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    posted a message on It's time for Diablo I to get some attention
    I could. Ill also try to find a pdf download and see if i can send you a link to it or something.... (I dont wanna do it alone :( )

    Edit: Dont think i could find it :(

    Its okay. Just going to take a good amount of time ^_^
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    So i think i finally found a character i like :)

    its a tie...between the monk and witch doctor

    But im gonna pick monk skills.
    (question: will aura's work same as d2. where they had to be in the skill box? Or will it be like a barbarian shout where you just use it and then bam you have arua?
    Im gonna try to set up a quick combo monk.

    1. hands of lightning - Combo skill and has the chance to inturrupt enemy attack. good for a melee char.
    2. Blinding flash - blinding enemies? oh ya!
    3. crippling wave - having enemy dazed even better (now does this skill to increase the dazed effect have to have the first attack go then the second attack. or can it be like crippling wave, normal attack, crippling wave, etc. to get the increase dazed)
    4. dashing strike - to get close to the enemy quick
    5. circle of wrath - explain below
    6. holy arua - explain below
    7. exploding palm - come on. things explode!

    as i was looking at the skills and going down the list to choose them. i realized that with the holy aura and circle of wrath, I could possibly be able to not have to worry about health depending on how hard fight is. and reminds me of my hardcore bear druid.
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    posted a message on The return of 'The Butcher'?
    Quote from ScyberDragon

    I don't want to see/fight the actual butcher again but what would be cool is if the random dungeon generator would sometimes give you a room that was the butchers room. It would be a cool easter egg to run into unexpectedly and you would hope for it every time you started a new game.

    An updated version of this room:

    I dont think they will bring the butcher back. But what i would love to have is maybe going into the cathedreal in tristram and finding a bit of lore on the butcher. That would be awsome!
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    posted a message on Weekly Updates from D3 Development: Witch Doctor Gear Revealed
    i like both pictures. but truely i think the environment of diablo 3 will also play a factor on visibility of the character. if you were to put the darker bloodied one in a diablo 3 environment, i dont think it would look as good.

    Just a thought =]
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    posted a message on G4TV JW Interview - Artisans
    Well, the one thing i noticed is after the whole talk about artisans. the part were they talk about how to send items to another character. I thought when they talked about a mailing system that that would be just freaking amazing.
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    posted a message on Diablo 3 panels
    hey everyone, hope you all had a great day!!! i know i sorta did. :D

    but if you guys were looking for panel vids. I decided to look for them on youtube and these are what i found.

    Blizzcon 2009 Diablo III Panel Part 1:

    Blizzcon 2009 Diablo III Panel Part 2:

    Blizzcon 2009 Diablo III Panel Part 3:

    Blizzcon 2009 Diablo III Panel Part 4:

    Blizzcon 2009 Diablo III Panel Part 5:

    Enjoy you guys:thumbsup:
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    posted a message on Blizzcast 10
    Well its about time!!!

    Blizzcast 10 is out and right before blizzcon.

    below is a little introduction for those of you who dont have time to waste.

    Welcome to BlizzCast 10! This is Zarhym with the World of Warcraft Community Team. In this episode we?ll hear from Lead Encounter Designer Scott Mercer and Senior Game Designer Dave Maldonado about some of the highlights of our recent patch 3.2, Call of the Crusade. We?ll get their thoughts on the evolution of the Argent Tournament, the new 5-, 10-, and 25-player Crusaders? Coliseum, our latest Battleground Isle of Conquest, as well as BlizzCon 2009 coming to Anaheim, CA the 21st and 22nd of August.

    mostly it is WoW but still. for all those people out there wanting to listen to some Blizzard people. Here ya go!!
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    posted a message on Diablo 2 1.13 Patch- Info
    just went on blizzblues.com and this just came up.


    i am going to read it right after i post this.
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    posted a message on Is it better too>Escape
    Quote from "WorldRaider" »
    Read if you want to take part in helping me become a better person.

    I intened to post a hugh rant about this but I chose not too.

    I am going through a rough time with my parents, school and such.

    But what I am here to ask is:

    What is better for me, or just better in general.

    Having a way to escape the world, and play World of Warcraft where I can do anything I ever wanted, with no limits, and just plain have fun.
    * But sacrifice social life *

    Or beat addiction and never play WoW again, go to parties, and do dumb shit that would harm me, or be involved with the wrong people.

    ----My backround info----

    I have many friends, and im part of the popular click. But when
    I had WoW, I did not want to go chill with people, and I stayed in the house much more then I would go out. I am 15 btw

    Since I havent had WoW for 5 months, I am always out of the house, but I am slowly falling. I had quit smoking, now I smoke whenever I am with smoker friends. I do Marjuana atleast a few times every 2 weeks.

    And I do not know what to do. If I had WoW I wouldnt be doing any smoking.

    dude i know excactly what your going through. trying to change my ways of life. and trying to be social. been playing diablo for years and gave up on hanging with friends after a certian incident. (stayed out till 5 without my mom knowing were i was when i was 14-15). but know im trying to get back to social life. but its hard when all your friends live over 30 minutes car drive. and the ones that are close are usually non reachable. but im still trying.

    for you i would say go social life way. play wow here and there when you got nothing to do. and have fun.

    Quote from "WorldRaider" »
    I appreciate your post Ferret, and all who post here with constructive post, on how to help me, or may help others reading.

    thnx for making this thread. it really helped me out. thnx ferret for the long informative post.:D
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    posted a message on Hostility, PvP, and Dueling
    well heres something i just thought of. if they do have agree to hostle how will it work. will you have to click the swords to cross or a totaly new button.
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