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    Quote from shaggy
    Quote from Shurgosa

    Nice video. It's sad to see so many thought provoking ideas generated by mere players of the game, and not ever come anywhere even remotely close to being implemented. even the most simple and straightforward concepts such as "more choices" "more intriguing adventures when level capped" "MORE" character development and personalization...

    ..just the most common sense solutions to problems...nowhere to be found except on paper and in video......discussed by me and millions of other "man children" while wolfing down pizza pops...looking for bugged and useless items in game.......just mind blowing......
    You should organize these man children (aka armchair developers) and start your own studio and make your own games.

    Since clearly you know what you're doing.
    I know how to describe my feelings about a game series I grew up playing and idolizing that has since been abandoned by every person I grew up enjoying the series with.

    Im certainly not a professional game developer. I spend 90% of my free time enjoying roleplaying games, I'm in no rush to spend 90% of my working time fighting to create them.

    You say the phrase "armchair developers" as if actual game developers do not litter the internet. And that actual professional developers do not hate certain aspects of Diablo 3.

    You say it like only an actual professional game developer can even attempt to describe an idea about a roleplaying game that is subjectively tantalizing.

    I'd imagine I could name any actual gaming professional or gaming company in the world and you would not be impressed and consider 100% of their efforts to pale in comparsion to those of the company that made this thing:


    and dropped it into the game with a smile on their face while doing cartwheels to the bank.

    if you are going to insinuate that I and countless others whom I was referring to are so unfit to critique a video game adopted by millions, of course I'm going to toss a picture your way of fucking lame example of work done by a company that earns billions of dollars in profit.

    either you will still cling to that picture saying its a cool legendary for a level 60 zone, and many characters should be so lucky and eager to find and use it,

    say its a one in a million happening, having such shitty stats, and is not a fair example of the quality of drops

    or say that its a tiny example of stupidity in a massive game that earns alarmingly rampant praise from all but the most grizzled and hateful critics. if you did not say one of those three above phrases than I fear you and I are in agreement and have not described our thoughts correctly to each-other....
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    Quote from damage424

    I'm really starting to feel the enchanting legacy items is being blown out of the water.

    Would I have liked to enchant some current gear or enchant some items from my stash? Sure, it would be fun experimenting early on, having fun, then run train on monsters.

    But apart of me feels like this is turning into a huge distraction. There are plenty of things to address and I'm not sure exerting all this energy on enchanting legacy items is worth it. The main idea behind it is simple, just make loot 2.0 epic, and most people will shrug off legacy items.

    We already ran how many hours with a witching hour? Just make the new loot as epic. Easier said then done, but hey I'm not the one making a fortune for making the game, I'm the guy giving you money to hopefully deliver me an epic game. A
    I think people are angry at the philosophy. I think those angry after having discovered the trick to create wildly overpowered level 60 items will get angry and their anger has no weight. I think that's why they made this rule, to cut the legs off of those tricksters. so in that respect its OK to put in a hard fast rule

    But it does not address the underlying model of the game.

    They keep resetting the gear. first they design legendaries during development. and they fucking SUCK. Then the redesign them, and a very small portion of them surge past the rest in terms of power. Many still completely suck. Then trifecta gear absolutely steamrolls all other gear, all other gear sucks then they roll out "demonic Essence gear" which is kind fun to chase after for a while. but 90% of all the crafting still sucks from the beginning.

    So now whats their next plan? lets take 100% of all the items ever generated pre patch, and 100% of peoples interest in the game voraciously tracking these items down and ban them from our next "gear block" which also happens to be the most interesting one. It includes the brand new enchanting system.

    it just seems like FFS....they are the "game masters" overseeing our table top adventure....so....get with it and master the fucking game. It seems like they are zig zagging all over the place with out a clue in the world. as if they have never made a world consuming large scale online rolepayign game before. except they have. probably more than once LOL.

    TLDR: IMHO rah rah ****ing bullsh**t!! /angry !!
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    Yea gear creation in this "generation" of RPGS is EXTREMELY robust.

    RoS is probably a shining example even among all the current titles floating around..

    out of curiosity I'd love to hear your write up on what you mean about disagreement over "what the devs are doing" in regards to this particular subject.

    Maybe in a new thread?
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