Monk Support Build

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  • Fists of Thunder
  • Mystic Strike
  • Inner Sanctuary
  • Shield of Zen


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  • Legendary Gems

    • Bottled Hope
    • Bottled Hope
    • Phoenix Ashes
    • Unity Crystal
    • No Gem Selected
    • No Gem Selected

Since this is a support build, "Vithu's Urges" is the no brainer choice because of the duration increase (at 2) and bonus speed for buffs (at 4). 6 items adds life drain, so you could do that or mix in 2 from another set. If you go that route, the other 2 can be from "Windloft Perfection" (increased movement speed), "Untouchable Mounteback" (gain shield on damage), "Shepherd's Call to Wolves" (increased summons damage), or "Gloomguide's Prize" (increased damage after Dash)


"Inner Sanctuary" is the core skill of this build. "Empathy's Blessing" (Head), "Disciplined Respite" (Torso), and "Respite's Sigh" (Offhand) are must haves. The other 3 skills can be mixed and matched depending on your needs.

- "Shield of Zen" is almost required and "Intervening Law" (Weapon) is good since it applies shield to all allies (rather than just one). The only reason you might not include it is if you're only concerned with buffing Damage and your party doesn't need the extra shielding.

- "Mystic Strike" is a staple for Monk builds, but with the other skills, really the only essence available is "Ascending Raincloud" (Shoulder, not available in this tool for some reason) which adds some evasion after dash. If you're using "Imprisoned Fist", you'll most certainly prefer one of it's essences for Shoulder

- "Mystic Allies" can add some passive damage while you focus on support. "Companion's Melody" (Legs) can increase the duration. If you don't use "Shield of Zen" (or only want it for you and 1 ally), "Rod of Echoes" (Weapon) decreases the cooldown.

If you don't use all of those, you could consider adding an overall damage dealer. Since support builds are generally focused on single targets (bosses, Immortals, etc) opt for high damage or DoT. "Imprisoned Fist", "Seven-Sided Strike", "Wave of Light", and "Flying Kick" appear to have the most available essences depending on which skill you drop from the above list.


Gems should focus on buffing support (obviously), keeping you alive (every second you're dead is a second you're not buffing; it's compounded badness), retribution (you're going to get hit a lot, might as well put it to good use), and summons (let somebody else do the fighting while you support). Don't worry about your own damage; the increase you grant your party with support will make up the difference.

- "Bottled Hope (5)" is a no brainer to increase buff duration and "Unity Crystal (2)" helps reduce party damage even more

- "Phoenix Ashes (5)" is pretty much a no brainer unless you're indestructible

- "Blessing of the Worthy (5)", "Frozen Heart (5)", "Kir Sling (2)", "The Black Rose (1)" do damage/summon when you're attacked

- "Howler's Call (5)", "Hellfire Fragment (5)", "Echoing Shade (5)", "The Abiding Curse (2)", do damage/summon when you attack

"Concentrated Will (5)" is good too, but only procs on "Mystic Strike" (or other dash skills if you tweak the build)

- "Battleguard (2)" can help reduce damage you take so can "

- "Follower's Burden (2)" and "Freedom and Devotion (1)" help if you have multiple summons (from "Mystic Allies" or other gems)

- "Blessed Pebble (1)" and "Heartstone (1)" are good if you use "Shield of Zen" ("Hearthstone" gets way better if it also increases shields you apply to party, but I haven't been able to confirm)

Points Used 0 / 150

Active Tree

Running support isn't really a good task for lower level players, so we're not going to talk about the progression. Since the paragon skills don't really affect support we'll mainly focus on Mastermind and keeping you alive. These numbers don't reflect a realistic allotment; they're more raw numbers for min-maxing.

- The skills from Mastermind can be maxed out at 60 (there are 25 Armor and 15 AP points after that)

- You can max Health at 398 and then Mastermind for 8 more

- You can max Armor at 233 and then Mastermind for 28 more (including 20 in Health)

- You can max them both at 495 and then Mastermind for 1 more

Build Guide

This build focuses pretty much everything on support. There are some suggestions for additional stuff for the leftover skills/essences.