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    You are the type of person that was Born as an only child. You we given candy since RoS launch and now that it is slowing down on content creation you think this game is dead. Hate to break it to you but every season doesn't need new content. RoS is a whole is technically complete. Most classes got balanced.

    If blizzard continues to release new content well then there is zero point of a final expansion. The slow down is a good sign for a 2017 expansion. Moldran had a video on YouTube stating that D3 would have at least 2 expansions before D4 would ever be conceived. People want D4, which is stupid. WoW engine is more dated than D3. Plus you pull in more sales from DLC / expansions than a brand new game.

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    Quote from Shapookya»

    Quote from mechinal»

    If they change it now, those that have 100+ legendary gems are the only ones that will have them, without paragon you will not be able to get gems that high.

    do the math and you see that this is bullshit. Paragon does not make a big difference. You can play on 100+ with low paragon. The difference between someone with P1000 and someone with P3000 are 3 griftlevels, maybe 4.
    Skill is way more important for high grifts than paragon, but it's easier to hate on paragon than on own inability to "git gud" ;)
    You do the math. Because i bet you anything you cannot jump into a solo Grift 3 -4 levels highers than your current max. with the 2.4.1 nerf to DMO wizard you can't do shit. Chainer was paragon 3XXX and cleared a Grift 93 solo sader. Allocate only 1000 paragon points and do a grift 93. and your caldesann's despair can only be a max of 93.
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    Can I get a mod to lock this thread? very pointless. especially since you can just go in game and check.

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    ...Go some where else man.

    Theres about 100 other post about botting over here, reddit, and battlenet.

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    the patch is incomplete. itll be riddled with bugs if its launched now.

    You have the mentality of a F^^^ 7 year old. Wait.

    People begged for seasons, when S1 was launched it was incomplete.

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    To all:

    Just incase you haven't figured it out yet, this is how the bonus act rotates...

    whom ever initiates the original party spawns the first bonus bounty. it will be in the same exact act you first spawned in on.

    complete the acts in that bounty. when the "bases are loaded" the first free player moves to ANY act of their choosing.

    The bonus bounty will follow as soon as the current act is turned in.


    player spawns in on act1 > players 2,3,4 join in > during act1 completion, player 3 goes to act 3 > any player turns in the current act1 bounty > bonus jumps to act3

    don't believe me try it yourself.

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    Quote from gmahler2u»

    ok devestaor. first, upgrade to ancient set gears....start from there.

    you do not need an ancient gear set. you need ancient weapons to push grifts.

    Back to the topic:

    its because you are geared up wrong. You either go 5 waste / 3 IK or 6 waste + 2 BK (F+R non season / CoE + Zodiac seasons).

    Assuming you stick with this till Season 3 ends.


    5waste/3 IK you hit harder and maintain perma WOTB. better is groups

    6 waste/ 2BK your APS and movement speeds makes up for the lack of perma WOTB. However you would also need the pride of cassius and a good amount of CDR. best for solo

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    Quote from mathias1223»

    I have very little to say.

    First, look at my join date.

    Second, I'd like to suggest and discuss the removal of paragon requirement for torment difficulties.


    Then you are admitting you are one of those leechers. Yea i do notice the join date. this would also imply you should be a high paragon level because you have been actively playing game since launch.

    The paragon restriction needs to be way higher.

    100-200 everyone is optimizing for T6.

    pl200 - T7

    pl300 - T8

    pl300 - T9

    pl400 - T10

    by pl400 most people are capable of soloing grift 45.

    you obviously dont remember when T6 was actually hard. and got worse when you have 3 leechers who get 1 shot and you carry them.

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    Quote from mannercookie»


    Obviously I'm a bit salty to be the only one being banned

    The ban just gave me even more reasons to quit.

    But seriously, why dafuq was he the only one. while everyone else got rolled back. Heck, a checked out one of Gaby's streams. DNA clan should get perma banned and not rolled back.

    If mannercookies wanted to quit, he should've just pulled a KingKongor. delete all his characters with all items in character inventory.

    @Ruksuk, dude I've played D3 since vanilla, and RoS versus vanilla MP10 days, D3v wins automatically. Decaying Crypt > FoM > weeping Hollow. was 100 times more fun that any Grift. I've talked several veteran players like myself who've agreed. Why do we play this over PoE/torchlight/etc? because there really isnt anything better to play. you could tell it by mannercookies tone when he spoke during stream. he hated the game.

    Ancient leg destroyed the meta IMO. at least for weapons. you find a corrupted ashbringer and its not ancient equates to auto trash. ancient weapons trivialized the game.

    Blizzard customer service support: pretty much worthless. took them 2 season to listen to the community about the worthlessness of Trial keys. basically, the 2 "community" legendaries are worthless, especially the ring.

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    Thats quite pointless, this cycle will repeat. people complain difficulty is too hard. buff weapons and now its too easy. Grifts are end game. T6 too easy? the gear up for Grift 35+ because that where youll receive the best xp and shards.

    You want a higher T setting, might as well ask blizzard to remove ancient items. If you havent realized ancients have destroyed the current life of the game. How so? its trivializes the game. Why do you think T6 feels like T1?

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