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    Quote from sarkozig»

    The best thing you can do is ignore them, the "professionals", and enjoy the game, compete with your friends, click the paragon points one by one if you prefer.

    They always use bot, turbohud, 3rd party script, whatever to call everyones attention. Don't you think for a second after a possible ban will stop them cheating...

    agreed. everyone cheats when you get away with it. your mother cheats, your teacher cheats and yes, even the fucking pope cheats in d3. when getting away with it is so easy.

    I'm not sure if you mean that 'the possibility of a ban wont stop them' or if you mean 'getting banned wont stop them from starting over again'

    either way; having your 3000++ paragon account banned hurts.

    Maybe if blizzard would permaban entire blizzard accounts - all games related to account, like VAC (valve anti cheat) used to do back in the half life 1 days (banned from playing on VAC secure servers), maybe then people would really reconsider before cheating.. just wipe the peoples entire fucking game library clean. Blizzard could potentialy profitt huge, ooooor lose a lot of customers\fans... :)

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    Quote from kunelaki19»

    ctrl button add 100paragons per click as ctrl button still push. blizzard add this at patch 2.6.0. go blame blizz company for do that. if u dont know go 1st do research why this and then talk. dont open trash topics

    Did you even watch the video? :) He is not manualy assigning points. clearly using 3rd party software \ script \ macrokeyboard stuff. doubt it will be punished, but it is against blizz rules. I dont mind his scripts - but its a bold move to post a vid of it, i guess.
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    sorry to disagree but you would not use rcr, you would be wasting valuable stats you wanne use elsewhere. if you are super duper gear you miiight dropp a few AD rolls for rcr, but i wouldent. You dont need rcr if you have good cdr.

    and end game is lon? im not rly sure what you mean by that. normal ltk is much more dmg than lon. just dont use lon for this build, unless you just fucking love the LoN niche and plan on A) never playing high lvl (70-80+) group GR's and B) never play soloGR high lvl.. Lon is less dmg and even makes F\R unavailable and thats super bad. :)

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    posted a message on My T13 Ltk Faceroller and stuff about ltk balancing for good flow etc and more etc

    any moderator that wanne correct spelling on that thread is more than welcome

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    posted a message on T13 is a struggle - what to fix?

    hey, i was writing a respons to your thread, but it ended up being so damn much text that i expanded upon it and made another thread with a lot of info from personal experience. you can find it here http://www.diablofans.com/forums/diablo-iii-class-forums/monk-the-inner-sanctuary/213041-my-t13-ltk-faceroller-and-stuff-about-ltk

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    posted a message on My T13 Ltk Faceroller and stuff about ltk balancing for good flow etc and more etc

    Hello hello :)

    TL:DR - 50\50++(see below), crit damage, augment some gear, F&R-rings(dont need awesome ones, crit chanse priority for sweeping winds) = T12-13 capable monk fast as fly. the more dex and critdmg the more fly

    Dont prio AD unless you will do solo pushing gr80+ with this build.

    omfg, it ended up being so much text. but there is actualy info there, read on :)

    I see sooo much questions, missconceptions, confusion and what-not, around LTK Monk this season.

    i'd like to share some of my experience with the LTK build and its variations, in groups for rifts\bounties and solo GR. And its powerlevels in different gear settups and before you augment it, afther you augment it, and maybe some luxury for when you play torment lvls you just facemelt.

    Will be a bitt of an unorganised summary (edit: fuck me, i managed to write some kind of guide, its way to long, it must be a guide) and we will just see what we end up with here :) GL to me trying to keep it short.

    Also, all this can seem really basic redundant information to some people. And Ltk monk and all its variations, is nothing i want credit for. I will credit a few names at the very bottom that has been inspiration to me, but they also most likely 'got it from somewhere.'

    My monk facerolls t13 like no tomorrow now, but it hasent allways been like that... :)


    I basicly almost only play wiz in d3, but some time quite a while ago, wave of light monk proved a real contester for my speed WoH wiz and tal\vyr wiz, not many builds\ppl do that, because blink through walls is crazy ability to have when speeding right. anyway eventualy i finaly sold my soul and made a wol monk for rifts and stuff. But Wol monk is worse than Ltk so, yeah... so i aimed for a support monk main in season with a Ltk as a sidekick. (pun intended) This allows me to shamelessly augment and boost my Ltk sins supp monk dont need augments and as much juicy gear.

    I've played Ltk in all its forms now, but please, do call me out on my wrongs and rights and share info. Majority of my experience as a monk comes from this season and there can be some niche abilities that can give small benefits i dont know about.

    The golden flow, as i like to call it, is what i call a 50\50++ balance. It means that for Ltk to have a really golden flow in any torment level, you want minimum 50 crit 50 cdr and thats all you need. the ++ are bonuses like augmented Dex into gear, AD on gear, niche abilities you can use. Things that generaly improve your powerlevel and might increase the torment lvl you play.



    49-50%+ crit chanse instead of 47-48% will make your build flow A LOT smoother, especialy if you are not great at possitioning or are in bad density situations.

    I'm at 51.5 and i rarely ever have to think about my Sweeping Wind stacks when I play, they are allways up, like almost. Sub 48% is kind of bad\unwanted.

    - some might go - LoN dont use Sweeping Wind, use LoN! - LoN is crapp damage in comparison. ok? :) Have fun in torment whatever in your LoN build. I like my build to be able to go the distance, topp build topp performance, all that jazz. LoN will requier xxxxx more paragon points and somehow much more crazy rolled geared than i have, to compete with the damage in my setup. get good crit chanse > no sweeping wind problems.

    i'd say around 50% cdr minimum! Cdr is basicly only one thing for me, spirit regen through blinding flash right. you dont want dps downtime when you are at mobs, you dont want to be out of spirit. And you dont want to be out of in-geom buff.

    With my cdr at 51-52 i have 1 sec cd on BF with in-geom. I wish I could have 0 sec cd, cus even with 1 sec cd im out of spirit, sure, but it flows much much better than a 2-3 sec cd BF. And it makes no sens for me to lose dps affixes in my current setup just to get 0.1-0.3 lower cooldown. the way it flows now is really good in t13 bounties and rifts and gr's of apropriate lvl.

    Try to get as much different secondary surival affixes you can possibly get. Mainly elemental resistance but look for melee\ranged damage reduction on bracers\amulets\chest and other pieces.

    Area dmg is not needed for rifts and bounties it is only and only, additional luxury to have! With enough dex, crit dmg, cdr, and playing at a more or less faceroll torment level as you should be, you dont need AD.

    This build is fairly squishy at higher levels - Being able to kill enemies quick and quickly possition good, for your own survival\thougness is very important sometimes, but you dont prioritise AD before you got nowhere else to go.

    AD is NOT what will make you do higher torment levels with this build! Dont overprioritise AD before your gear allows you to, this is a misstake. I will tell you later how to go higher, but first you must donate 5 dollars to my paypal (jk)

    Resourse costs redu-dafuck, get this shit out of here. RCR, no one wants you, begone.

    You just dont prioritise this stat at all and dont want it taking up space on your gear. cdr and BF takes care of everything.

    But as a sidenote for now, on RCR - I'm using my monk with another setup intended for solo gr 80-100+, RCR might have really good value in the soloGR setup, but CDR is still top priority to a sertain degree, then comes crit, then comes luxury AD and finaly its really hard to mix in RCR.

    For groups you use Physical% and for soloGR you use fire%. Dont try to run group with Fire% Ltk. The LoN monks will try to tell you how awesome fire% is, and how the fireball from your headitem is so good - but we have allready established that LoN monks are some crackers, dont listen to them. The aoe is shorter and this leads to a very easily noticable downside that all of the sudden your Sweeping Wind stacks is a real pain in the ass to deal with, they annoy you now.. All of the sudden, you have to think and shit, and play good. Aint no one got time for that, so go Physical%. ---------- fire% for groups would take more crit chanse than a monk can get i think. to make it faceroll.

    That should have covered all the stats, now some gear options.

    The pieces you can change and experiment with from my perspective is:

    - Belt

    - Bracer

    - 2 Rings

    - 1 Weapon

    - Kanai's Cube Weapon and Armor slots.

    The build has most of its pieces locked, but lets see some options for the open slots and how open they truly are.

    - Belt. Ok i fooled you, this isent a open spot unless you play solo GR. You want the Kyoshiro's Soul but for soloGR you are free to use The Witching Hour unless you want some more survival and you go the String of Ears path instead.

    - Bracer. Nemesis bracers is most likely the only kandidate for speeding. You can use that Warzachian armguard for movementspeed when you break objects and your sweeping wind does indeed break objects. But i'd really just go nemesis its much faster overall. For soloGR this is where you put on a nice pair of Spirit Guards. Perfect spirit guards would have fire% Dex CritC LifeonHit, and good survival secondaries like melee reduction and high legendary power%.

    - Weapon and Kanai's Cube. For speed you use Vengeful Wind, Scarbringer and In-Geom. Equip your 2 best ones and cube the 3rd item.

    But for soloGR you will be looking like this: Cube The Flying Dragon in Weapon slot. Equip Scarbringer and a Crystal Fist. The more or less perfect Crystall fist will look like: high mindmg-maxdmg Dex AreaDmg LifeonHit, with higher spirit pool secondary affix and high legendary power%. When you change into this weapon setup for soloGR you also change your armor in the cube to a cindercoat for more dps uptime, just like flying dragon gives back resources quicker for more deeps.

    - Rings. There are some few rings to chose from but they dont combine into to many setups. The rings are; Obsidian Ring of The Zodiak, Convention of elements, Stone of Jordan, Unity, Avarice Band and ofc Focus and Restrain.

    Focus\Restrain, you wanne use these rings! This is basicly what allows you to run t12 and t13 faceroll. F\R+augments=t13=true? You dropp the mantra from your actionbar and equip Way of The Hundred Fists - Fists of Fury to get full benefitt from the sett when you are in bounties and rifts. This is the biggest powerspike for our build. Unless you are at crazy paragon levels you will need these rings to faceroll t13.

    Avarice band, you want this. This is what gone happen: you dont find other people strong enough for t13 efficiently, so you submitt to their level and play t11 or t12 where you will fucking facemelt anything that looks even slightly in your direction if you are augmented. So you dont need F\R. Basicly in rifts if you facemelt stuff, you go for avariceband and stone of jordan and you get biiiig time improvements on your runs. You would also use the mantra of conviction - annihilation when using avarice+jordan

    hmm.. well... Dont use Ring of the Zodiak. With the correct CDR and in-geom you dont need this ring and equipping this ring is the biggest dps loss you do to your build. #neverT13

    Convention of elements, ok here's how it is. You would only use this in SoloGR - but you wouldent - because you NEED to use Focus\Restrain in GR. But if you were to use the Convention anyway you do it with a Unity equiped in the other slot. That is only ofc if you really really need the survival. But you wanne use F\R for soloGR.

    almost done now, And i say that more to myself than to you.


    ithere is the mantra of conviction - annihilation swapped to Way of the hundred fists when you run F\R

    most would use Exalted Soul passive ability for more spirit but i say fuckit blinding light on low cooldown is all you need and i use Determination because i duno where else i can get more dmg from :)

    About powerlevel for SoloGR's. first time trying the solo setup i did my lvl 80 solo on 4-5th try with full ancient but no augmented gear and i havent played solo sins then, soon.. sooon.. It has great potential in solo and i recommend people to try it :) nice and kind of tankyish compared to gen monk i think.

    Thats like, all for now, will edit in more stuff if i see need for it. ^^


    Quin69 <- the monk wiz. monk wiz, yeah. Ltk inspiration and big d3 contributor.

    Gammel <- inspiration, highest ranked ltk solo monk on season and thats good for my competitive spirit:)

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    posted a message on What is the best build for bounty farming?

    oh right, sorry. then you just remove sage and go 5p tal and 2-3p firebirds for a lot more survival and use either firebirdoffhand or orb of infinite depth.


    thats the one i use for personal reference, its pretty much up to date more or less. it offers a lot more survival with the firebirds instead of sage so you dont struggle at all with any bosses during bountys. all the survival and dps you have makes it so you really dont need goldwrap and i like aquilla so you can play it wisely and avoid bursts of dmg. just a variation that there.

    guess you could go talrasha gloves with firebirds boots if you want cindercoat chest, or tal gloves firebirds boots and cosmic strand offhand kinda setup is also very strong.

    personaly these last days i've been using variation thats a cross between the rift and bounty setup so that i dont have to change any gear around at all when i wanne WoH'it up.

    for more (unoriginal) wizard build templates you can find my personal ones at http://www.diablofans.com/members/80545-riner/builds

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    posted a message on A build example for doing GR20 solo

    This is quickly summarized what i used to complete the rift with 5 minutes left on the clock.

    Weapon: yellow level 70 2h mace - 3500 dps 8% dmg 800int + socket. <- crafted afther i hit 70 for info.

    4 piece DMO and mediocre yellow gear in rest of the slots except for my belt where i was lucky to get a hergbrash's binding - disintegrate cost redused for infinite channeling time BUT IT IS NOT MANDATORY just nice.

    skill build:

    mouse1: shock pulse - power afinity. can use electrocute surge of power for easier arcane dynamo stacks but then you need to use slow time bubbles more carefully.

    mouse2: disintegrate - convergence - i like that rune for wider beams \\ hit more stuff

    skill 1 2 etc:

    slow time - time warp . should probably use exhaustion if you struggle to survive but has the damage output.

    magic weapon - force weapon

    teleport - safe passage

    familiar - sparkflint




    unstable anomaly <- can use like, astral presence if you struggle with arcane power and dont die much, for my run personaly either one would been fine.

    arcane dynamo <- you need this. get 5 stacks, find a good possition, dropp slow time bubble and be safe then channel the shit out of everything.

    once you have all 6 DMO pieces, you can just change disintegrate for frozen orb and you are rock solid good to go to crush much higher levels. if you go frozen orb you could also remove your arcane dynamo for astral presence or something something...

    hope this helps with your gear progression guys! good luck!

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    posted a message on What is the best build for bounty farming?

    flashfire with 2 piece sage 5 piece tal for kind of almost best death breath farmer in game. cindercoat etc. there are 10.00000000000000 build variations on this page.

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    posted a message on Road to Rank 1 Solo Worldwide (GR98) in Season 5

    Gratulations and good job :)

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    posted a message on Explosive Blast Wizard Guide (2.4 | T10 Speed-Season 5)

    no cindercoat, aquila in cube, no warzechian bracers, orb of infinite depth. ''best tx build'' - NOPE

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    posted a message on Wizard - Solo Greater Rift Progression Series (G33-65+ Videos)

    my good bro, how come you still make this series for lower rifts instead of jumping to around 70-75+ grifts? when most of what you are showing, can be done with yellow items and no set bonuses its not very exciting to watch. Wouldent you wanne ''upp the game'' to make videos that are more on demand instead of low lvl stuff no one seemingly cares about? if its for the conquest you mentioned in the vid, (i watch it from start to end) then i guess thats at least some kind of explanation i can understand :)

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    takes you less time to google it then asking on a forum. goes for most questions.

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    posted a message on DMO ET - sticky twister tips

    Hello. I want to share some thoughts on this subject.

    First off; Excellent video Fiftyfan.

    From my experience you can play up to around 80ish with ancient gear and around p800-1000ish. Then with augmented 80ish gems in a bit more than half your gear you can play gr85+ish. With good use of the twisters shown in the video you can more or less easily add at least another 5 levels to what one are doing. It is essential for every good group to use this IMO. It requiers a lot of synergy between players or to use skype\etcetra to make it smooth in use. And its pretty hard to pull off in the start.

    Before i started using twister stacking i was stuck around gr85 and i built most my groups from community channels playing with randoms. but then i started using teamspeak and organised some better groups with friends and good people i had met from community channels, we used twisterstacking and started doing 90 rifts. I still need a few ancients so i can augment it so should be 95ish soon.

    Just saying that this is really bollocks to be doing with random groups or at least a hard strategy if the barb and monk isent aware of what kind of spots to look for to setup for the wiz.

    Really great video because it was more or less the hardest info to find about playing dmoET wiz. I had to watch and talk to streamers before i found out about this, but there still wasent any vid's on it yet. It's becomming more widely known nowadays because more and more people do runs where they farm trash and skipp boss kills, these runs lets you fight in even higher grifts and focus 100% on killing with stacked twisters. It's massive exp gain..

    It's possible to stack twisters all kind of wierd places. The dungeon kind in the video are the easyest but generally there are surfaces everywhere you can stick them to. It's a matter of possitioning and targetline to where you place your mouse from what i know - some times i target far far offscreen before i manage to make them stick. It's son of a gun hard in a lot of places. At best I feel I am medium good at doing this and still it has pushed me a good 5 rift lvl's and it's really hard some places, needs some training. Total value.

    Trying to not make the post to long. I want to end it with a open question about how people maximise dps when they fight singel target and are resource starved? I have my own way and will give it up next time i check in :)

    Have a good day :)

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    posted a message on Show your Wizard Transmogs!

    what offhand is that?

    your wiz kind of looks like one of those models, walking down a runway wearing clothes no one would ever use, looking kind of gay there, sir.

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