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    Hi, im writing to share this build i made on ROS beta and im actually using on live.

    Basically is a fun build where you use three different "orbs" of lightning in a sequence to obliterate enemies.

    Lets see the skill-set:


    With this build, depending on you attack speed will cast 2-4 sparks (arcane orb with rune) and then a meteor just when the stack buff appears on you. You can make your meteor 50% more dangerous on big groups of monsters. Also you can use A meteor first to root large monsters and then cast sparks to kill them. And the shock pulse with the rune is good to make decent damage not only large packs, but single monsters too.

    Also you have the Hydra, but if you feel not sure enough you can change it for teleport, but the enemies will be stuned enough to not needing to constantly run. And Arcane dymano to have even deadlier meteor impact :)

    With this build, you will need +% to lightning damage, some Critical chance if you want, and %less resource. Actually on live im doing t2 easily with 110k dps and without a single point of critical damage.

    A item that promoted that build for me was:http://us.battle.net/d3/en/item/fulminator

    Let me know if you try this build, and your opinion :D
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    posted a message on Fire raging tanking Barbarian build
    Hi, im new writing in the forums, and i want to share you some builds i made for my characters.

    Now im gonna talk about my fire tanking barbarian build. Is a tanky build that can do huge amount of burst damage.

    First lets see the skill-set:


    With this skillset you will be nearly unkilleable, but also, you will be able to take monsters pretty quick because the high damage of your skills.

    In stats, you will want +% to fire skill damage and %less resource cost and toughness (a nice setup is main stat, +%fire skill, %less resource and armor or all resist)

    With the proper legendaries you can have up to 150% extra fire damage, that means a lot of fire damage from your skills.

    But this build shines on plagued, molten or desecrator elites. You will want to have a shield equiped (Theres a legendary shield that gives you 15% fire damage) and just stand on the enemy aoe. Then you can start casting infinite seismic slams until all the enemies dies. Thats why i make this build so tanky, with sufficient gear you can use this aoe to have infinite rage.

    Let me see if you try it and what are your opinions. :)
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    posted a message on Invis' Need for Speed RoS Monk Build, More Teasing: "Awesome" Weeks Ahead, D3 on PS3: Special Offer, Curse Weekly Roundup
    Im happy that the legendaries can make new builds viable....
    Althogh nerfed, im gonna try a build with breath of heaven as core skill with that helmet and enough CD reduction.
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