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    Quote from Edriel

    Don't worry dude. I just wanted to be sure I didn't "steal" any of his suggestions because I read his thread and I knew that the infernal tower was similar to my Wave of Death idea (I suggested it just because you know... it another way to ask "Blizz implement an endless wave mode!!"), but I didn't see anything similar to DotO and Infernal Rift. If I missed it it's only my fault and I really want to apologise with DamienJohn if that's the case.And don't worry about critics... if you have to just do it :)

    Definitely no need for an apology Edriel! Although they share the same purpose (expanding endgame) your ideas here are very distinct and interesting.

    I have to head out for a meeting right now but I'll read through in detail and leave some feedback when I'm home. But amazing presentation as per usual Edriel!

    Also, do you mind if I add you in-game?
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    So I've been compiling a list of feedback and bugs to report for the Beta, but I just wanted to quickly share this as a QoL suggestion.

    Cooldown Reduction, Resource Cost Reduction and +Skill% are all fantastic additions to the game, but I feel their benefits need more succinct representation in the UI. I really love that we can now view stat ranges on items when holding CTRL, so I thought, why not apply a similar function to Skill tooltips that shows their effective values. I made this quick mock-up as an example of how this display would function and what it would look like.

    I feel this type of direct presentation makes those stats feel more tangible, while allowing for much more efficient theorycrafting.

    Any thoughts on this? Or perhaps alternatives?

    Edit: Dude, terrible spelling.

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    Oh wow! I literally just posted pretty much the exact same thing here Monstrosity: http://www.diablofan...

    'm starting to think that you and I are sharing some type of cosmic wavelength. Love the thread!
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    Hi all!

    Just wanted to share this mock-up infographic I designed for a new endgame option within D3. I've been traveling quite a bit for work, so to deal with my Diablo withdrawals I've pieced this together based on some existing ideas I've seen within the community as well as some new ones of my own.

    Would love to hear some feedback on the concept as well as thoughts on what endgame means to you in Diablo. :)

    Direct Link: http://i.imgur.com/JadEbrk.jpg



    Why? The endgame in Diablo has always been about farming for better loot so you can farm for better loot.. better.

    I agree! This is purely intended to augment that loot hunt we all know and love and extend the game's replayability, not replace it.

    Why not just include Trials and Towers in Adventure Mode?

    Good question. Each mode has a specific purpose that not everyone will be interested in, so overloading Adventure Mode with additional features feels like messy design to me. Story Mode = Enjoy the story, Adventure Mode = Play the item-hunt game (heart of Diablo franchise), Challenge Mode = Optional, augmentative content that extends the lifespan of the item-hunt game. But of course these modes could be joined, this is merely personal preference.

    Does that mean no gear rewarded in Challenge Mode?

    Yes. Only cosmetic rewards, competitive rankings and XP are offered in Challenge Mode. If Challenge Mode offered loot rewards, it would diminish the inherent purpose of Adventure Mode. The aim is to bring the heroes you've built into Challenge Mode to see what they can do, i.e; to improve your capabilities in Challenge Mode you need to farm Adventure Mode.
    TL;DR: I like to compartmentalize.

    Are Trials and Towers randomized to any extent?

    No. By removing the random elements in regards to layouts, monster types and density, the Trials and Towers can serve as directly measurable content in a competitive sense. If random was at play, someone could simply perform well due to having "lucky RNG". So to summarize, randomization has been removed in Challenge Mode in order to level the playing field.

    How does Difficulty work in relation to Trials and Towers?

    Trials that are not affected directly by difficulty (like Race Trials) exist as static events that are played and ranked the same across all difficulty levels. Trials that contain monsters and are therefore affected by difficulty selection are ranked as per the difficulty in which the player achieved their result (see: Seasonal Leaderboards UI). Pandemonium Towers are capped on lower difficulties, higher ascension only becomes available with higher difficulties, with the Pandemonium Tower becoming "uncapped" on Torment VI.

    The Tower is Endless?

    Theoretically, yes. The increase in difficulty is dynamic up until the fixed rewards cease (Level 100), after that, each level sees a static increase (additive percentage) in Monster Damage and Hit Points. For the purpose of this concept let's say that's 5% per level, this means the most godly geared/skilled players can truly test their heroes to the absolute limits.

    Couldn't you just skip mobs? Change to a more defensive spec for higher levels? And what happens when you die?

    To access the next level you would be required to kill all the monsters on the current level. Skill selection would be locked from when you enter the Tower with a checkpoint every 25 Levels at which you can change your skill spec. These checkpoints also act as respawn points upon death, but they no longer appear after Level 100 (which would be very hard to reach as is).

    Overall I haven't put too much thought into how tower progression would work, but I think losing all of your progress upon death would be a bit too much considering how long the climb is. I would love to hear some other ideas/suggestions regarding this! :)

    What is this simultaneous instance nonsense?

    When there are other players in your game and you choose to start a Trial or Tower, a dialogue box appears asking them if they would like to join in and challenge you. If they accept, they will be transported to their own instance of the same challenge. You are able to see the "ghosts" of other players according to where they are in their instance (see "Festering Circuit" race screenshot), but you have no direct affect on their game environment. For Tower Races, you would receive toast notifications in your chat each time a player reaches a new level.

    Why not just have them in the same instance?

    The competitive factor in Trials and Towers is based around how well each player performs, not how effectively you can impede your rivals. This is especially applicable to wave-type Trials and Pandemonium Towers, in which you can't have both characters in the same instance without it being Co-op.

    Are the Bosses in Boss Time-trials different from their typical versions?

    Yes, they would essentially be Uber versions of their normal encounters, with additional modifiers, more minions, larger HP pools etc.

    Do Race Trials have other variables?

    Races have additional factors in play outside of simply getting a character from point A to B. For example, Speed-boosting Nephalem Glory orbs can spawn along the route but might not always be in the most desirable of locations. In addition, obstacles such as Bear Traps and Barricades can impede your progress (another reason for separate instances). P.S- I love Mario Kart.

    Uhh.. Where is PvP?

    Ideally, Challenge Mode would also accomodate any type of future PvP implementation. I haven't included it in my concept as it's such a gigantic feature that it would probably need it's own infographic.

    What's with the groan-worthy TV show references?

    Because geeknerd. B)

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    Quote from RasAlgethi24

    Quote from CardinalMDM

    Quote from trocadero_fuerte

    *creates level 1 Crusader*
    *jumps into pulbic Inferno game*

    But seriously, are "character levels" going away? You get one main up in Paragon, say, level 80, and now all of your character can just completely skip to end game gear/modes?

    Well, if that's true (I doubt it is), then HELL YES! Leveling is a pox, a plague on gaming today, a time wasting hamster wheel that prevents people from playing and having fun. They learned this w/ the new WoW expac, they should learn that lesson for Diablo.

    So while a brand new Level 1 character will likely not be "end game" strength, they will be able to hit the ground running with additional Core Stats, reduced cooldowns, a boost to Crit Chance and Dodge, higher MF, etc.

    No they wont. They wont get access to the account wide paragon bonuses until they hit lv 70.

    They actually do, new characters can allocated Paragon Points directly from Level 1.

    But if they choose not to they're not forced to.
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    Also, it's occurred to me that these avatars don't necessarily indicate the characters will be in the game after all. I'd totally forgotten that a given character's avatar is shown when you receive one of their personalized lore excerpts.

    If you look at the datamined Lore Book info, you will see that both Inarius and Lilith have a number of tomes that will obviously be read by them, hence the Avatars appearing. No Lore Books revealed so far for Meph or Baal but I'd say that's likely the case as opposed to them actually showing up in-game.

    Will just have to wait and see though. :)
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    Hey guys, athene will be uploading an interview with JM soon and it is expected he will give more info on Nephalem Trials, just a heads up;

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    Quote from RasAlgethi24

    If I had to guess I'd say March.

    I agree. I've been saying March 2014 since last year.
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    Quote from ruksak

    Quote from inkcheese

    TBH I think RoS is coming out earlier than it should be because of the much needed overhaul of vanilla. :/

    I was honestly surprised with the expansions announcement.

    Same here, and I'm happy as shit about what I'm hearing. I'll be the first to give them a round of applause for this effort.

    The xpac isn't an issue in my eyes. When it comes, it comes and I'll be glad to pay for it. Love what I'm hearing and we've only been teased with cursory info.

    I'm a little upset, and I feel rightfully so, that the main focus of the Diablo franchise at Blizz HQ hasn't been getting itemization in a better place. Rather, per the lead devs own words, the main focus for some time has been launching a console version.

    I swear, I quit SC mode because if I found 1 more damn Zuni chest with STR, DEX and +XXX thorns damage .....I was about to bash my head to bits. I play SF HC exclusively now because even a contorted Zuni chest would be a great find.

    Anyhwho......I'll drop it because this thread should be about the community getting excited and I'm being a bit of a wet blanket. I apologize, it got under my skin when I heard that comment by Josh.

    The console and PC have separate teams with minimal crossover. Looking at your other posts it's evident you choose not to believe this and that's fine, but there's no way they developed the console version in the few short months since the last patch. Likewise there's no way this expansion (which looks to be very developed already) has only had a month or so of work put into it since the console went gold.

    It's quite obvious they both have separate teams. Josh may have been heading up the console version for the better part of the last year, but that doesn't mean the PC team wasn't hard at work under the guidance of Travis and Wyatt. The expansion and these new "2.0" systems are looking very polished and they have clearly been the PC teams focus for quite a while now.

    As for "patch 1.0.9", that was never a real thing. It's just the logical next step in patching so everyone assumes it was coming at some point. It's likely not. I think these 2.0 systems will make the minor re-visionary leap to 1.1.0 or even 2.0.0, so it's unlikely we will ever see a 1.0.9 and that's no surprise as a 1.0.9 was never actually mentioned by devs.

    All the system 2.0 changes are way too far reaching to be a simple "patch" denotation of 1.0.X, not to mention the new retroactive content in Nephalem Trials and Loot Runs.
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