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    posted a message on Wormhole Blitz 2.1 wizard build idea
    It would still be nice to know exactly how this will work. Doesn't really matter if it's viable build or not. Even if it's not viable as any kind of end game build,It still might me a fun item for lower difficulties doing bounty fast runs.
    Would be nice to know if:

    A.) Wormhole rune granted from Cosmic Strand gives you an AP free teleport or not.

    B.) Does RCR reduce the 25 AP cost.
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    posted a message on Is gems the only "season" only item?
    Quote from shaggy
    I would like to believe that the best test of "skill" would be solo GRift leaderboards... and not re-leveling 1-70 every few months.
    I agree with this. But wish they would allow the GRift leaderboards to be sorted in PLvl categories too (say every 100 plvs), so you could compare yourself to others at a similar PLvl. Would help the newer players compare themselves to their peers instead of being buried under players with PLvls 400, 500 +. Not a big deal, but would be a nice breakdown to see.
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    posted a message on I'm concerned about seasons.
    Also one thing people seem to forget often when comparing D2 ladder to D3 is that in D2 there was good reason to start over. This reason being you had to build/select your characters skills and attributes. To change your character build/skillset you HAD to start over. If i played a Cold Sorc for a while then wanted to switch to Fire Sorc you could wait for ladder to end and do a Fire Sorc next ladder.

    In D3 there is no reason to start over! You can change your skills and paragon stats at any time allowing you to try a new build when you get bored of your current build without having to start over. I for one do not like leveling, and I think alot of other folks would agree. Why do you think most people powerlevel their characters to 70 when they start a new alt? Because everyone wants to get into the part of the game where the real fun is. Leveling over and over again is not fun for me. Especially when there is no reason to do so! I already have several great level 70 characters that i'm quite attached to. Why the hell would I want to ditch them every 6 months to start over?
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    posted a message on I'm concerned about seasons.
    Quote from Time2Kill
    The exact same items fall in ladder and in NL games. so what are you talking about.
    Not exactly. Same base item and runes could drop in ladder and non-ladder. But certain runewords would ONLY work ladder. These runewords would not work in non-ladder.

    Also D2 ladder had ubers which dropped the hellfire torch. Ubers could not be played in non-ladder thus this item could not be acquired in non-ladder without trading for it with a character whom previously obtained one from ladder.

    These are the only 2 reasons I played D2 ladder.
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    posted a message on [Suggestion] Practice Dummies
    Great idea/suggestion. I would love to have something like this. Would save me alot of time, currently for most skill testing I use the cave of the betrayer by beating on the stationary slime barfing walls with a low level weapon. Would be cool if you could click on the dummies and set their HP amount to whatever you want.
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    posted a message on And then there was 700.
    Congrats man.

    On a side note. I wasn't aware you could get experience in the scorched chapel. I assume you get some XP when you killed your friend? I thought Blizzard disabled that a long time ago (at least with pets anyway).
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    posted a message on Fan of Knives build! Try something new!
    Actually ambush can be pretty nice for certain builds. Using a high damage skill, such as something like fan of knives or cluster arrow, If you are almost 1 shotting things, ambush will push you right over that edge. This allows you to clear alot of trash mobs in 1 hit, which let you save more hatred for the big guys.

    Cool build BTW, i have the belt (although currently not wearing it) so i'll definitely give it a shot.
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    posted a message on Anyone have Hexing Pants of Mr. Yan?
    Cool thanks. I figured it would also be pretty nice from WW barb and a TR monk.
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    posted a message on Anyone have Hexing Pants of Mr. Yan?
    Has anyone here had luck finding the Hexing Pants of Mr. Yan?

    I'm very curious exactly how the increase in "Resource Generation" works. What kind of resource generators does this work with, and does this affect passive resource REgeneration also? For example if I stack 10 hatred regenerated per second on my gear, will this boost that to 12.5? Or if i use Preparation-Punishment while moving will i generate 93.75 hatred instead of the normal 75? Or if i use the Night Stalker passive will i have a chance to restore 1.25 discipline on hit instead of 1 discipline? I'm hoping they all work, the resource generation plus the damage boost would be of huge benefit to a strafe build i've been working on for my DH.

    I'm been gambing pants from Kadala like crazy trying to get these. But no luck so far. Actually I haven't had any legendaries from her at all yet. =(
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    posted a message on Option to stay level 60
    Quote from Fitsu

    People keep saying this option to stop at a certain level was in Diablo 2... Are u sure? Because I don't remember this at all, can someone clear this up for me? :)
    Yeah, i don't remember this either. You could stop using your attributes and skill points I guess but you would still get experience and continue to level.
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    posted a message on New Josh Mosqueira Tease
    Quote from RasAlgethi24
    Quote from Kallizk

    Ladder would be ok i guess, but ladder exclusive itens would ruin the game for me.
    Same. I dont want to be forced into Ladder. Just like I dont want to be forced into hardcore. The incentive to play ladder is ladder itself - the fresh start/ race.
    ^ This.

    I would be so pissed if they did ladders in D2 fashion. But from what i have heard from the developers in their playtests a few weeks back, I don't think they are dumb enough to let that happen. They know they would be upsetting a large portion of the player base if they put in Ladders D2 style. So if they are putting in a Ladder I bet it's something completely new. At least I am hoping so....
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    posted a message on Lenekk's 2.0 DH Build
    Quote from Lenekk
    Quote from code90z

    The build looks cool I'd like to try it on my HC DH.

    I have one question hope you can help clarifying,is Grenadier affect RF Bombardment? I always thoughtit only affect the "Grenade" skill..

    What does it affect? Can you provide a list so I can explorer more possibility.

    Grenadier does indeed improve Rapid Fire Bombardment. It will improve any skill that describes the damage as a grenade in the tooltip, much in the same way Ballistics will improve any skill that uses Rockets.

    In fact, Rapid Fire (Fire Support) with the Ballistics passive is also very viable but works best on single targets (Bosses / Ubers).

    I'll try to post a complete list when I get home a little later today.

    Thanks for all of the feedback!
    I can confirm "grenadier" passive does now improve RF bombardment. I just tested myself using a lvl 3 crossbow on one of the barfing slime walls in the cave of the betrayer.

    The radius of grenades and the damage were increased as listed in the passive with RF - bombardment.

    I also tested this with strafe - demolition, and although i could not verify the radius boost (since they automatically shot directly at the slime wall), I can verify the 10% damage boost works for that too.

    And i also checked with cluster arrow. It does not affect the initial "cluster arrow" but the grenades that blow up afterward are boosted by the passive.

    So yay for this passive actually being useful now!

    For reference here are two screenshots of RF - Bombardment to show off the radius boost: First photo is WITHOUT grenadier passive, Second photo is WITH grenadier passive. Both were taken standing in the same spot and aiming at the same area. As you can see no numbers on the first, but numbers on second... Cool.

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    posted a message on Beating the Cursed Chests and Cursed Shrines
    I had the same issue with my DH. I have been playing on T2 and she pretty much owns. But I had alot of difficult completing the chests or shrine events when playing solo which was bothering me since I could pretty much destroy the rest of the content at T2.

    I ended up finding a bombardiers rucsack (the legendary quiver with +2 sentries) and this gave me reason to try something else. My old Dead Mans Legacy is still a better quiver and I don't normally play with the turrets (because they take too damn long to get out). So what I do now is whenever I come across a cursed chest/shrine I swap out my DML quiver for the Bombardiers quiver, switch my Rain of Vengance over to Turrets, and switch a passive over to custom engineering. Then I set up 5 turrets (i like the new ones with pierce) and activate the shrine. I haven't lost one yet this way. Afterward i switch by quiver back to DML and switch my skills back.

    Even without the quiver this may still work, the turrets are actually pretty good once you get them all out. But as I mentioned before, I don't use them normally because they take too long to get out for normal situations, and in the heat of battle i'd rather spend my hatred elsewhere. But the cursed chests are somewhat unique since you can actually plan them out and lay out all your turrets ahead of time.

    Other pointers would be:

      Choose skills with alot of AOE when doing the chest, anything single target oriented will be a waste. Bolas and Grenades seem to be the best generators for AOE.

      Choose gear and skills that maximize your DPS, don't worry much about your Toughness or Healing since the real challenge with the chest is killing quickly, staying alive is fairly easy since most of the spawned monsters are very weak. If they are getting close enough to hit you, you are not killing them fast enough anyways.

    Hope this helps, Good Luck!
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    posted a message on 2.0 finally here. What are your impressions thus far?
    Love it! I already knew i would though, after playing the PTR the past few months I couldn't stand playing live anymore. It's just that much better. And it's not just one particular thing, it's a culmination of all these changes working together that just completely changes the game for me, and in a very positive way.

    My only problem now is I'm at work for another 4 hours, and I only got 1 hr in last night due to the extended maintenance . Argg today is going so slow, need a FF button! I suppose continuing to read the forums all day isn't helping my situation though, any probably not help my work performance either. haha
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    posted a message on Diablo needs more interesting mid-tier loot.

    From what they have been saying I believe the Legendaries are in Tiers they are just not presented that way. But they have said you have to go to higher difficulties to be able to get the better legendaries.

    So it's more like:

    Basic Rare -> Rare with better stats -> Rare with good stats and maybe some specific skill bonus to your build -> Basic Legendary -> Better Legendary or Set -> OP Legendary or Set.

    And about the higher level legendaries dropping in lower levels. I'm not sure if it works that way. I thought they said they will now drop from their current level in Vanilla and UP (they never said anything about down). I don't see why they should/could not do that though.

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