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    I saw it a few times, though with my memory don't ask where I saw it. Anyway, just wanted to make a correction.
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    Gotta go with my guy the Druid. He is, in my opinion, the most versatile unit in the game. He can be a spell caster, he can be a melee'er, he can be a summoner (Though not all that many summons...) and, best of all, HE CAN BECOME A WOLF!!! GO WOLFIES!!!!!! o.o Sorry... Got a thing for wolves... *Coughs.*
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    I have v 1.12... <.< And I have Nightmare, Hell, and Legendary dificulties...

    Oh, and this post is full of shit too. o.O

    Seriously though, didn't realize that nm and hell wasnt in D1's single player. x.x Here I thought it was. Then again they might have added it in with the issuing of the Diablo Battle Chest...
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    Greetings. Your awaited gaming messaiah hath cometh.

    There we go. Good good. :D Your God is pleased.
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    Quote from "Maverek" »
    Actually all the orgional SC unit will be SC II, you can access the ones they dont put in single player into the map editor along with the new units.

    I believe they were refering to the single player campaign and which units would be available by default.

    What really upsets me is the loss of the reaver. I love my damn reaver! Even if it did remind me of a schlong...:(

    Also, did some checking. Carrier has 300 health, 150 shield, Battlecruiser has 500 health. Carrier does 8x8 damage. Battle cruiser does 50 damage.

    More health: Battlecruiser
    More damage: Carrier

    Though personally I don't know why you would have carriers going up against battlecruisers without either group having supplemental units. Shoot I only use carriers and battlecruisers as supplemental units themselves. Unless your talking single player. Then I operation cwal and build a crap load real quick and have a hell of a time! :D ;) :D
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    Greetings. Noticed alot of people refering to Warcraft 1 as the first RTS ever. With all due respect, WC1 came out in 1994. Now, I am not sure of what the first RTS was, but the first Populous game, by Bullfrog, came out in 1989. Herzog Zwei came out in 1990 by Technosoft for the Sega Mega Drive/Genesis. And Dune, the first 3D RTS came out in 1992 on floppy disks, then 1993 on CD's.

    With all due respect, Warcraft one, being released in 1994, is incapable of honorably holding the position of oldest RTS.

    My deepest appologies.
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    Honestly when I think of online WC3, I think of DOTA. And when I get on, I see about 50 games of DOTA.

    When I think of online SC, I think of clans, of people, of Defense maps, of RPG maps, of text style RPG maps, of assault maps, and of hundreds of more of different kinds of maps.

    I really don't see how you say there are more custom maps for WC3 then there are for SC.

    In my personal opinion, WC3 is for offline play while SC is for online play. No contest about it. I honestly don't get how DOTA has survived for so long as almost the only WC3 game played.

    Whats even funnier is that they have SC style games on WC3. I played Starcraft Zone Control" on WC3. Kinda sad when a newer game is emulating a older game...
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