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    Karma is a B***h, but so is RNG.

    My first and last TF I've ever found.
    Pretty decent Puzzle Ring. This ring was probably the first legendary I ever looted after I got 70.
    Almost perfect fire SoJ? .. Which I have never used since I run physical builds, and I play only 1 class.
    And ONLY ~500 shards later the TnT I so much waited for. Keep gambling.

    I have used around 22k shards to get Hexing pants from Kadala, and looted it from a goblin.
    I don't even want to try SMK, someday I will get it... someday.
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    I'd suggest going with TF.

    Haunt procs TF pretty much every cast, which makes some decent trash damage when you're spamming it to a big group.
    Also TF has int which is a major part of the class.
    Dots do not benefit from attackspeed.
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    posted a message on [2.0.5] - Testing the MASSIVE Grin Reaper Buff!
    The mask was pretty big suprise when I tried it, glad I saved one legendary from the "useless" bank tab.:)
    By only swapping the mask, using piranhado, grasp, queen and Pile On! I pretty much had the same clearing speed on t6 as I have with my fetish build.
    Wish I had more +poison gear to test out how it works with bears and such tho.
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