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    posted a message on The conquests are way to hard!!!

    There is a whole guide on it on this site. Its the T10/GR45 speed farming build. You basically just run around in chicken form 1 shotting elites at 400% run speed.

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    posted a message on The conquests are way to hard!!!
    Quote from TheGaige

    Well you want to help do a T10 rift in 2 min I'm playing a WD helltooth BTW!!!
    The fast T10 build with Chicken and manajuma? if not you aren't doing it right. and if you are you need to stop looting items and go for the time and port instantly out of rift and turn it in.
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    posted a message on Is Enforcer Gem worth using with 10 Mystic Allies?

    I know quin was using it on his 84 HC GRs instead of stricken because it was better but idk I dont really follow monk much.

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    posted a message on Diablo 3 2.4.1 Wizard Build: Vyr's Archon GR 100+ (PTR) DEAD

    300% to 30% is only a MAX 7.16 GR level loss in damage. This build was already capable with 2k+paragon 110 gems to do over 106+. You can still clear over 100 after this nerf.

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    posted a message on is Death Bargain Viable for LON Bombard Build?
    Quote from JustAHunter»

    Hi fellow Saders,

    Has anyone tested this Act 5 Bountie Pant, is it viable for LON build? it says we lose life regen, but the death aura is physical, so it add up nicely to go with doombringer and lidless wall physical damage? sorry if anyone has ask this question before, hope to get some replies from the pros, many many thanks!

    Swiftmount is better than Doombringer for real pushing. The 100% horse uptime is too strong for survival and cheesing St Archews and grouping mobs with Condemn.

    Anyway, no the pants aren't good because you have almost no life regen anyway and Hexing Pants are a separate multiplier on top of LoN. Hexing Pants even if non ancient are better than any pair of ancient pants in the game for this build.

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    posted a message on Thorns and Hack viable for all classes? Not just barb and sader?
    Quote from entro»

    hack only procs a single time every attack so no aoe, pets do not proc hack, invoker 2pc does aoe 15y around you so you must be in melee for it to work, im pretty sure no other class can really do a viable thorns build and even barbs dont have a good one since no thorn supporting skills other than that one passive

    I mean thorns barbs are gonna pass 90 on ptr. Their passive and attack speed stacking alone makes it pretty decent. Almost 90s on PTR with the only change being their passive got buffed.
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    posted a message on New to LoN Bomb. Feeling lost.

    Gloves: missing Vit and Area. Also, St. Archews are massive survival increase because of the shield. The only gloves you use as this build for GRs.

    Shoulders: missing Area and CDR.

    Helm: missing % Life or All Res.

    Belt: missing % Life.

    Bracers: Need to get some Strongarms with Phys/Str/Vit/All Res ideally and drop Law for Condemn.

    Weapon: missing Vit.

    Shield: missing Vit and Bombard(or Physical if you had a Lidless Wall).

    Boots: missing All Res(your boots are unrolled?!?!?! fix it?!)

    Pants: Non ancient Hexing Pants are better than any ancient pants because its a seperate multiplier from LoN(btw current pants are unrolled you can get like 80 more str).

    Chest: should have bombard instead of % Life but you had to get thorns but thats ideal when you can.

    Rings: You really shouldn't have rolled Thorns on those rings. You HAVE to have over 60% cdr. Should be Str/AoE/CDR or Str/Vit/CDR first is better than second but you want either of those everything else is a worthless stat on ring.

    Neck: You literally HAVE to have a Hellfire. I wouldn't bother without one. Not only is a cheat death strong. Crusaders cheat death is a dps increase. You are immune to damage for 5 sec and do 35% more damage. You play around your cheat deaths from that and Akarat's.


    That is the wrong Akarat's Rune. You have to use Prophet.

    Drop Consecrations for Shield Glare: Divine Verdict for 20% damage increase. Also this helps you live too you can use it on CD basically long as it is also up for Phys Ring burn.


    Use All Res gems for pushing.

    Outside Phys ring you should just be running around trying to take 0 damage. Also you can't play the build without 60% cdr(you really want 61% or so because of lag otherwise you can miss out on full phys ring bombard). You want to cast Iron Skin during Lightning Ring and bombard about 1 second before Phys ring > Shield Glare > Horse and rape everything. Make sure you are moving around the whole time because of Hexing Pants once you do get them.

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    posted a message on buff crusader
    Quote from Shapookya»

    what? hammerdin got 100% more dmg and Rolands got a buff as well on PTR. and thorns is right now one of the best builds on the live servers.

    Hammer needs more than that and so does Rolands to compete. Hammer needs more toughness tbh. Rolands at least has that covered with apds for the most part and the new shield glare flail + shield bash is terrible. Mainly because shield bash is literally the most glass gannon thing to exist and has to be in melee.

    Invoker alone is better than either of those. With PTR buffs its doing 93+ now. Alrdy catching LoN just because it does like 55% or more dps single target.

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    posted a message on Area Damage

    Well seeing as all the top ranking WDs on all server have multiple items with area damage on them I would say all pets and dmg procs it.

    Like 95% of LoN WD damage is the Gargs so I don't see why they would be using Area if it didn't.

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    posted a message on Cindercoat and Blade of the warlord interaction
    Quote from Aurabob»

    If I undestand what you are saying: I would hit harder if I had the same Cindercoat but with no RCR?

    RCR would either do nothing and not effect it. Or actually consume less fury than 40 and make it worse than it is supposed to.

    RCR for anything that uses resources for more dmg or reducing CDs makes it worse.
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    posted a message on when seasons ends: a bunch of questions
    Quote from ReLoader_7»

    is there a paragon migration as well or does that just evaporate? Do the paragon lvls carry back to NS?

    Yes the exp does. So say you are 1k on season and like 600 on non season you might be like 1070-1.1k ish. rough guess but ya
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    posted a message on Hi guys about speed looting

    Holding force to move and left clicking as you run by it loots everything really fast.

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    posted a message on Critical Damage

    6tril on my LoN DH

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    posted a message on Solo Vs Group XP balance: S4 Nothing Changed!
    Quote from HS_PaiMei»

    So they nerfed XP gear into the ground. And they even lowered HP monster settings for solo. Now solo should be able to compete with groups, or atleast the gap between solo and groups is closer. Wrong! 4-player groups are already doing Grift100+speeds, netting more then 1.000+bil XP/H. Solo player doing Grift70 speeds in about 8-10min is getting 100bil/H. Difference is more then x10. Look at the 4-player Leaderboard in Europe. People are already at 2000 paragon. This is only 1 month into the season. Still 2 months to go. End result: you will still run 10k+ main stat behind, just like last season. Byebye leaderboard dreams.

    Nothing Changed.

    This twisted sword+twister health globe support meta is way way to strong. And should have been nerfed long time ago. The amount of dmg Wiz can do is just mind boggling wrong. Which allows these super high 100+ grifts.

    Tbh if the Twister spec didn't exist there would be a way smaller gap. The only reason any runs near this exist is due to how the wizard works. Knowing blizz they didn't even expect half the builds players came up with.
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    posted a message on Does the gem type influence the bonus when yu use it in your gear ?

    Ok well I went off his "90" cap which is false. I didn't see a single person with 100 versions of that on the US leaderboards. Cool so 100 is max not 90 now we all know :)

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