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    Grimy's guide still holds true, don't know what happened to the thread here but here it is on the battle.net forums:
    Snapshotting sweeping wind got fixed/nerfed so I imagine the 'standard' cookie cutter build will be now:
    Fist of Thunder - Thunderclap
    Breath of Heaven - Blazing Wrath
    Mantra of Conviction - Overawe
    Sweeping Wind - Cyclone
    Serenity - Ascension
    *spirit spender*

    Without the snapshot mechanic of sweeping wind, Blinding Flash - Faith in the Light is going to go out of favour for another rune or more likely, for Seven Sided Strike/Quivering Palm.
    Gearing is pretty much identical between all builds, have a look at the top monks on diablo progress and you'll get an idea what you should be aiming for, because, frankly, they all look the same.
    Echoing Fury + WKL is the greatest damage combo for a two hander. Personally I'd go for a life steal rare + WKL or two x life steal rares.

    Tempest Rush is still going to be effective, but killing mobs the old fashioned way, rather than 'whirlwinding' past them will now be slightly more effective than it used to be in 1.0.6. TR (like whirlwind barbs) at MP0 will still probably generate more exp/min than the standard build.
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    posted a message on [US] - Keys/Ubers MP6-8

    Stopped playing when 1.0.5 came in and now I need a hellfire ring. 83k DPS monk unbuffed looking for people to go key/uber hunting with.
    My battle tag is serrin#1422
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    posted a message on Diablo 3 Loot Servers - > Easy Legendary Drops?
    ZFPuhi, you're probably right, most people won't read your data if you post it up online, but someone will, namely myself, OwnagerD and others. If you want to see how statistical collection and data analysis should be done in a video game, I suggest you read this guy's post:
    This guy and his army of data collectors and analysers have gone through and basically almost completely figured out how magic find works in Diablo 3, with minimal information from Blizzard collecting several thousand data samples. If you post your data up, I'm sure Cyeron and others will also be interested in what you have to share.

    EDIT: Forgot to mention, Cyeron puts his data up to everybody to see, because he's open to discussion of his theories.
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    posted a message on Tested loot on PTR now.
    Look up affixes by affix lvl here:

    71-80 all res is a lvl63 affix
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    posted a message on WTB a PRO tip
    I don't have an answer to you question, but is it such a wise idea? Considering you could just get a trinity (IAS/CC/CD) ring (or even binary) which will buff all your attacks by a similar damage amount, not just elemental arrow, the bonuses are more of an after thought than something most people actively seek out.
    Also, SoJ for the other hand, you could stack (if it does indeed stack) up to 36% (10% skull grasp, 12% SoJ, 14% quiver).
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    posted a message on Grimy's Guide to the 1001 Gods
    Great guide! As for the legendaries bit, how about combining it with itemisation and adding each one in under a BiS category and then prefacing the whole section with a mention of which set bonuses are worthwhile?
    Also, on the topic of legendaries, none of the legendaries will roll on the higher range of stat bonuses if there's two of them (mempo, inna's set in general). The few high dex inna's items have all rolled +dex as their random, theoretically all inna's items should be able to roll up to 300, but because they're all bugged, it doesn't happen. If you go to the AH and search for inna's favour, the number of belts with 170+ dex is less than 1 page (compared to over 5 pages of inna's belts) and none of them have rolled anything for their random magical property (unless you count dual +stat rolls, in which case most of them are).
    I.E. you won't find a 170+ dex inna's favour with all resists in the AH because they don't exist due to a bug (or the game guide is wrong, either way) but you will find a 170+ dex/+vit inna's favour because it rolled +vit/+dex.
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    posted a message on Need help evaluating off hand in an attempt to get Won Khim Lau
    Unless I'm missing something major here that damage calculator doesn't include damage from +%elemental damage mods or +%elemental skill mods so that's why your paperdoll DPS looks lower. You have to manually calculate those mods onto your character. If you use FoT/Thunderclap + SW/Cyclone then you can assume all your damage will be modified by the +%lightning skill modifer (so multiply that to whatever the calculator spits out) but the +%elemental damage mod only works off non-elemental damage (so the base damage, jewellery bonuses and off-hand bonuses), which, unless you shop around doesn't include most of the damage of your weapon (unless you find a +min/max damage weapon, Echoing Fury being one example, thus the ever popular Echoing Fury + WKL combo).
    That calculator doesn't take into account my WKL bonuses:
    48k DPS unbuffed, just like it says on the paperdoll in game - I artificially buff my DPS before leaving the game to piss off my friend : D
    25% isn't necessary, but it's friggin' awesome. The difference between 15% and 25% is about, well, (effectively) 10% of your combined DPS of your two weapons(assuming you're running FoT/Thunderclap+SW/Cyclone, but WKL is cost efficient if only used if you run both skills)
    For me that would mean I need a 990 dps WKL (with the same dex mod) with 15% lightning damage to match my 820 dps WKL with 24%, which is going to cost me way more money.
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    posted a message on 1.0.4 vs 1.0.5 skills/runes distribution
    Well yes monks have it bad, or good depending on how you look at it. The specific runes are so powerful there's nothing that really comes close. It's not like we want to do the cookie cutter but we don't want to be woefully inefficent either.
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    posted a message on Diablo3 Effective Health Pool Calculator
    Great tool! Couple of suggestions:
    Can you allow us to directly enter the buffered armour/resists and calculate back from what buffs we have on? Otherwise we need to turn off all the buffs to figure out what our unbuffed armour is.
    Also, like everybody else, would greatly appreciate an API import mode
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    posted a message on Back from a break, and boy do i fail
    In terms of survivability, you need more armour as your res and vit are pretty peachy. Your chest armour could be swapped for dex/vit/3 soc/massive armour (350 bonus on archon armour should be dirt cheap, otherwise +armour/+physical resist is also an option, +armour/all res/physical is probably too expensive for the modest benefit it'll give).
    Likewise, replacing your shoulders with archon spaulders or palliums with dex/vit/armour/physical res will bump that up as well. As long as your armour/10 is equal to the difference in resistance you'll be better off (don't forget that ilvl 63 items have higher intrinsic armour as well so you should be looking at +400-450 armour per upgrade). By my rough gestimate, even if your armour/10 is 2/3rds of the lost resistances, your EHP should still be slightly better. Dex and str both increase armour too.
    Standing in the middle of desecrator or multiple fire chains is just silly and if you're dying because of that then you need to move out of the way, not up your EHP.
    Swapping FoT/thunderclap for DR/keen eye is better than MoE/hard target. Plus you can run MoC/overawe which is hands down the most single OP skill (when considered alone and not in conjuction with other skills) in the game.
    That should be enough to get you started.
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    posted a message on Rate the Monk above you

    Interesting build, but you have two spirit spenders (three if you count overawe spam, and overawe spam is great for damage especially in parties, but pretty graphically boring), if you like cyclone strike (and it's a great skill for pulling mobs off of your ranged DPS buddies, unlike lashing tail kick which is super annoying) you should probably drop seven sided strike for blinding flash/rune of your choice or breath of heaven/blazing wrath so you can focus on cyclone strike more.
    Six sense is potentially interesting but going two x 1hander + guardian's path is better if you're doing dodge spec (also mantra of evasion but overawe is so good, there is literally no comparison). Do the math in a EHPS calculator though and you might find you end up increasing your EHPS goes up with seize the initiative more than six sense (+10% dodge = +10% EPS, compared to 1740 armour, the two are comparable, but it all depends on your other stats, given your high res and vit, extra armour is going to be exponentially better, plus dodge doesn't work against plague/desecrator).
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    posted a message on undercutting
    It's not undercutting, it's market correction. I usually make a judgement call based on how long the cheapest item has been in the AH, if it's more than 2-3hrs, I usually halve to 3/4 that price and post it. Obviously no one is buying it out for those sort of crazy prices. Even then, sometimes it still won't sell. If you look at the bids for similar items, they usually go for half to one tenth (yes that's right 1/10th of the price) for buy it now. I got my sword for 1 mill when identical items were (at the cheapest) buy it now for 10mill (some were 30-40m, crazy).
    By listing it at the same price as the cheapest one, it would be a random choice of the buyer as to whose gets sold. If the first item has been sitting the AH for 12+ hours, chances are neither are going to sell.
    The market will stabilise eventually as people realise how much items are really worth. Until then, by not budging on your prices, all you're achiving is not selling your items and making other people laugh. Bids are probably the best way to gauge the price of an item.
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