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    Love this tool, amazing work, really well done!

    I'm getting a bug with the compare tool, where it's not taking into account my selected ability (Seize the Initiative) where each 1 dex is equal to 1 armor for Monk.

    Strength does work, so I've just been also adding the amount of dex on an item to strength to test it, and of course I could just add it to armor instead, but it would be nice if when selected it automatically took into account Seize the Initiative.

    Actually after testing it a bit further I don't think I'm noticing any of the buffs affecting the compare items tool.

    This is actually a fairly large change/fix, as if you are stacking several buffs that increase armor % then every point of armor is worth more, especially compared to other stats which aren't being buffed. The same can be said for abilities that increase % resist or % life.

    Hope to see this added soon. Thank you so much for all the hard work, it's still awesome as it is!
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