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    The book I am currently reading Storm of light is really good and leads up to the events of Reaper of Souls. I am loving the story and lore that is told in the book, there is alot of back story of Tyrael and the other angels. Also Zayl is in the story along with Shanar and other characters from D2. When I am done with it I will post my review on the book!

    Darkshadow2481 is my battlenet name if you wanna join up in my clan or play.
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    We are fun clan to hangout and do runs daily and bounce ideas off each other on different we build and run.

    So Semi Psychotic is interested in all new people to Diablo and Vets. Just hit me up on battlenet darkshadow2481 for interest.
    We are on the americas servers.
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    That really sucks and why is that they have to mess with crap!
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