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    Quote from Elfen Lied »
    it doesnt really exist, you just sign up then start posting in the forums and voting in the polls

    d3.com rules
    1. silversurfnstud is your god now, dont cross him or disobey him
    2. if you dont have proof to back up your post dont post
    3. people with less than 100 posts are taken very seriously, so quickly get to 100
    4. the member of silversurfnstud's executive council executioner squad have an intense hatred for non voters and people with less than 100 posts

    its true, eeeeeeeee
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    posted a message on Would you like Diablo 3 to be in 3D like the recent Warcraft games?
    Discuss, what do you think would be best for the new Diablo 3!?
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