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    I am now going to blatantly advertise in your thread:
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    *watches the guy run out of the door*
    Ahhh good old Zhar.
    So hows business been lately Stormcat?
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    Suddenly Warick felt the pace of the wagon pick up dramatically. Oh God. This can't be good. He thought as he looked out of the wagon only to see the town of Tappas burnt to the ground.

    "My god.... it's all clear now. The people we fought, they couldn't have even been militia, let alone soldiers. Riddia must have forced their own townsmen to fight, while their forces came in and destroyed Tappas. How could a town be so.... evil ?"Warick heard Ingis say under his breath. "Savages" Warick uttered.

    "I can't believe it, Come on, let's look in the church. Maybe someone can tell us why the Riddians would do this." Warick began to follow Jamis and the others toward the church. He noticed a trail of blood leading to them there. He shuddered but continued on. When they finally reached the church Ingis opened the doors with much force. Startling the townspeople causing them to scream and cower. "You didn't think to maybe come in a little more calmly Ingis?" Warick said as he desperately tried to lighten the mood.

    Warick looked into the eyes of the townspeople. The brutality. Men, women, children. How could those people be so heartless. he thought as he began to shake with rage. These people... they're broken... they will never be the same.

    Warick walked up to a small child, no older than 5, and kneeled in front of him. The child let out a whimper and cowered into his mothers arms. "Its okay." Warick said to the child "I'm here to help you." The child looked at him. "You mean, you aren't here to kill me. Like they did to daddy?" the young boy said as a tears streamed down his face.

    "No." Warick said, as he began to choke up. He looked up at the mother of the boy. "Could you please tell me what happened?"

    "They came from the West. The burned everything.... Varlan... h-he tried to stop them. But th- they...." The woman began to sob uncontrollably.

    Warick calmed the woman down and looked at he in the eyes "I promise you.... His death will be avenged. Those people of Ridda will be met by a slow and painful death." Warick said to the woman as he got up and regrouped with the knights. "It can never be simple can it?" Warick said under his breath as he waited for the next order from Jamis.
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    whoot now I have 22 :P
    And some - rep for "creating an obnoxious thread" (My 1 Million post thread)
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    Wow i have a whole 14 points :P
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    1. Ride The Lightning- Metallica
    2. Aces High- Iron Maiden
    3. Hell Bent For Leather- Judas Priest
    4. Holy Wars.... The Punishment Due-Megadeth
    5. Rainbow In The Dark- Dio
    6. Walk- Pantera
    7. Ace of Spades- Motorhead
    8. The Trooper- Iron Maiden
    9. Five Magics- Megadeth
    10. Creeping Death- Metallica
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