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    And do you guys have a way to accept donations?

    Currently we do not, no. Unsure whether we will either : )

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    Another suggestion, one I'm guessing you guys already have plans for...but seeing all the stats that you are using to calculate the DPS would be nice. Things like Primary Stat Total, Crit / Crit Damage, Weapon Speed (for each weapon and then weapon average maybe).

    Shouldn't be too much coding, it's simply displaying the cumulative values you're already using in the DPS calculation.

    Yes, 0.5 is going to be a version mainly focussed on the UI. This will be part of it.

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    Also, the DPS calculation is off by about 200 DPS for me, not sure why that would be.

    EDIT: Just upgraded an item (increased primary stat by 130) and now it's off by 660.

    Calculations are always going to be off because you don't know the exact values that D3 uses. You just see rounded values in-game. We decided that an error margin of about 500 DPS above or below is acceptable. However 660 is a bit much. Do you think you can create an issue on our google code page and attach your save file to it? That way we can look where the inflation is going on.

    If you do, please be so kind to include your in-game stats too. Thanks!

    I have an error margin of 20,000 damage with sharpshooter on and 30,000 with sharpshooter off... I cant save you the file because when i save my character it crashes the program...

    There's clearly a math issue somewhere as i rechecked my stats a dozen times.
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