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Name Type Class Effects
The Open MindLegendary HelmMonkMystic Allies damage increased by 10%.
Purity's ThoughtLegendary HelmMonkShield of Zen now also dispels a harmful effect from the target.
Judgment's WatchLegendary HelmMonkInner Sanctuary now continually damages all enemies within it, but no longer protects you or your allies.
Cowl of Absolute PunishmentLegendary HelmDemon HunterMultishot damage increased by 10%.
Daye's Frightful PersonaLegendary HelmDemon HunterKnockback Shot damage increased by 10%.
Frozen Guardian's SightLegendary HelmDemon HunterSentry becomes empowered with Frost, damaging and Chilling enemies.
Ysil's Contained DestructionLegendary HelmDemon HunterSentry now fires mortars that explode to damage all enemies in an area.
Vision of the LostLegendary HelmDemon HunterDuring Vengeance, each defeated enemy increases the remaining duration of Vengeance by 0.2 seconds, up to a maximum increase of 2.4 seconds.
Cowl of Focused HatredLegendary HelmDemon HunterMultishot fires 4 additional arrows.
Boundless IngenuityLegendary HelmDemon HunterMaximum charges on Daring Swing increased by 1.
Glower of the RecluseLegendary HelmCrusaderWhen an enemy is Blinded, Immobilized, or Stunned, your Sweep Attack deals 15% more damage.
Many-eyed AegisLegendary HelmCrusaderYour Consecration now moves with you.
Redeemer's MettleLegendary HelmCrusaderShield Glare radius increased by 20%.
Sudden VallationLegendary HelmCrusaderHoly Banner instead plants a holy beacon that continually damages enemies with holy light.
Retribution OrnamentLegendary HelmCrusaderHoly Banner is replaced with a holy statue that forces all nearby enemies to attack it.
ArrowkeeperLegendary HelmCrusaderThe inspiration from Holy Banner now moves with you.
Questor's MienLegendary HelmCrusaderShield Charge maximum charges increased by 1.
MirrorictusLegendary HelmNecromancerYour skeletal champions are replaced with skeletal archers.
Coals For EyesLegendary HelmNecromancerCommand Skeletons now causes your skeletal champions to explode at their destination, damaging all nearby enemies.
Crown of the Gilded LeashLegendary HelmNecromancerCommand Skeletons now raises a single powerful skeletal captain that can be ordered to whirlwind at a location.
Hideous DawningLegendary HelmNecromancerBone Spikes now also causes enemies to bleed for additional damage, and no longer charges up. Increases Bone Spikes' maximum charges to 3.
No-mouth FaceLegendary HelmNecromancerBone Spikes no longer charges up and instead immediately summons three forward-moving spikes that knock enemies into the air. Increases Bone Spikes' maximum charges to 2.
SkullveilLegendary HelmNecromancerSkeletal Mage duration increased by 30%.
Visitant's SignLegendary HelmNecromancerCommand Golem duration increased by 30%.
Angmar's Repulsive BurdenLegendary ShouldersWizardScorch’s Knockback distance is increased.