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    posted a message on How is getting stash tab even possible?
    Quote from peteed1985»

    Conquests are just nuts I mean T10 rift in under 2 mins? How can you do something that takes 6 to 8 mins in 2? Even if you didn't have to kill anything simply running past all the enemies you need to kill to finish a rift would take about that long.

    3 gems to 65 idk maybe I could do it. I have 3 at 45. Not sure what level GRifts are needed to get a gem to 65 but with a tiny bit better gear like a 2nd Unity maybe I could.

    20 mins to kill all the games bosses seems impossible too.

    GRift 75 well I haven't been able to get 2 Unity so until that happens i'm taking twice the damage but maybe just maybe if another Unity drops to add to me current one it'd be possible.

    350 monsters in cursed chest event seems impossible because when you kill under 350 you complete the event so idk do enemies you drag across the zone to the chest count maybe?

    T10 in 2minutes is quite easy. We did it within 8 hours of the season starting(so we were very low paragon and almost no gear).

    3 Gems to 65 is also quite easy did that on 2nd day of season.

    20m to kill all bosses... fuck that one you don't need to do it(granted its easy if you do it right order).

    GR 75 was a joke. Did that solo first night before I went to bed(about 20 hours of play). Guess it depends what class you play, but all 4 of my group did it before we went to bed first night(barb, wd, monk and wiz).

    Fuck the cursed chest one lol. Chest is just based on how fast you kill.

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    posted a message on 2.4.2 PTR: Reworked Gazing Demise & Spirit Barrage (VIDEO)

    Unfortunately it looks like new mojo is broken.

    i tested and it is indeed a bug.


    look like soul harvest consumes manitou "dots" although manitou dots should not be dots by all means.

    No. The offhand is buffing your damage by 2500%. Its bugged and instead of only buffing Spirit Barrage its buffing all WD dmg(not pets).
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    posted a message on Next PTR Timing

    S7 will prob get some set changes as seen by the new items added/changes to the affix on them. Some set changes. Its early.

    Also every PTR will finish before the next season.

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    posted a message on Looking for Non-Meta GR Group Comp 90+
    Quote from adambjjo

    2 x DPS basically renders anything above GR90 completely and utterly useless due to lag.
    Depends on the DPS. If you ran LoN Saders you would have none. People already farmed mid 90s with double sader and monk/barb.

    Long as the 2nd dps is a class without dots or multiple hits really fast you can do it with no lag.
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    posted a message on Looking for Non-Meta GR Group Comp 90+

    You could do 90-95 easily with double LoN Sader.

    Firebird Wiz + X dps or even triple support.

    You really have to run Monk/WD pretty much the other 2 is w/e unless you are trying to push super high.

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    posted a message on All classes: GR20 Fresh 70. NO BS "fresh 70" as can get. (+ other useful stuff)

    I did Wiz on PTR it was easy. Pure yellows and 4 pc DMO cleared in 7m. Just used Disintegrate and a 2h and burned through the rift idk. Sure its not the best but it was quite easy.

    It was actually the same spells as yours except I didn't use Hydra there was no reason to just used an armor. I forget if I used Force or Crystallize.

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    posted a message on What class you going to play on Season 6?

    But in reality you actually only cast Firebats to live as LoN. Firebats does literally no damage.

    The 52% from LoN is covered by Helltooth bonus anyway.

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    posted a message on What class you going to play on Season 6?
    Quote from Code188»

    my best grift was 74 in season 5. WD firebat lon set up. that setup has not gotten anny buffs, helltooth is better now just dont like helltooth play style, and if WD support is out of game in 2.4.1 :(

    WD isn't gonna be out ever for groups. It provides more dps than a dps can ever bring. Helltooth and LoN are literally the same build except you drop Firebats for Wall of Death. I guess if thats the problem then ya helltooth would sucks for you.

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    posted a message on DeathWish Viable in Energy Twister Channel Build?
    Quote from svegs»

    Sun keeper has a lower % elite damage but higher base damage than the sword. And putting the sword in the kanai cube gives the full 150% of its legendary power. So far it sounds good and seems to work better overall.

    dat 3 month old thread revived about something that was proven to be literally shit.
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    posted a message on Official blogpost on the Season 6 Journey
    Quote from NHunter2335»

    solo 75 is... scary for casual hardcore players like me... Hell, even gems to 65 is, since you have to go at least 64, and that's... potentially-deadly.

    Will probably aim for cursed chest and all bosses to get the stash tab.

    You can get a level 65 gem off much lower than a 64... Thats just to keep the 60% chance. Its 30(63) > 15(62) > 8(61) > 4(60) > 2(59) > 1(49-58)

    Obviously you don't want to do that whole 1% thing unless you were like out of time and couldn't do higher.

    Really I guess it depends how much you play.

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    posted a message on Paragon 10000!
    Quote from Kamui_1337»

    Quote from Shapookya»

    Quote from mechinal»

    If they change it now, those that have 100+ legendary gems are the only ones that will have them, without paragon you will not be able to get gems that high.

    do the math and you see that this is bullshit. Paragon does not make a big difference. You can play on 100+ with low paragon. The difference between someone with P1000 and someone with P3000 are 3 griftlevels, maybe 4.
    Skill is way more important for high grifts than paragon, but it's easier to hate on paragon than on own inability to "git gud" ;)

    You do the math. Because i bet you anything you cannot jump into a solo Grift 3 -4 levels highers than your current max. with the 2.4.1 nerf to DMO wizard you can't do shit. Chainer was paragon 3XXX and cleared a Grift 93 solo sader. Allocate only 1000 paragon points and do a grift 93. and your caldesann's despair can only be a max of 93.
    His gear and paragon could do 98 or 99. He didn't try because he farmed too hard and gave up in the last couple weeks. Before the bans a crusader at like 2750 did 98. Doesn't matter if he botted his cubed gems and legendary gems and paragon were below chainers.
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    posted a message on Vyr Archon build weak af, or am I just bad? (PTR)

    Granted vyrs isn't the better version of archon it can still do pretty high rifts. You just need to get massive groups of mobs. Fighting a couple mobs is just too slow. The spec is all about mass aoe with chantodo.

    Need to abuse APDS as either spec. You have literally no toughness and even less as firebird vs vyrs.

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    posted a message on The problem with shown builds

    You can have Vengance and FoK at the same time... what? You can literally use any 6 skills combined period. If you don't have Elective Mode on... well you I guess have never looked at the games options.

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    posted a message on So whats the best support build for S6 ?
    Quote from Thelooo

    Not sure if you've seen the single target output of LoN thorns but at 10 attacks a second (only half apply the thorns) is hitting for 600+billion a hit during physical CoE after about 15-20 seconds of stricken stacking.

    it is hands down the highest single target dps output in the game


    Sure single target on the rift boss it might do some damage after 7 CoEs. Firebirds on the boss does over 3-4 trillion dps on first archon. Go look at the rift clear. It does 5-6tril per pulse to every mob in the Chantodo and then AoE procs.

    Firebirds will clear rifts to bosses so fast with the help of 3 supports it won't matter that the barb is good for rift boss and yellows. Its why Shadows will never be good for DH. Its single target. This game never likes single target classes even if they can proc AoE off those massive hits. AoE always wins because clearing the rift faster and boss slower is better than rift slower and boss faster. Rift takes more time than boss by 2-3x easily.

    People thinking the GR 71+ dmg nerf matters THAT MUCH it really isn't. Go look there is a whole spreadsheet done showing its only like(before group buffs) 84% less dmg at 110 GR, but we will be doing 5-8 levels higher or more as a default this season. So its actually only around 65% less instead.

    That is better obviously. Sure you can easily do some wonky comps long as you have WD/DH/Wiz and bring some sorta group IP + thorns barb or some other random dps or maybe a support monk. It depends on the Wizard living in the end and if what the monk brings is better than the barb(either spec). There is def more options this season than S5(seeing as there was no options if you wanted max potential it was set in stone no options).

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    posted a message on So whats the best support build for S6 ?
    Quote from Thelooon»

    This is all my opinion but lmk your thoughts!

    currently the mets is unknown due to the simple fact that not many people have been pushing the limits this PTR. The changes between seasons 5&6 are minor in comparison to the changes from season 4 to 5.

    As pointed out in a few replies the dmg output from mobs in GR71+ is significantly reduced and therefore I don't believe a 3supports comp will be the meta.

    i predict the following group comp:

    Archon wizard

    support monk

    frenzy Lon thorns barb for party buff/rebuff and for the huge single target dmg they bring for the elite packs and RGs

    support DH

    LoN thorns barb isn't better than R6/IK4 most likely anyway. You don't actually want to kill elites asap anyway because you need to keep one alive at all times for the 2k for Wiz.

    Support WD and DH are literally required. WD brings the most dmg buffs, DH brings 2nd most dmg and 2nd most DR as well. Monk brings the most DR and the 3rd most dmg buff, barb brings the worst damage buff worst DR(ignoring WD cuz it really doesn't bring shit besides damage).

    Though as the Meta has always been ever changing outside S5 because of globe requirement it can change thats for sure. There just is so small of a chance that DH/WD/Wiz aren't in every comp. Last spot up in the air, but a support monk is looking very strong to bring just enough DR and a little dmg buff and to get everything in good Area Dmg proc range.

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