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    Hey Fellow Wiz

    Need your help to determine if it's worth using R. Gift on my weapon or wait for a better one.

    So this is the situation, pre patch 2.1 I was running a WoH with 2403dps 10% damage(rolled) 714int and natural socket. I obtained a R.Gift last night but with the way it works I can't socket this WoH as it has a natural socket and I already rolled off another Stat for the 10% damage. I have another WoH in my stash but the dps and damage range is much lower 1106-1256 (2.195dps) with 659int, 8% damage, and newly rolled 10% CDR, would it be worth using the R. Gift on this WoH, or just keep using my first WoH

    Thanks a lot guys in advance!
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    Yeh your Resist is far too low, with out monk to cc for you or even in pub, painful death awaits lol
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    I have been pretty lucky with my drops esp with my mirror ball and wand of woh rolls, but damn enchanting is just not working for me atm for my amulet...rolled it around 60 times losing all my Topaz gems till i have none and i still can't get a decent CHD.... =[[

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    Hey everyone! Just need a little advice on the next progression of my wiz, my profile is:http://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/pulse-1115/hero/38713006

    I'm currently running Arcane torrent as my spender and triggering Tal Meteors, I currently hold Vyrs hand and boots in my bank and waiting on the pants to drop before I can do both Vyrs/Tal build. I was considering rolling off Vit on my Tal Helm to try obtain +% Arcane Torrent Damage. But is that smart if I wanted to transition to vys Archon later? As it won't do much when u r in Archon form lol plus is it smart to actually use both sets?

    And are there any other advice you could give me on my gear e.g. rolls? Sadly still waiting on my TF to drop..

    Cheers guys =)
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