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    posted a message on Mobile game isn't the problem, delivery was.

    The delivery was not the problem. The total absence of work to show on content the fan base would actually be interested in was the problem. If they had even cursory news to share on PC diablo titles present or future, content patches, expansions, anything at all to show the community hey we've been doing something on the franchise you love in the 17 months since we released necromancer, and we're going to be doing other things in the future, it would have been ok. The complete absence of that, coupled with a transparent cash grab for a totally different audience, and the tone deaf jokes from the presenters trying to blunt the disappointment in the room lead us to where we are.

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    Not sure what your latest build out of this is, but if you are going to run Simplicity's and rely solely on scythe damage rather than proc gems like PE and Mirinae you will gain significant damage by dropping Stone of Jordan and making room for RoRG and Depth Diggers. If you have no elemental damage, and no elite damage than Stone of Jordan is 1.2*1.3*1.09 = 1.7004 or a 70% damage increase. The 100% damage increase for Depth Diggers is stronger. Even if you use the legendary gems I suspect Covention of Elements will be stronger in that slot.

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    posted a message on Very different and fun Inarius build that I created overnight!

    Seems to me that Aura of Frailty is providing you with a fairly static ~17% damage increase having things die after 85% of their HP has been removed, while a corpse fueled poison skill like Corpse Explosion (Close Quarters) or Corpse Lance (Ricochet) would provide a 33% damage increase by adding a 4th stack of Nayr's.

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    posted a message on Question! Season 6 Gr20 Solo with 4p Delse and prob. yellows build ?

    This is a good question. My pick:

    Get the leoric's crown from story mode skeleton king at level 20 to speed up leveling. Cube it after your first set of bounties at 70. Craft your yellows to get maximum offensive stats and cooldown reduction on every available slot (Shoulder, Weapon, Source, both Rings, Amulet, Gloves). Focus your gold on leveling up diamonds and your early offensive paragon on cooldown reduction.

    Spend blood shards on sources and use DB's to hope of cain on wands.

    If you get triumvirate, unstable scepter, chantodo's set, wand of woh, orb of infinite depth, serpent sparker, etched sigil, mirror ball, or fragment of destiny in the course of doing these you have a build essentially chosen for you.

    If you don't, stack up that CDR and use archon/slow time, audacity, bane of the trapped, and any weapon damage proc gems you can get your hands on (Pain Enhancer, Mirinae, Wreath of Lightning, Efficacious Toxin)

    Buffed Archon and/or DMO4 w/exhaustion will make you super overkill durable for GR20, so its just about doing the damage. Buffed archon and multiplicative stacks should get you there, especially combined with the buffed legendary gems.


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    Depends on a lot on how you were running the build before.

    Assuming the following sources of DIBS:

    DMO version

    Magic Weapon (not force weapon rune) - 10%

    3x 15% Spectral Blade Damage Affix - 45%

    Tal Rasha Version

    Magic Weapon (not force weapon) - 10%

    3x 15% Spectral blade Damage Affix - 45%

    Elemental Exposure - 20%

    Previously DMO would have a 215% DIBS boost solo for Spectral Blade and Tal would have a 235% DIBS boost solo for spectral blade assuming 60% in both cases from Simplicity's Strength.

    This is now at 396% boost for DMO and 460% boost for Tals

    Making them multiplicative will increase spectral blade damage by 57% for DMO and 67% for Tal Rasha. The more sources of DIBS in your build (Sparkflint, Glass Cannon, dozens upon dozens of group play buffs) the more pronounced the increase will be.

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    posted a message on Set Dungeons Mastery - Wizard - Builds and Videos

    Thanks for these by the way, very helpful in getting through the 4 wizard's sets. Tal Rasha is definitely the easiest in my book if you have the pieces for it. Firebirds can be very frustrating due to mob health and having to lower your sheet damage to avoid killing them too fast.

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    posted a message on Orb of Infinite Depth dmg inc
    Quote from Grge»

    not all dmg increases are multiplicative, like magic weapon and taeguk are additives

    They are additive within their category, but multiplicative with int, weapon damage, and set bonuses. Orb of Infinite Depth falls into its own category and is therefor multiplicative with everything, like most new legendary abilities.
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    posted a message on Firecracker - Speed T10 DB Farm Build

    There are a lot of speed farm builds but they can be summed up with the following build fragments:

    1) Damage - either straight TalRasha6, or TR6/FB4. TR6 builds will normally use arcane orbit/Trium/Unstable, or Chain Reaction/Wand of Woh. TR tends to use Focus/Restraint, Hybrids tend to use Convention/Defensive Ring (Halo or Unity)

    2) Unlimited Teleporting - either Aether Walker + Resource Management or Ingeom

    3) Movement Speed - Scramble, Warzechian, Illusionist

    4) Defense - Goldwrap/Boon or one of Aquilla or OoID and one of Halo of Aryse or Unity

    5) Utility - Sages, or Nemesis Bracers, or Both

    Take some combination of 1 through 4 and as much of 5 as you can fit. Tailor skill loadouts to taste.

    Tradeoffs Between Fragments


    Hybrid spends less time killing enemies, because with TR6 if you even graze a mob with your fire spell they burn forever and die within a few seconds. Straight TalRasha can actually fit in utility items like the Sage set.


    No real tradeoffs here. Aetherwalker requires you to slot in some arcane power management systems, Ingeom does nothing for your offense if you don't run EB as your primary damage source, and requires you to find the first elite before you can infinite teleport, and may fall off while you are collecting loot

    Movement Speed

    Scramble is in anytime you aren't using Halo for defense. Illusionist is always in. Warzechian competes with Nemesis and I basically always take Nemesis especially in Ingeom builds.


    Goldwrap/Boon is less reliable than Aquilla/Orb in their respective builds, but it takes the lowest commitment of resources. Defense rings are hit or miss, they are the most reliable but straight TR builds usually need Focus/Restraint to get the damage to the point where everything is exploding on contact while FB4 does that for the hybrid builds with the mild inconvenience of occasionally backtracking to pick up a legendary dropped by a white mob who was burning in your wake.

    As for your particular flavor, I'd strongly recommend dropping FB2 for Deathwatch Mantle and the TR source so you can use an alternate legendary that a TR or sage piece is currently occupying the slot for, like Nilfur's boots, Shame of Delsere, or a nonset source like Orb of Infinite Depth.

    I'd also drop Warzechians for Nemesis Bracers to improve DB yield per run and make Ingeom more reliable at low density.

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    posted a message on Set Dungeons Mastery - Wizard - Builds and Videos

    For those interested set dungeons only for the season journey requirement to master one of them, which of the wizard set dungeons would you say is the easiest to master?

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    posted a message on Why my DPS is really bad?
    Quote from TKTank»

    Are you maintaining the correct rotation?

    Do you keep casting EB and Blades till Dynamo 5 stacks to cast your AOrbit?

    Are you staying under your Slow Time bubble all the time?

    Besides that... What was already said, Area Damage and Endless Walk

    Also relevant that Arcane Orbit has a shorter detonation range than either explosive blast or spectral blades, and shorter than the range of most yellows melee, you really have to get in there and hump their hit boxes to make sure the orbit is going off.
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    posted a message on why no shields for wizards?
    In prior patches there was utility for shields. However, in patch 1.0.5 the damage at MP0 is low enough that using a shield isn't a make or break defensive piece at any budget. The higher MPs you go, Monster Health scales faster than anything and Monster Damage scales slower than most things so higher MPs are about having the DPS to do them efficiently. Consequently no class uses shields regularly anymore and I've simply stopped picking them up because they have no value anymore beyond vendoring.

    I carry one shield that I purchased in 1.0.4 and used briefly in 1.0.5 when taking higher MP ubers as CM with storm armor. It is a sacred shield with 19% natural block, 148 Int, 126 Vit, 78 All Resistance, 285 Armor, 10% Crit Chance, and 20% Magic Find. It really isn't necessary anymore, and it gets in the way of hitting the 2.5 attack speed threshold so I don't use it anymore, but I can't sell this shield despite having basically perfect affixes for a wizard and very high rolls of each one, and near maximum block chance.
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    posted a message on BIS Gear setups (1.0.6)
    Quote from TheDemokin

    I'm really not sure about this, Blizzard never did provide a full clear listing of possible affixes and the associated damage ranges, but, as someone mentioned a few posts ago there are 3 affixes:
    +min dmg
    +max dmg
    +min-max dmg
    As far as i can see the min-max range does not produce the same DPS as the 2 separate affixes do. (you can check in the diabloprogress all the top DPS items are 2 separate affixes +min and +max damage not the min/max range?) Also, i would seriously question the correction of the maximum possible 1'500 DPS wand - the game has been out for what? 6 months? With millions of players farming, billions of wands have been identified so far, yet the highest DPS ever detected so far is 1420ish which i linked earlier. May be there is an astronomically small probability of that item rolling, but with astronomical number of drops so far - there should have been at least a few coming close in the 1'480-1'490 range.
    I think this is more of an issue with us not knowing what exactly is the min-max ranges are on the damage rolls.
    Took me a while to figure this out from going over various sites listing the possible affixes. The damage affixes were changed in 1.0.4 to display the +min/max physical damage affix in two lines instead of one. This was done by adding affixes called MinMaxDamage 104. Interestingly when they did this they buffed the values of the lvl 60, 61, and 62 affixes, probably to allow those weapons to have damage ranges in line with ilvl 63 weapons (I recall reading about this change). What the above signifies however is that ilvl 63 weapons appear to be able to roll these buffed affixes as well. An item level 63 weapon gets the most damage by rolling the ilvl 60 affix (of Malice, vs of Death).

    MinMaxDamage14_104 (of Death) - http://www.d3lexicon.../affix/of-death
    Perfectly Rolled: 286 Minimum Damage, 381 Maximum Damage
    MinMaxDamage11_104 (of Malice) - http://www.d3lexicon...fix/of-malice-3
    Perfectly Rolled: 316 Minimum Damage, 411 Maximum Damage

    These are however, 1 affix, despite taking two lines on the tooltip. Values of fast weapons (daggers and hand crossbows) are 265 minimum, 363 maximum (http://www.d3lexicon...dam-11-fast-104)

    Additionally wands will always roll at least 1 wizard specific affix

    So BiS Daggers vs Swords vs Wands

    Dagger, Perfectly Rolled Darkblade (70 to 209 base damage)
    Of Malice, lvl 60 104 version (265 minimum damage, 363 maximum damage) gives a damage range of 335-837
    +50% damage, +11% IAS, +200 Int, +100% Crit Damage, +Socket. You can debate 11% IAS vs 150 int/150 vit I suppose)

    so 1.5*1.11 = 1.665 attack speed
    (335 to 837) * 1.5 = 502 to 1256 damage, 1.665 attack speed which is 1463.5 DPS

    Sword, Perfectly Rolled Runesword (107 to 248 base damage
    Of Malice, lvl 60 104 version (316 minimum, 411 maximum)
    50% damage, 11% IAS, 200 Int, 100% crit damage, Socket

    final outcome 635 to 1462 damage, 1.554 attacks per second, 1629.4 DPS

    Wand, Perfectly Rolled Desolator Wand (122 to 226 base damage)
    Same affixes as sword but we have to replace IAS with either 15 max arcane power or 10 APoC neither of which factor into our sheet DPS.

    final outcome 657 to 1430 damage, 1.40 attacks per second, 1460.9 DPS

    Putting the theoretical BiS dagger outlined above in the profile for MH + Trium + Zuni Boots increases the DPS by 84K
    Putting the theoretical BiS sword outlined above in the same profile yields and increase of 129K over what is currently there and 45K over the dagger.
    Putting the theoretical BiS wand outlined above in the same profile yields 42K over the current, but is 42K behind the dagger and 97K behind the sword
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    posted a message on BIS Gear setups (1.0.6)
    There are damage affixes and there are two handed damage affixes and there are fast damage affixes.

    A sword/axe/mace/spear/wand uses the base damage affixes which can go up to 286-667 additional damage
    A dagger (or hand crossbow) uses the fast damage affixes which can go up to 250-583 additional damage

    compare: http://d3inferno.com/affixes/ArcaneD_14_Fast.html and http://d3inferno.com/affixes/ArcaneD_14_104.html
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    posted a message on BIS Gear setups (1.0.6)
    Not to dispute any of the above builds, but it depends on what you are aiming for. Argument can be made for a 300 int, 100 vit, 12% life, 80 all resist, 6% crit, socket helm in place of that mempo, less DPS, way more EHP. Going the other way Int + int/vit + crit chance + crit damage + Attack speed + average damage can probably best that Tal's amulet for DPS.

    300 Int
    100 Vit
    10% crit
    100% crit damage
    9% AS
    (not sure what the average damage cap for a single affix is)
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    posted a message on [Guide] Comprehensive CMWW Guide [PRE 2.0 PATCH]
    Might want to add a section about dealing with various elite affixes, that includes a warning that electrified elites are CM/WW's kryptonite. I run at the 2.3077 APS breakpoint (my gear is 2.39) and they seem to create bolts as fast as they will animate. I feel like Storm Armor and Shocking Aspect not procing life steal is a bug, and should be reported as such, especially given that they seem to proc Reflect Damage and Electrified (the Monster Affix not the Magic Weapon Rune) just fine.
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