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    6-7% damage reduction for sure. That's an insane chest, man.

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    Make a Crusader and level him to 70. Craft Born's, and Cain's set. Make a Hellfire ring. Gamble on shields until you get the Shield Glare shield. GO for something like this: http://eu.battle.net/d3/en/profile/ArniQQ-1949/hero/60050996

    Immunity amulet is nice but not necessary. You can go either strongarms or nemesis. Don't be a dick and use both hellfire and leorics signet, with Born's sword instead of In-geom, and cain's boots instead of illu boots.

    Now get a party and rune gr42+. Runs should take less than three minutes. If it takes any longer, go down a gr tier or two.

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    Jeg er paragon 741 wizard. Har også en DH og zdps sader og wd. Ble rank 34 season 2 med barb, og har fullført grift 54 solo på 11min uten egentlig å ha prøvd og pushe denne sesongen. Jeg har alltid vært en solo player, men nå er jeg en utkikk etter en klan, fordi jeg har kyst til å få mer erfaring i høye rift i group play. Siden jeg alltid har spilt solo classes, har det blitt dårlig med det.

    Btag: ArniQQ#1949


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    Barb was the best class for solo gr season 1 and 2. It's not currently at the number 1 spot, so it's time to QQ. Just wait until Alkaizer and Klanksters start pushing on their barbs.

    Group play is another story though. But if they reintroduced the bracers in its current form barbs would be completely broken anyways. The top barbs understood well why they were removed, since they were just waaaaay too good.

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    People that always have to talk down on accomplishments on SC while proclaiming themselves as HC heroes are really, really lame.

    That's pretty much the dream rift. Very well done. WIll be hard topping that. I just hope they remove pylons from grifts and rebalance the guardians.

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    Microtransactions should ONLY be cosmetics and quality of life changes. Not bonus xp, bonus mf, bonus goblins or whatever.

    You could buy more stash space, more character slots, higher bloodshard cap (should be fixed for free though), new transmogs, new wings, follower transmog(?). These things are fine. It will really help the game. All these changes are nice. Most of them dont matter to to me, but I bet they do to others. It will make the game (blizz) earn more money, and they can put more people on it. This - in return - will give more and better content (quicker and larger patches). That what im hoping for, at least.

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    Looking for people to farm some experience with. I'm a pull / palm monk. Especially DHs.

    If you wanna grind- add class and bnet tag :)

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    I'll list the biggest upgrades from top to bottom:

    - Better weapon. Furnace > Sunkeeper > Maximus / Devestator > Serpent Sparker. You currently have the worst viable weapon for the build

    - Roll 10 crit on your source

    - Get a SoJ.

    - You can gain so much EHP from your shoulders. Get like int, vit, %life, @res. I find %hydra dmg quite useless

    - Gloves with int, vit, critc, critdmg

    - A Cindercoat with vitality instead of regen

    Nice Strongarms btw :D
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    You just need to improve your play. Your gear should faceroll T6.
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    - Using Prophet is a must. Bane of the Trapped is far better than Wreath of Lightning - and it's better than Bane of the Powerful. You can use Wreath instead of Lightning for T6 speed rifting and the two banes in gr.

    - Smite is useless, in my opinion. I like Slash with Seal. More Wrath, faster loh and more smite gem proc.

    - I've seen many use Shield Glare, but even though the spell makes the mobs take more damage, I feel it is a dps loss, since you don't do dps when you're casting it. You will be better off using provoke so you can manage your wrath better.

    - I would also use Law of Valor. Unstoppable Force is nice and all, but Critical gives you soo much damage. If you are good with wrath management go for Critical. If not-- unstopable force-.

    - Long Arm of the Law instead of Vigilant.


    - It seems you lack CDR. Getting Perma Akkrats Champ is your number one priority. Get a RRoG with socket and cdr (after reroll). After you get that you will be around one second without Akkarat, it seems. Or something.

    - You really need a helm like that with str, vit, crit, socket.

    - Roll max CDR on gloves. It matters.

    - Area damage is a waste stat on the Bop. Though I know everything about bad BoPs. I got the worst EU myself.

    - Also be on the lookout for a 8 CDR belt.

    - Reapers Wraps is very nice for Wrath management.
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    For Jade WD, this character is pretty much what you should go for:http://www.diabloprogress.com/hero/mth-2546/Illuminati/9069992

    Beside the regular stats like int, vit, res, armor, critc, critdmg you really want %haunt and CDR. Lower Soul Harvest CD = more dmg. More dmg with Jade = moresurvivability. IAS is useless. What's the hard part with a Jade Doctor is balancing all these stats. I found myself really low on HP on mine for the longest time. US is probably a smarter choice if you need mitigation (2.1 inc). As of now Harrington is the best belt, but that will change in 2.1, since there aren't many clickables in greater rifts.

    Pet doctors have a lot of options. %fire or %phys? (or even %poison? upcoming %cold in 2.1?) Zuni or no Zuni? Fetishes using the skill or the passive? TMF or not? %dogs or %fetish on gear? That's why I went back from Jade to pet Doctor -- more options. I also find pet builds better than Jade in greater rifts.

    When I head back to the Pet build I really wanted to try %fire with %dog. Before that I went %phys with %fetish. I found %fire better because of none shit AoE. Since the gear was recently put together, it isn't very good. Though above avarage:http://eu.battle.net/d3/en/profile/arniqq-1949/hero/17147879

    Currently testing if I can skip a CDR passive and still have 100% uptime on Fetishes with SMK. The rift has to be very bad in order for downtime. I'm also testing out it's better to ahve %fetish or %dogs.

    Not using Harrington since I'm testing stuff, and it's not gonna be too useful in the future. I'm not lucky enough to have a WH drop yet.
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    Quote from Resilga

    It's super duper hard to replace a mainhand weapon if you already have something with monstrous damage+crit damage+socket. I've yet to see any of the old great players replace their things with any 2.0.1 gear permanently. Mostly to try a new gimmick build but none of them hold up when they want to steadily farm higher Torment levels as well as they could with their old best weapon/source.
    They are talking about when the expansion hits. Higher level cap = higher item lvl = much better stats. The difference between lvl50 and lvl60 gear was pretty huge, ya? Guess how much the difference between lvl60 and lvl70 will be then... I watched this guy on stream (Moldran) the other day, and he said that you would get upgrades withing 2 days, that you would most lkely have replaced ALL your currenct gear. Myself, I've been selling some of my best gear and replaced them with almost just as good sidegrades.

    I would have imagined a percentage based item like SoJ could be good, but I don't know. Depends on how good the lvl70 SoJ would be, I guess - and how much stats you would lose out on. I think everything else will be crap.
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    frozen orb wiz here
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    Quote from frozenmildew

    Nice... any tips for people who didn't gear in the RMAH? Nothing against it at all just isn't very reasonable to just tell people to farm the hardest content efficiently for the best XP gain. No duh :P
    Why do you assume this? Most of the good geared people made hundreds of millions of gils just by flipping items on AH.

    And for being on topic: yes, it's certanly one of the best. Keep depths 2 is probably a bit better, but is a bit harder. Cathedral 4 is easy without annoying mobs.
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