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    uh 98 reputation now. Slowly clawing my way up the rep ranks.
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    I kinda want this to get started as soon as possible, so we can get to playing and having fun, but it is also good to iron out details.

    I have nothing against you guys taking your time building something good to work off of. We are diablofans.com after all, waiting is like our thing.
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    I have 84. I don't remember it being that high.

    Apparently I have a spectacular aura about.

    No doubt from having over 50 Rep points I would imagine.

    Maybe one day I'll get to 100.
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    Would I be wrong in assuming that you Teo base your dislike of anime on the overwhelmingly large number of anime with characters with huge eyes, cute creatures, pink, green, blue, hair in rediculous hair styles, such as in the like of Yu Gi Oh, Pokemon, Digimon, Duel Masters, Zoids, Gundam, etc and other such animes that are referred to as the 4PM anime. That is to say it is often screened at 4pm, when the younger people get home from school.

    These anime are the one people are first exposed to, and this causes many people to think that this is what all anime is. The anime for a much older audience is screened much later, usually during Adult Swim on Cartoon Network, but even then it is still sometimes the anime that is targeted for a younger audience.

    Anime is often repeatitive, its the same tired characters (or similar looking characters) over and over again. Then I found Berserk.

    Sure it's dated now, it did come out in 1997, but it had no little kids with green spike hair, no cute little monsters, no huge eyes. It did have a character with an over sized sword (yet another staple of anime), but this time the character looked like one who could actually swing such a sword. It was also, rather gorey and violent and there was the odd bit of nudity. Sadly it was cancelled before the season final, at the time it was demmed too violent/risque for TV.

    I like anime, but I can't stand all those Yu Gi Oh, DBZ, Pokemon shows, instead I retire myself to watching, Basilisk (a sort of romeo and juliet tale, but with ninja clans), Berserk (Medieval Fantasy), Ghost in the Shell (Computer hackers and internet espionage), Ninja Scoll (Feudal Japan Fantasy), and Hellsing

    Not everyone has to like anime, I don't think your alone here in not liking anime, Teo.
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    posted a message on Knights of the Burning Blade - Story Thread
    A tall muscular man in a chainmail shirt stood before Buliwyf and one of the militia, the last two men of their platoon.

    "I commend you, boy." shouted the man. "Your little rag tag band have killed some of my best men. And now you stand alone before Hrunndir, defiant to the end. Look at you panting away, barely able to swing that sword of yours. It is a shame your friends are not here to witness this. No matter, you shall join them soon enough."

    "We shall see." taunted Buliwyf.

    "so eager to meet your death." Hrunndir called. "Then so be it whelp."

    Buliwyf charged him but failed to fully parry Hrunndir's attack. Hrunndir's broad sword found its's mark in Buliwyf's right shoulder. Buliwyf knocked Hrunndir to the ground with and an upward thrust of the hilt of his sword and plunged his sword into his chest. He then lumbered towards the militia man who had made his way over to a crossbow on the ground, and fired it at Buliwyf, firing a bolt into his upper left arm.

    "Wh.. Who... are you?" blurted the villager as he scrambled backwacks in dismay as his attack had failed.

    "There is no point in giving you my name." retorted Buliwyf as he continued to approach the militia man. "You will not live long enough to remember it."

    He gripped the hilt of his claymore tight, and mustered all the strength he had left and lifted his sword high above his head and brought it down upon his foe's head, cleaving his skull.

    "Such a waste of life."

    Buliwyf wearily dragged himself to nearby boulder, and dug the blade of his sword in the ground and rested on the rocky surface of the boulder to reflect.

    "This is not a battle, this is a massacre." he thought to himself as he broke the shaft of the crossbow bolt before fainting from the blood loss due to his wounds.

    "Brother! where are you!" he cried out before slipping out of consciousness.
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    If you mouse over a persons green square it gives a message. These messages are set to appear when you reach certain levels of reputation.

    But I do this showing an actual number would be nice too.

    I think 50 is the next level of reputation for most people here. I'm at 72 and it says I will become famous soon.
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    posted a message on i hate quests.. explain why you dont?
    Elfen Lied-style method of replying? lol

    If you would be so kind as to explain why such a thing is considered to be bad?

    He clearly explains his points in that post. If a point needs elaborating or further discussion beoynd a simple yes or no, he does so. Personally I couldn't have said it better. Though I might have left out some of the parts about the disccussion about dumb and/or intelligent people and just stuck to the topic at hand. Quests.

    Well, a game without quests being meaningless might be ones opinion, yet even if it is its simply wrong, there are numerous games that do not have anything to do with quests, storyline, etc... So they are all considered to be meaningless? Thats just a ridiculous conclusion.
    Personally i love well-thought out (side)quests in roleplaying games, but then i expect to have quests which are actually better then the complete moronic boredom you had in say a game like Oblivion and i expect the game to actually be a roleplaying game where you can make choices as to what sort of character you become (choices where "fighting" is but one of them, thus again ruling out games like Oblivion/Sacred 2), else don't even bother. Maybe a hack&slash with well thought out questing could very well work, but i have yet to see one thats actually better then your average "do this, do that", which i obviously do not want in Diablo. I would love to see some random quests return as in D1, but don't over flood the player with them just because you lack the imagination and talent to make one good one. Diablo never was about questing, Diablo is about creating numerous hack&slash characters.
    What you describe is awfully reminescient of the various computerised Dungeons and Dragons games, namely Baldur's Gate II. Often in some ofthe larger quests which more often that not require you to infiltrate a cultist lair or somekind and discover their activities, you are given the choice of directly storming the place and killing anything with a pulse (and on the odd occasion stuff without a pulse (Undead)), or you can try to use a more stealthy approach an pretend to be a member. The latter usually provide you with more quests and items. Both are adequette ways of dealing with the situation.

    Personally I go with the latter in the above instance.

    Random quests are what maketh the game IMHO. To take the example of Baldur's Gate II again, there is nothing like stumbling acroos a blood soaked street littered with the rotting (and more importantly skinless) corpses, only to find out that the seemingly simple case of a serial killer offing a few bums is actually a much more deeper, darker case of something rivalling Buffalo Bill from Silence of the Lambs. The event is totally random, you just happen upon it.

    Actually almost all of the 300 (err maybe it's more like 400, 400, 500? let's just say 400 and call it even, ok) or so quests in that game are side quests and very few are ever really forced upon you. And the ones that are, you kinda have to actually go to the place the NPC is and be with a certain radius of them. You can walk passed them and not get the quest.

    I am not saying Blizzard should emulate Baldur's Gate, but in regards to quests it's certainly a well thought out game. Even the mindless generic "fex-ex" and "grindfest" quests don't seem as boring, mostly because the NPC never explicitly tells you how many things he needs or how many creatures he needs to to kill. Do so always makes it more boring I feel. Seems Blizz got that down pat in Diablo 1 and 2. Kill the high Council members, that was the quest, did it feel like one of the kill x amount of y quests that so plague WOW, nope. You knew you had to kill all 6 of them, but no where did it actually say there was 6 of them nor did it list each member and preceed their name with the 0/1, like such a quest would have in WOW (or all MMO's not sure haven't played many).

    But then again there was only 6 of them, Not like in the Den of Evil quest. Which it seems did the reverse. It told you directly how many you had left to kill (so long as it was 10 or less) rather than telling you exactly how many you had killed.
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    each Diablo game introduced NEW CONCEPTS and NEW CLASSES.

    this remix and rehash of other classes and skills is UNACCEPTABLE.
    In Diablo you had the Sorcerer. In Diablo II you had the sorceress
    In Diablo you had Fire Bolt. In Diablo II you had Fire Bolt
    In Diablo you had Fire Ball. In Diablo II you had Fire Ball
    In Diablo you had Fire Wall. In Diablo II you had Fire Wall
    In Diablo you had Lightning. In Diablo II you had Lightning
    In Diablo you had Chain Lightning. In Diablo II you had Chain Lightning
    In Diablo you had Charged Bolt. In Diablo II you had Charged Bolt
    In Diablo you had Golem. In Diablo II you had (Clay) Golem
    In Diablo you had Nova. In Diablo II you had Nova
    In Diablo you had Telekinesis. In Diablo II you had Telekinesis
    In Diablo you had Guardian. In Diablo II you had Hydra
    In Diablo you had Bone Spirit. In Diablo II you had Bone Spirit
    In Diablo you had Holy Bolt. In Diablo II you had Holy Bolt
    In Diablo you had Inferno. In Diablo II you had Inferno
    In Diablo you had Teleport. In Diablo II you had Teleport

    this remix and rehash of other classes and skills is not the diablo way?
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    posted a message on Anachronistic Item Names
    They would also have to remove scimitar, rapier, falchion and hurlbat by that rational.

    But sanctuary is not actually that unique. It mirrors ours on many occasions (that or we just think it does)

    Act has a striking resemblance to the stone walls fields of England, France and Germany, Act II looks very much like the Middle East and Egypt. Act III looks a lot like the Jungles and pyramid cities of South and Central America, Act V has several parallels to the tundras and frozen lands of Scandinavia.

    Jehren is referred to as a Sultan. Like many leaders of the Middle East countries, or the second main character in Arabian Nights.

    If sanctuary is so unique, why does Griswold have a Scottish low land accent, why does Cain have a Sean Connery/Edinburgh-esque accent, why does Alkor have a think Indian accent.

    Sanctuary does not seem so unique when one looks a little further into it.
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    posted a message on Samurai Class (Just a Thought...)
    Cool, i always thought Musashi was just a servant of someone because hes a samurai.
    Now i just have to check wiki for 'Tokugawa Shogunate'. :rolleyes:

    *Edit: done

    With a name like Kenzai, which sounds an awful lot like Kensai, or Sword Saint, one would think you knew much about the greatest Sword Saint who ever lived.


    I would avoid the word Myrmidon, what with there being Myrmidons in WOW, and as soon as people realise that all hell breaks loose.

    Achilles' Myrmidons are nothing more than elite Hoplites. Much like the Spartans.

    Well technically the word is Kensei, not Kensai.

    Samurai will want japanese swords (katana's), then people will try to be ninja's and before you know the game is invaded with kung-fu kids.

    That didn't happen in D1 with the samurai armor and sword.

    That sword is actually one of the best in the game. The armor, not so much.

    Samurai are awesome, however, I'd be fine if they just made Feudal Japanese style armor and weapons for barbarians

    It would be for all, as it was in D1.

    I love the japanese culture but still the samurai wont fit in... Samurai dosent use magic he uses Techniques so that makes him a pure fighting class and the place is alrdy taken by the Barbarian.

    Prehaps. But prehaps there is another way to think about this. NPC. Non playable character. With this newly renamed island in the north (it was previously unamed), with an very asian sounding name, Xiansai, is it not possible to see a character based on the samurai but is infact an NPC, that is to say someone you talk to and do quests for. And is not a playable class. It seems some of you are are too quick to judge things without completely thinking things through all the way or in greater detail.

    I am quite amazed this idea has not come up yet. Must all classes suggested be playable ones in d3. Why not NPC only in D3 playable in d4.

    Natalya is an assassin, but you couldn't be one until you got the expansion.

    And if im not wrong a Samurai serves its master but also its family so if the "master" died the samurai will serve the next heritage

    Some not all. As stated multiple times, some serve whomever had the highest amount of coin.
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