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    posted a message on 1.05 is out, whats you're farming music?
    I just did a quick seigebreaker run so far, listened to Simian Mobile Disco's new EP A Form of Change. I fuckin' love the direction these guys are going. Unpatterns is my album of the year so far.


    (can't post links)

    Usually I listen to various electronic subgenres, from EDM to chillout depending on my mood. Some of my friends are into making mixes so sometimes I'll load one up to listen to while I play. NIN also goes pretty well with the Diablo atmosphere, I've found.
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    posted a message on Stuck on Ghom-Really Need Help
    What are your resists? I had similar dps to you when I killed him the first time, but around 300 - 350 resists. Didn't have any LoH or extra poison resist. Dunno if this will help but here's what worked for me.

    I was using a kind of run-and-gun build. Standard spirit walk/soul harvest, with leeching dogs, garg, firebomb with pyrogeist rune, and fire bats. I forget what passives, but they were shitty (lol). Basically all my stuff was damaging him if I had to run out of poison or kite if my pets died etc.

    Strat was staying way out of range, going in a circle around the outside of the room. I stacked the pools as close as possible so they'd start disappearing by the time I got back around. Pets all died a few times but could usually get them back up before shit got real.
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    posted a message on [POLL] Which follower is your favorite?
    Scoundrel benefits my WD the most right now, plus I love his dialogue. He's the only follower to make me lol on occasion.

    I do like how fucked up the templar's story gets, but I can't stand white knights.

    Enchantress seems kinda boring to me.
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    posted a message on Mists of Pandaria on September 25th
    Mixed feelings. This is the first expansion I'm missing (quit back in January) and I admit do feel left out and kinda weird. At the same time, I know I hadn't really had fun in the game since leveling in WotLK. Nothing in MoP particular interested me, but I'm getting curious about the consensus among different groups of friends that pet battles are the apparently the most fun thing in a while.

    Anyone here playing? What do you think so far?
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    posted a message on What sparks your interest with WD
    I gravitate toward any class of the "dark caster" type (necro in D2, shadowpriest in WoW, etc). Witch doctor's moves are just fun, and sometimes hilarious. There's a lot of variety in builds; you can be a pet class, party support, extremely mobile puking bears everywhere or standing half a screen away shooting darts or bats. If there's some skill you really want to use, you can probably make something work building around it.
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    posted a message on So, what'd'ya guys do for fun?
    I like gathering as many mobs as possible, trying to get as ridiculous a "x mobs killed with one shot" number as I can. I'm a witchdoctor using firebats. It's like bowling with a fucked up ball.

    Edit: just noticed this is in barb forums, but whatever. STILL FUN
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    posted a message on Lurker here
    Hey guys, I've been reading these forums for a long time but never made an account. I don't really know why I am now, but hi.

    My main is a WD, still working through Act III inferno. Nothing special. I'm an art student (3d modeling) and work, so I don't have much time to play, haha.

    Welp, back to being quiet.
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