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    He definitely has some good points. I'm running the spirit bears build as well with minor tweaks to fit my playstyle better. Really works great on mp4. Haven't been able to progress any higher though without dying a bunch of times. Happy farming!
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    I feel like if they didn't scrap some of the ideas they had in the beta they would have a much more enjoyable game. Like tome of town portals, identities. And the Nephaleam Cube. Hell, they even had all gems in the mix.. Instead they just downsized to no cube, and only 4 gem types.

    I feel that some of this stuff will make an appearence in the expansion (the gems, and the cube HOPEFULLY). I am overall extremely happy with the new direction since 1.04. Hell, ubers just takes the cake for me. I can't wait to get my first uber treasure.. Whatever that may be .
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    What do you guys think this is worth? It's the first legendary I have found post 1.04. Found in a3 with 100+% MF.

    The cheapest one on the US AH at the moment is 85k. The key points here is that mine has 2.8 life leech, and +387 LOH.
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    Quote from K21Nova

    I leveled up my WD when 1.0.4 came, and started looking for gear pieces in the EU gold auction house as I was leveling. I had only a few hundred thousand gold at the time, and wasn't making any since I was leveling a low level.

    I started to look for pieces with intelligence 50+, vitality 50+, all resistance 50+, and life regeneration 200+. I was able to find these kinds of pieces to each slot with less than 100K per slot. I ended up with around 2500 life regeneration, 750-850 resistances, 45000 health, and around 15000 or so DPS. I was using a 1100 DPS 1H that I had found, with a decent mojo.

    I cleared the entire game with no deaths to elites with those stats. My dogs died only to certain situations, and very rarely. My gargantuan almost never died.

    Later I started to upgrade my DPS a bit, sacrificing only a bit of the resistances, and managed to climb to 29K unbuffed. Since then I sold the legendary 1H I was using and had to downgrade a bit. I'm at 25K unbuffed now, with otherwise similar stats (although I have about 4500 thorns), 36K I think with a five stack buff on, and I'm farming act three relatively fast, with no deaths.

    My enchantress does have something like 9200 DPS now though, so she's a big help. She had around 8000 DPS when I cleared the game.

    As far as being squishy, I can take a couple hits from elites with no worries; my resistances and regen keep me alive, and I can tank most normal monsters.

    I've switched to a thematic build since, using Searing Locusts, Blazing Spiders and Burning Dogs (I have 0% extra fire damage), and it seems to work extremely well. Things go down fast, the Locusts keep jumping from monster to monster crazy long, and it's a fun build to play. Hoping to get my hands on an +intelligence 900DPS+ socketed Sankis at some point, 20-25% would be nice. :)

    Anyways, hope any of this anecdotal evidence helps you in any way.

    Wow man nice post! Was interesting and fun to read.

    Okay so I just wanted to update this post. Now, my WD is able to farm act 3 rather efficiently. I changed my build up a little bit to something that fits my playstyle better. I created the build by just selecting what I thought worked together. This is the build I used to do most all of act 3.


    My WD has 600+ all resists, 20% block rate, 34k HP, and 23.6k DPS unbuffed. My DPS can get to about 32k DPS with 5 stack soul harvest. My character uses a shield now too, not a very good one though, I bought it for 50k off the AH. Tell me what you think of the improvements.

    Also, what is a good route to farm act 3 with a WD? Right now I am just starting the game at the "Kill Azomdan" quest, then re-running through the waypoints. Then finally, ending with killing azmodan.
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    I can't see them shutting down the servers soon. Especially since every time I ever went back and played it seems during the new ladder season tons of people are playing. I'd say there is a couple more ladder seasons at least before they shut down the servers (if they do). But Diablo 2 is getting older and older.

    I am thinking about starting up a lightning sorc or something if I get bored of D3 anytime soon.
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    Sweet man. I think my highest massacre is like 100 or so. I will screenshot next time I have a big one and post it here! Is there any way to check your records in the game? (like the profile menu??) The most things I've broken was 49 in Cemetary of the Forsaken in a1.
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    Thanks man.

    I also upgraded my pants. I will get a picture up tomorrow so you can see the differences.

    I'm now sitting at 390+ all resists. I realized I am probably good with resists, so I am focusing on int and vit primarily. I am working on getting 12% movement speed, some crit chance, and crit damage (mainly on my new weapon).

    My next piece I upgrade is probably going to be my Jewelry. Since I don't need resists on them, I am going for one ring with int + vit, then crit damage. The other ring int + vit and maybe LOH if I can find one. Ammy I am gonna lower the int on, because I can't find a decent amulet with 190+ int and 83 vit for cheap, maybe I can AH mine also. I am going for mostly vitality, LOH, and crit hit chance.

    First things first, I need for farm more gold, because I have 100k left after that 1m I just had. :)

    I am already ripping through a1 better & faster than ever before. With 5 stacks soul harvers I get up to 41k DPS. I have 31k DPS unbuffed, which is a step up from my 30k DPS 5 stack soul harvest and 23k DPS unbuffed.

    I feel after I upgrade those rings, and a few more pieces of armor (bracers, chest piece, belt) I will be able to melt through a3 and probably beat a4. What do you guys think?
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    Thanks for the tips guys. Heres my next upgrade I bought for 250k.. Good deal?

    (I equiped the new hat)

    Oh and I also upgraded all my gems to perfect square.
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    So I upgraded my off-hand. I only spent a little under a 100k on this. Please tell me if it was a decent upgrade or not. I ended up losing 500 life in the process (damn 6% life on my last mojo..) but gained 3k damage! Now sitting at 28k DPS. ANY other upgrade I look at on the AH is up in the millions for me.. Unless I cut down my DPS for some resistances.

    Is that what I should do? I feel if I cut my DPS and go for vit+resists, I won't be able to beat bosses because of the enrage timer.

    Anyways, here is the upgrade. (right is new one)
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    posted a message on Aspiring WD looking for tips/pointers
    Quote from Prr

    I agree with you that the WD is a very fun class right now. I was kinda in your boat as well and searched around for help. I found this on the front of diablofans

    He helped me alot and goes in to detail with this video and the one before this one he did for wds before patch 1.0.4.

    Here is my armory to show you my gear and spec to give you a "template". I am not the best wd by anymeans but this works for me.


    With your gear i would suggest you up your all res and change your spec. The pet build is really OP because your pets tank everything and are actually able to hold aggro. So give it a look and let me know what you think my battletag is on the armory link
    I use that build. When I am farming a1, I always have Garg, and 3 zombie dogs up at all times. That guide is the one that helped me kill Ghom, because I was stuck at his enrage.

    Thanks, I will be checking your profile :)

    Quote from Belphanoir

    for a basic starting point.. dont worry about crit or crit dmg or attack speed. Focus on getting your resists and vit up.. let your pets do your prime dmg till you get more gold to afford the upgrades or they drop in run.

    Garg with bruise and fire rune Dogs put out a nice bit of dmg even with the 5% crit 50% crit dmg and if you have decent resists (500-600 is not hard to get) with 30k hp you can do the first bit of Act 3 no problem letting your pets be prime.

    As i read a while back and was best advice i ahve seen.. do not waste getting that small little upgrade.. doing a tiny upgrade to everything normally is not as good as 1 massive item upgrade.

    Priority would be getting a great weapon. And with a pet build Life steal is very handy. And the Fetish from Fetish Sycophants do trigger Life steal as well so frogs and acid clouds get more of those out there.


    I do a very pet heavy build, and have built up my gear gradually. Still a ways to go but i can farming Azmodan easily.

    Thanks for the tips man. Will put some into practice if they fit my play style ! :)
    Quote from Prr

    You dont need any life on hit at all. I do act 3 just fine with out any. Use the soul harvest that gives you life and the leaching dogs rune until your more comfortable and better geared.
    You sure LOH isn't good? I used to be able to heal a good amount from 1 acid cloud with my shitty LOH. I'm sure acid cloud with blob rune still triggers LOH, I just never paid much attention to it yet.

    Quote from NeutroNova

    get a higher dmg offhand mojo, should be bale to get something in the early to mid 300's with some int on it for only a couple hundred K, that alone will boost your dps huge.

    Thanks, I will be looking on the AH for a new mojo. :)
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    Hello Diablo Fans,

    I started D3 as a WD because I thought that it would definitely be the class for me. After playing all the way to 60 and passed the skeleton king in Inferno, I discovered that the game is simply too hard for me to progress. I rolled a wizard because looking at the forums, they seemed they were the only ones that could progress, albeit by kiting and NEVER getting hit by the monsters. This was not the way I wanted to play.

    Ever since 1.04 released, it's like I have a new-found love for my WD. The main reason I picked WD was for his ability to summon pets to aid him. Now, they buffed them up and made them actually reliable in ALL acts of inferno. Plus, I don't have to rely on the VQ/Zombie Bear build anymore, because I hated that.

    Anyways, I made it a little bit passed Ghom in Inferno (act 3). I simply die way too much to be making much of a profit (if any) now. So now, I just farm act 1 (act 2 is still too hard for me to farm). I can get 230-250k an hour and probably 30-40 ilvl 60+ rares an hour. Still have yet to find a legendary, though.

    So, now that I farmed up 1m (Not much to you guys, but its the most money I've had, ever..) What equip upgrades should I buy? Here is a link to my character so you can check him out.


    I am thinking about buying just a blue weapon with LOH on it. I think LOH isn't working with my Acid Cloud and rune combination, because I no longer heal with it. Did they make Acid Cloud no longer trigger LOH?

    If there is any OBVIOUS and CHEAP equip upgrades I can buy, please inform me in this thread. Also, I only have 1 million gold, and I don't want to spen 1 million gold on ONE item, unless it will make a huge difference.

    My main goal is to be able to farm a3 with as much ease as I do as a1.
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    posted a message on Inferno is working as intended
    I 100% agree and am having a blast farming act 1 on my WD.
    If it is too hard at first, just do what I did and level another hero to take your mind off how hard it was, then try again, you may get lucky and get nice combinations on the champion/elite packs.

    Really enjoying the game!
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    I'm very sorry if this is the wrong section but I could not find a relevant section to post this (I am also on an iPhone). Either way I hope I can get an answer to my question.

    When I am logged into my bnet account, it shows my WoW characters in the top right(I haven't played wow in years). When I try to make a topic/post on the bnet forums it says I cannot because my wow account has no play time left.

    I tried googling it and I couldn't find a damn thing about it. I would actually be happier if I could just completely remove the WoW account.

    And of course, I have diablo 3 activated on the account.

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