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    posted a message on [EU] <HC> Horadric Council
    Once again a new season is soon upon us and Horadric Council is looking for more members to join us in our adventure into Sanctuary.

    We accept any nephalem, but some more players for hardcore season would be nice :) But don't be afraid to join even if you play on sc season or sc/hc non-seson.

    Any questions, just add Aneij#2307 and I'll accept as soon as I see it and I can answer all your questions :)

    Hope to see you in game nephalem!
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    posted a message on [EU] <HC> Horadric Council
    Looking for more members for our hc season teams mostly :) We have ppl farming t6 and done both malthael and uber bosses on t6 :D So come and get on this adventure you 2!
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    posted a message on They didnt ban the people that majorly exploited, i guess its okay to exploit on seasons guys!
    I think the reason they didn't ban the ppl using this exploit is because it only was about xp. Blizz said earlier that they don't want paragon levels to be a competition and thats why they don't have a leaderboard of that. Sure the levels these ppl gained might help them a bit in greater rifts. But overall I don't think this will make a huge difference for the game itself for this short period...
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    posted a message on [EU] <HC> Horadric Council
    Patch 2.1 has arrived with a boom and Horadric Council is ready to get some more members! :)

    If you need a clan to play seasons with we do both hc and sc season. On hc we have 4 members on top 1000 for hitting lv 70 fastest in EU. 3 of which are top 600.

    So if you are interested in joining or want more information add Aneij#2307. Or if you just want to apply. search for Horadric Council in clan window Hope to hear from you!
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    posted a message on [EU] <HC> Horadric Council
    We are currently looking for more new members to join the clan :) So if you are interested in joining or want more information add Aneij#2307. Or if you just want to apply. search for Horadric Council in clan window ;) Hope to hear from you!
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    posted a message on Big Rabid Zombie Dog Sycophants Build. Rabid Dog Killing T6 Ghom 7 secs (videos).
    I'm using a fire pet build with this ring. Insane amount of fun. Doing t5 decent easy with my current build, and that is with far from best gear..

    Link to build guide:http://www.diablofans.com/forums/diablo-iii-class-forums/witch-doctor-the-mbwiru-eikura/88046-wd-burn-them-pets-build


    As can be seen, not the best gear ^^ But find the build both fun and effective both solo and in group :D
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    posted a message on Pet dmg and elemental dmg
    So made a post on official forums about this topic.

    Not sure if anyone have brought this up before or not. But I find it to be an important question, and would really appreciate your thoughts and concerns about it :)

    Link to official forum post: http://eu.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/10699710251

    And the post if you just want to read it here:

    So have been thinking about how the pets work and their damage. I really like pets, and use them in every build i make. But one thing I find strange is how they work.

    Since patch 2.0.5 blizzard changed some runes to make the pets benefit from more elemental damage. But in base all pets do physical damage. which means that if I want to use pets I almost have to stack for physical dmg and skipp buffing my other skills.

    I had an idea of using Rhen'ho Flyer that makes the frogs explode twice and seek out targets, at the same time with pets. So I made a build that utilized the pets and exploding frogs with fire dmg. Then I choose the pet runes with fire dmg and tried. Sure it was fun and went good for me. But compared to a wd that stacked physical dmg instead of fire, I did so much less dmg.

    So the question I ask is why the pets when using a rune with new elemental dmg (like fire) not also have their base attack do that elemental dmg..

    So for example make the burning dogs do fire dmg when they bite and their aura instead of their bite do physical dmg and their aura fire.. Since this just makes it so hard to gear properly to make a build as good as just using physical and pets...

    If there's anything I have understood wrong with topic or if you guys feel the same way I do don't hesitate to comment and maybe we can make blizzard change the way they work for the better :)

    Thx for reading and if there is anything you feel is missing or something I have all wrong, please comment :) And be sure to go read comment on official post to get it some desired love so blizzard might change something...
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    posted a message on [WD] "Burn them pets" build
    I actually myself use that ring, have not tried how big difference it does if you have 5-6 dogs or the big one... But good point! Might have to try that out and see the difference :D
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    posted a message on [WD] "Burn them pets" build
    Hey everyone :)

    So since patch 2.0.5 I wanted to try make a new build from with some of the new elemental changes to some of the runes.

    The skill that got changed and makes this build complete is the change:

          • Gargantuan
            • Skill Rune - Bruiser
                Damage type changed from Physical to Fire.

          • Fierce Loyalty
            • Has been redesigned:
                Now while you have a Zombie Dog, Gargantuan, or Fetish following you and are not in combat, your movement speed is increased by 30%
              • Now also allows you to have 1 additional Zombie Dog summoned at a time

          • Zombie Handler
            • Now also increases your health by 20% in addition to your Zombie Dogs and Gargantuan.

    The Build

    Plague of Toads / Explosive Toads
    This is our main ability we use. Together with Rhen'ho Flayerthis skill is good dmg and according to me fun to use. The double explosion makes every toad do 245% damage x2. And every cast is 3 toads that seek out monsters. (And for a really fun moment, use this skill inside missile dampening).

    Locust Swarm / Searing Locusts
    A great dot that spread quick and do great dmg. It is our only spell that use mana, which makes this build not needing a lot of mana regen to work. So full Zuni is no need, but it will make the difference on another skill.

    Spirit Walk / Jaunt
    The best survivability spell for us WD's. An easy pick and I have chosen the rune jaunt to have that extra second instead of get back mana, since mana is never a problem in this build. An option is to change this around to whatever you find necessary for you. It can be used to get some more dmg going, or get back some health if needed. So rune for this spell is whatever you like :)

    Summon Zombie Dogs / Burning Dogs
    The basic WD pets. Good for keeping monsters come close to you.

    Gargantuan / Bruiser
    A strong pet, and the skill that changed in 2.0.5 so it now does fire dmg instead of physical. It gives a bit of cc, and some good damage. And if you have Strongarm Bracersthey might give a small dmg boost when he knocks back monsters.

    The last skill is changing depending if you have full zuni set or not!

    For full zuni set:
    Fetish Army / Tiki Torchers
    As been seen everywhere, fetish army does insane amount of dmg. And with full zuni set you can have them at all time, which is great dmg output. I went for the tiki torchers rune in this build for the fire dmg.

    If you not have full zuni set:
    Big Bad Voodoo / Slam Dance
    A great buff that is perfect for those elite packs and bosses. Good if you play in group since all get the benefit of it. The only thing I find bad about it is if the monsters move too much. Then you don't get to use the buff since you don't want to stand too far away and cast toads. But if in a group with someone to pull monsters together this spell have great potential.


    Pierce The Veil
    A perfect passive to increase the dmg of both you and your pets. Since we only have one skill that use mana we don't care if that spell use a bit more mana each cast. So the 20% dmg increase is a must.. :)

    Midnight Feast
    A passive to increase the amount of zombie dogs we have, and increase the damage our zombie dogs and gargantuan does.

    Fierce Loyalty
    A passive skill that changed in 2.0.5, so now we get an extra zombie dog out of it. But the best part is the 30% ms while we have a pet with us. It is great for moving between packs and while doing bounties.

    The last passive is also depending if you have full zuni or not!

    passive for full zuni:
    Zombie Handler
    This passive gives us another zombie dog, which makes us have 6. It also increases the health of our pets and us by 20% (Before it did only buff out pets health, but since patch 2.0.5 it now also gives us more healt).

    If not full zuni:
    Fetish Sycophants
    The reason behind this passive is that it summons fetishes fast when we use toads. And since we don't have full zuni this makes us keep up a good army of fetishes all the time. The reason I don't use this if I have full zuni is since right now there is a bug that makes this fetishes replace the fetishes summoned by spell.

    The Gear

    The most important things to look for in this build is:

    • Mask of Jeram, this helm buffs out pets by a lot. So I would say it is a mandatory pick.
    • Rhen'ho Flayer, makes our frogs do double damage and seek out monsters. Most important item in this build.
    • Tasker and Theo, another item that increases our pets damage. And they do most of our damage.
    • Full Zuni set is not a must, but it is great to have for the fetishes.
    • +% fire dmg gear! All out spells are fire, and this buffs everything. So go for this rather than +% skill dmg if you have to choose.
    • (+% skill dmg: fetishes. If you have full zuni this might be a good option).

    How To Play

    The build is really simple to play. You start by casting your locust swarm. Then just keep spamming toads (to do damage and if you don't have full zuni build up your army of fetishes). Pets will run around like crazy and nuking everything they see. So just sit back and relax with your toads and you will be able to handle higher torment in anytime ;)

    So now fellow witch doctors. Venture out into Sanctuary and purge this world with fire. As they say: fight fire with fire. And the monsters of the burning hells will have a hard time keeping up!

    If you enjoyed the build guide or have any questions, please don't forget tocomment! Thanks for reading, have a good time!
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    posted a message on I'm concerned about seasons.
    There is actually a HC-only item... the amulet that saves you when taking fatal dmg. Or they removed that item? :o So Even if that item is useless in SC, it's still only able to drop in HC mode.
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    posted a message on Spectrum and hamburger RoS?
    Ohh.... Can you post a picture of it, a bit curious ^^
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    posted a message on Spectrum and hamburger RoS?
    Is there anyone that know if these items still is available in game? Have not heard of anyone got them to drop since loot 2.0... Think it's sad if they are gone :(
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    posted a message on [EU] <HC> Horadric Council

    Horadric Council


    We are a small social clan made for nephalems that want to slay monsters in groups. A lot of what we do focusing on doing things together. For us playing alone is no fun experience. But something we want to share with each other. The members of the clan come from all around, but our main language is English.

    We are a clan that aims to be more of a seasonal clan. With mostly softcore, but also some hardcore players :)

    So do you have the need to just slay demon after demon? Do you want to just see the corpses fly all over the place while you and your fellow nephalems save Sanctuary... Then Horadric Council is here for you!


    What can we offer

    • Friendly and helpful atmosphere
    • Discord (with both text and voice channels for farming, discussion, events,...)
    • Opportunity to get involved and heard among the community
    • Groups of different calibers (from regular torment farming to greater rift pushing)
    • A place among friends from all around the world!



    If you find that Horadric Council is a clan for your liking, and want to be a part of the community that is. Then join us on Discord:




    With everything including a lot of people, some rules (guidelines) are needed. For Horadric Council they apply as follows:

    • Try to be active in-game.
    • Be Social, we love to talk and only bites sometimes :)
    • A clan that farms together, stay together.. remember that!
    • Act maturely.
    • No fighting in clan chat, some joking around is ok. But if you have problems with anyone take it in /w or talk to an officer about it.


    Hope we see you in game Nephalem! :)

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    posted a message on Clan down since maintenance..
    So wanted to know if it is all clans that are unavailable at this time or just mine? Have been unable to use it since the maintenance yesterday...

    Edit: I'm on EU servers
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    posted a message on Permafreeze Wizard Build - Azurewrath, Frostburns, and Proc Coefficients (Video)
    How about using this item also? :) would make the hydras even more helpful

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