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    It does lend itself to A1 runs. You can probably kill monsters 4x as fast in A1 than in A4 for the max level drops because you can go glass cannon, and also stack mf gear for more drops. Not only that, but you won't have repair costs, which will be much more significant. In addition, you have an even better ratio than 4:1 to get iLv 61 and 62 items, which is another bonus.

    The higher level item drops should scale more with the difficulty of the acts IMO. So instead of 2,4,8% in A1,A2,A3&4, it should be more like 1,3,8%
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    What if the auction house could compare another item with your own. In addition to seeing the stats of a new item with your equipped like it does, what if it could compare dps, damage reduction and life of the new ah item and your equipped item? I think this would be a good feature.

    I'm not sure why the AH does not do this when the items in your inventory and stash do it already.
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    This guy is an ass.
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    Why can I buy multiple copies of the same item from merchants?

    Though not directly related, one thing that I have not seen anyone talk about is this:
    When purchasing items from merchants you are able to buy as many copies of that item as you want. So if you see a nice ring or ammy then you can buy 50 of them if you had the money. That's why you see 10 copies of the same ring or ammy on the auction house sometimes. I think it's strange how you can buy multiple of the same item. I think you should only be able to buy one of each item. This is another reason for AH market flood.

    I started to level my bs to about level 7, then I realized that AH was pretty cheap to make items, and I could sell all the blues instead of salvaging them. But even with leveling the bs, there was rarely any item worth crafting since they were all so much lower level than I was. It costs a ton to level up the bs too. I think your idea is good for choosing the stats of the bs. You can already do that though in the AH since you can conveniently filter by state type. But nonetheless it is a good idea since there many not be the stats that you want current on the AH. It is obvious that they grossly underestimated how many items would be up for sale on the AH and how efficient it is to purchase them.

    Another issue is that items are becoming cheaper. An easy example to this is to look at weapon dps for its cost. Over time so many people are finding more powerful items, such that what you found a few days ago is drastically cheaper today. The blacksmith stays at a constant cost, so that is another point in how the BS can get outdated.
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    posted a message on Questing system hard to track progress?
    Ok, thanks Zhaph. I'll just look for the quest name.

    DeadVault, I will be rerunning quests. The point is that I should know when the game will save instead of wondering if it will save or not. It should be clear.
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    I think that it is hard to follow my questing progress. It is not clear when I will be able to quit the game and pick up later, without having to redo certain steps in a quest. For example in A1 where you need to collect 2 items to put on the alter, I did some of the steps and quit, and then rejoined and I needed to do those steps again. A significant portion needed to be redone. It is not clear after which step the quest is finally completed. The game gives many updates that subparts of the quest is completed, but it doesn't tell you when the total quest is done, or if it will be saved if you quit and restart.

    Is there a way to bring up a checklist of quests and steps within each quest while you are playing in a game? I've seen a list of quests when choosing to join a game, but this does not have substeps, nor have I seen even this overview once inside a game.
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    posted a message on U.S EST Softcore solid group

    I'll be playing a wizard. I get home from work around 7pm Eastern. I'll be playing Tuesday morning starting around 7am, then play some more in the evening on Tuesday.

    I'm looking to explore all the content and have an enjoyable friendly time.

    Skype: adammichaelchess
    Battletag: TwirlingFern#1666
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    posted a message on DiabloFans Calculator Build Contest (ONE POST ONLY)
    This is a pvm build for the wizard:

    It is designed for inferno mode. It uses heavy hitters, high AP regen and strong defensive abilities.

    Heavy hitting meteor (ice) and arcane hydra
    It uses electrocute with chain lightning rune along with prodigy for high AP generation.
    Arcane dynamo passive is used to give +75% dmg to meteor and hydra, as a bonus for using the electrocute to regen AP.

    Energy armor with capped max dmg taken, along with the passive galvanizing ward to constantly regen 890 hp/sec

    2 slots are left open for defense/offense, so the build is versitile. Here, mirror image is used along with diamond skin. Other choices are slow time, teleport, familiar, and magic weapon.
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