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    posted a message on The terrible lag on Blizzard's servers!!

    This lag issue caused our Season group to quit early last season (dagger WD lag). Now again our season is ruined because of lag. It is unacceptable. We have a group that wants to push 70+ and we are unable to play due to lag. UNACCEPTABLE.

    The fact they are not updating any info as to what they are fixing is completely disappointing.

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    posted a message on Organ Donor Rakanoth problem
    I haven't done the Uber fight, but doing Rakanoth as rift guardian, you can just smoke screen the teleport dmg completely. Keep him on screen, when he crosses his arms up (I think it is up, not 100% sure) he is preparing to do the teleport. If you smoke screen right then, it will negate the dmg as he lands on top of you.
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    posted a message on Monk Inferno Guide - 1.0.3
    This build is a lie. While it's all fine and fun to see better DPS. This build will absolutely rape you against: molten, fire chains, plagued, arcane enchanted, desecrators. Throw in Jailer or Waller and you will die, repeatedly.

    1) The only reliable dmg comes from Fist of Thunder, which is the worst thing you can do against before mentioned affixes. You just teleport yourself INTO dmg.

    2) Dodge mantra is absolute shit. Dodge does not work against floor AOE pools or arcane beams. Guess what rapes monks the most? Guess what you are now standing in due to Fist of Thunder? You either go Conviction/Overawe for full on DPS. Or Healing/Time of Need for resistance buff + some extra healing.

    3) This build's only reliable healing comes from 1 15sec CD that heals for less than 20% of your health. In between those 15sec you will die. The build revolves around non stop DPS'ing with LoH to keep your health up. Ever tried to do that on a Molten caster that runs away from you? Yeah, you end up standing in molten, and dying. OVER AND OVER.

    This build is fun ..... for when you completely outgear the game. For progressing, this build doesn't work. Especially not considering that it relies on crit gear, which you need spend a lot on, just to get you started :S
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    posted a message on Dodge not working as intended?
    I've dodged every possible spell in the game except 2: ground AOE pools and Arcane beams. I got an answer on a bug ticket saying this is working as intended. I find it utter bullshit that the 2 Dexterity classes have a harder time dealing with pools on the floor, then the strength and int classes :/ How is that balanced?

    Not to mention that in Beta, you could dodge the dmg from pools. Either it's a bug, or they intentionally took it out.
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    posted a message on Dodge not working as intended?
    How can you not see a disbalance? All the stats for all the classes cost the same on your items. Yet if you give a berserker 100 strength he gets 2% reduction all the time. If you give a monk 100 dexterity he only get 2% on everything but pools.

    And Zic, your logic is completely flawed. Yes dodge is a chance at 100% reduction. It's also a chance at 0% reduction! That's how dodge works, overall in the long run you get to the % you have on your gear. The way it is now, my 45% dodge is only 45% against melee and ranged casts. As soon as a pool spawns my dodge is 0%.

    The berserkers 80% armor is still 80% armor on pools; NOT 0%
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    posted a message on Dodge not working as intended?
    NO, it should not be like this.

    Berserkers stack Strength as their main stat: it gives them armor which reduces ALL dmg: melee, spells, AOE on floor.

    Casters stack Intelligence as their main stat: it gives them resistances (including fysical) which reduce ALL dmg: melee, spells AOE on floor.

    Monks and Demon Hunters stack Dexterity as their main stat: it gives them dodge which DOESN'T reduce ALL dmg: it dodges melee, ranged spells, but NOT aoe on floor.

    How in the flaming hell do you think this is fair ?
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