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    Quote from Bleu42

    Also on the soulstone part; The crushed soulstones sent the souls to the void, a place that has been in the lore forever, Where Lilith was banished. But she found a way to escape way back then, who's to say Adria didn't find a way to get IN to the void to capture the souls needed for the black soulstone.

    Who's to say? Well, I might have a thought on that... Let's ignore the lore in the book completely for a minute.

    Diablo 2 winning the game recipe:
    1) Collect ze soulstones - mephisto, diablo and baal have one, andariel and duriel have not
    2) Crush ze mephisto soulstone on hellforge = "diablo must have sensed the trembing in hell" - this is ze advice given by deckard cain, the lore incarnated - supposedly it did something really nasty to him
    3) Kill diablo (he has his soulstone at this time and is very much alive before killing takes place) - normally, a hero would destroy his soulstone at hellforge while at it - it's just one waypoint away
    4) Kill baal - nothing is said about soulstone, though he clearly has one with him, nothing is known about this one - it is perhaps destroyed in hellforge, and perhaps not

    Again, we are ignoring lore books and stick to the game

    - Now, ze andariel and duriel have no soulstones vith them - it is unclear what happens to them after killed - but deckard cain obviously doesn't worry much
    - All three prime evils have soulstones with themselves - ze same ones created by horadrim to contain them, but not powerful enough
    - Soulstones can exist apart from body - example ist baal and his soulstones - again, very much alive even without one which he acquires at the end of game

    Most important:
    - Leah ist born years before The Wanderer lost his fight - on that topic, he was exceptionally strong willed and defyed Diablo (in a form of soulstone) for years - that's major flaw in your reasoning - he vasn't immediately made by Diablo to do things, he couldn't have been - he fighted till the very end
    - Diablo ist in der soulstone in the head of The Wanderer at game time, and therefore NOT in Leah (or her soul). His connection with Leah ist... questionable


    On OP - slow moving voman and spider queen are no one. They are just between a hero and a khazra barricade, where staff ist ze meaning to enter. My real question ist: "WHO IS KHAZRA?". Clearly, something unholy ist happening with goatmen und cultists and Khazra is some sort of:
    - symbol
    - gott
    - sorceror
    - warrior/hero
    - cult leader
    - plural for goatmen

    Is he alive or dead or resurrected or waiting to be resurrected? There are references on Khazra-magic, suggesting sorcerer or goatmen in total. That I don't unterstant
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    Alkazier's and i consider it a designers flaw - it is OK, guy founded best populated route, he deserved congratulations.

    However, Blizzard doesn't, since route with that efficiency exists ONLY in act 3 (and similarly effective variations are also act 3), and that should be fixed - not the route itself, it should be left like it is, it is a composition of several good, interesting and rewarding areas in game.

    What SHOULD be fixed are other acts and areas, they should have more monsters, less dead-ends - it is a hack and slash, after all. More hacking, more slashing, less pointless running! I'm referring to act 1 highlands, act 2 desert and other underpopulated areas
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