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    I like what the RiF commun does but i see this as a how to leech vid.. along the lines . although i mostly run all my rifts with 3 members and you are forced to open for me (or i spam your btag in chat for all to seeeeee.... :boom: )
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    Quote from Belloc
    You know, threads like this are starting to make me wonder if the Diablo 3 community is becoming more toxic than the WoW community. I mean, I can't recall ever seeing a WoW player make a thread asking for help and advice and then trashing and ignoring those that try to help. It's like this game just brings out the douchebags.

    OP asked for advice, was given advice, and anyone can look at this character link and see that he didn't change a single damned thing about his gear, even on pieces that he could've easily changed (like his shoulders). Then there are threads where people say, "I get 4-5 legendaries per day farming 30-40 Torment 6 rifts" and people responding, "then maybe you should farm 100 Torment 4 rifts instead" and the OP replies saying, "hey, don't tell ME how to play just because you can't handle Torment 6."

    I mean, come on guys, this shit needs to stop. If you're going to ask for advice, take it. If you're going to complain about your lack of drops, listen to the points people are making about how to fix that problem. If you're going to post just to whine, then whine to mommy and daddy instead, because no one here cares. We'll give you advice, but we won't hold your hair back while you vomit in the toilet because you drank too much.
    Truth Bomb crit = OVER 9000!
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