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    Quote from overneathe

    I'm putting down the pitchfork as soon as people stop taking their trash in the Diablo 3 bucket. I know the game has big problems. You are not helping it (the hater ones). So move along and we're both happy.

    One pitch fork is no match for the unrelenting horde of misguided, broken hearted players which have been lied to from the start and disapointed on a constant basis.

    POE open beta can't come fast enough.
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    Quote from 1up_Mush

    Another crybaby thread. First people crying out loud this game is taking so long to be released. Result, Blizzard releases the game before its finished. Then, more crying because the game is ''crap''.

    Now im getting a bit tired of cry babies like the op. STFU already and let Blizzard finish the damn game. It's not good right now stop complaining and let them do what as to be done...

    Jesus, im so sick and tired of this new generation of gamers... If you got nothing intelligent to say, don't say anything. Close this thread.

    Im sick of people like you... Making no sense acting like Blizz has the right to NOT deliver and still take peoples money.

    RULE #1 of making games. You better do it right or suffer the backlash of people who paid money for it.

    Jay Wilson and D3 devs are liars and full of crap.

    So if you have nothing inteligent to say.. Shaaaaaaaaaad up. Go back and play your half-assed, unfinished broken DIABLO 3 and love it. Maybe after a few xpacs worth 50 dollars each you will finally get the full product.

    Il be waiting for POE... FREE TO PLAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... MUAhahhHAHaaA
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    So basically you got a credit card all shined up wanting to find out which class will be the most easy to use in pvp?

    Any for the 5 classes can be used in pvp. You should just wait and find out what works best for you by trial and error. Dont be a wagon jumper, cookie cutter credit card kid.

    Dont assume any class will be the BEST. Figure it out.
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