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Bagstone's Season 7 Journey Tracker

Our moderation manager Bagstone has crafted a very handy tool for those planning on playing Season 7 on next patch: a Season Journey Tracker. It will help players keep track of their Journey progress without having to constantly check the in-game screen.


He has also set up a thread with info, some tips and as a place to gather user feedback. Drop by to leave a comment.



Info, Tips & Feedback Thread


Super simple concept - just as you doing the Season Journey click on a task to keep an overview of what you have done and what still needs to be done. The status is saved in a cookie. Pay attention to the in-game popups because you can complete many season journey objectives that aren't even visible yet, so this website might help you to keep an overview.

A few observations/PSAs about the season journey in S7:

  • If you're only in for the stash tab, do not augment your gear with a rank 30 gem for "Destroyer"; instead, augment a rank 40 gem since you need two of those for "Conqueror".
  • Similarly, if you want to go for Guardian, do not augment your gear with anything below rank 50. In fact, you might just complete the entire Season Journey including the solo rift and leveling 3 gems to 65, and in the end put those three gems on your gear - and be done with the season journey. Saves you the additional 38-50 rifts to level the 3 "augment" gems to 50.
  • For Chapter II you need to enchant something at the Mystic, and for Chapter IV you need to enchant a socket into a weapon. If you enchant a socket into any rare weapon it covers both (the Mystic can enchant weapons at level 2 which costs only 1000 gold to upgrade).
  • I know that some people might be keen on doing massacre bonuses for leveling instead of rifting. Note that if you do that you will definitely not have enough money at level 70 to level up all artisans, delaying your first Gift for quite some time. Your gear will also suck. It's one of the reasons why rifting for leveling is not only easier and more consistent - it also nets much more gear and gold.

As usual, feedback welcome. Also, I have to say a huge thanks to the DFans crew and in particular Monstrous for providing feedback to earlier versions (my inability to create good designs made it look like it was created by a rainbow puking CSS monkey).

To-do list that I might add (if I have time over the weekend):

  • Mark lower requirements that are included in an objective (i.e., check off all rifts when completing a T13)
  • Add some sort of "Chapter complete" notification when all objectives for one chapter are done
  • Add Haedrig's Gift information and conquests if possible


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