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    Just for the lolz... =)

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    Quote from voidburn

    Quote from Kooqu

    I hate to break it to some of you, but if inferno only dropped 60+ items, everything would be worthless. Even if most of the stuff was still crap, you'd have so many more chances at good loot that loot would be devalued. Furthermore, we'd all quit the game because we'd all have amazing loot and nobody to sell it to.

    Right.. 'cause we aren't playing Diablo, we're playing an elaborate gambling machine. That's the concern, isn't it? To protect the economy.

    No thanks, not fun, not what I bought the game for. If in six months from now everyone who bothers playing has the best gear in the game (without farming 5 hours a day), and new players can buy it cheaply, it's just the way it's always been, especially in D2.

    Who cares about your precious economy? The loot diversity should be so that every once and a while you'd come across a slight upgrade which polishes up already great stats, not a frantic search for pain relief. It sucks, and if you don't see it you're either already geared up (thank's to the brilliance of the launch issues, or blind luck in drops you sold), or you purposefully like this thing.

    It's been 20 days now since I dropped something I could use, all I can do is figure out if something can be useful to another class, and try to sell it to pay for what I know I need. I'm sorry, this game doesn't deserve to be called Diablo 3.

    Diablo 2 loot isn't anything like this crap, you could easily feel powerful and capable in blue gear, from there it was one hell of a journey to reach godlike status, but it sure didn't make you feel inadequate or unprepared while doing it. D3 lets you crawl in its shit, and slaps your hand if you try and reach for help.
    This, simply this.

    All those "face it or leave it" folks might go play Monopoly, kind of suits their needs better.

    I payed for a hack and slash game, not to learn economy.
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    Quote from AudioCG

    The only people crying are the nubs who were rolling broken DH builds.

    This patch is GREAT.

    Better loot tables, direct hit to botters, harder bosses (with unique Inferno stuffs), cheaper BS/Gemcraft, and NERFED DAMAGE IN INFERNO.

    All of these things are GREAT.

    If your entire build is 100% reliant on IAS, your terribad.

    Diablo was never meant to be only glass canon viable. Glass canon builds were and will always be part of the game, but when they are the only thing you can do to play, then there is a huge problem.

    Still, being a glass canon doesn't mean you should 2 or 3 shot every mob. 3 secs Butcher? Really?

    I would love to play a DH / Wiz / WD with hit and kite, as long as hit and kite doesn't mean 300 hits for me, none for the monster or I'm dead.

    I can see this game going back more and more to look like Diablo 2. Mind you, I also believe they are saving some stuff, like runes and rune words for an expansion.

    Diablo was never a game to be played ONLY like this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PEyk63UaBI4
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