority of DH's would take advantage of this, but don't call it a damn bug!!!!!

    I normally don't get mad but that's a damn slap in the face!!
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    Quote from Keitaruz

    Hungering Arrow (Spray of Teeth) - Such an absurdly powerful skill when you have high crit chance, I would NEVER use Evasive Fire over it, despite my Natalya's chest giving +damage to it.

    Insanely bold comment, must try it seeing that you feel so strongly about it, I do admit though I don't like the feel of Evasive Fire, not seeing my projectives land makes me feel like I'm missing something, u just see a shot animation and then numbers fly off the mobs. and like the playstyles of the guys that used it on the vids, the 2ndary feature of it wasn't even used/needed as much as I expected.

    Cluster Arrow (Cluster Bombs) - Way more than double the damage of Loaded for Bear, but slightly harder to aim. Perfectly positioned shots can do more than 2 million damage when they crit, and it's not hard to position them when using Caltrops to slow. Takes some time to learn, but with practice I don't see how Loaded for Bear is even remotely comparable.
    Really? With the amount of peeps that swear by Loaded for Bear this is a pretty big statement.

    Caltrops (Jagged Spikes) - Great for kiting elites, and setting up Cluster Bombs as mentioned above. The DPS from them is nice, as is the Life on Hit co-efficient when I'm using a 1h LoH crossbow to regen on reflectors.

    I think I'm going to go back with this as well, in its place I was using the Bat companion for better hatred Regen for the expensive Cluster Arrows, but also referring to the vids, Cluster wasn't used as soon as they had enough Hatred for it like I do, it was pretty much a EF spam and Cluster was a situational nuke.

    Grenadier - Allows a 3 cluster burst rather than a 2 cluster burst, and the death effect is amazing.

    Really, where you see that, I must be reading it wrong, unless you mean 3 shot spam since you have less hatred use, yeah i got u. This is a thought, I'd have to see how it feels, that would mean losing Tac. Advantage, when I normally kite I'm not the stop and go type like most of you guys with that stutter shot, I gain space, spam 3-4 shots and then more space, yeah I know all play how your comfy, but this whole thread is about trying what works for you guys, and see how it feels.


    Thanks a million to Leirissa and the Grimbanes for your vids, shed a lot of light on some questions I had, the biggest dissapointment for me was seeing that you couldn't just nuke and blow up the elites it still took time to get them down with all the dps you guys have, makes you think to weigh the risk.
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