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    no idea if this is the one, but:

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    Quote from "GrandRobot" »
    ofcourse they hate our culture, but alot of americans think thats the only reason they attacked us on our soil. that is very wrong. america sticking its hands in other countries kool-aid is what got us here. we shake hands then turn our back and leave you to the dogs, thats american politics, we get what we want and turn the other cheek no matter what happens to you.
    thats better, and true. America wants soviet influence out of the middle east, they supply pakistan with money and weapons, paki's give em to tribal warlords and guerrillas to fight off the soviets, then America just nods and forgets...this is very important to current events.

    and why i think Bush actually had something going by staying in the war so long, even tho i dont like him, if we left iraq the same situation might arise.

    but both parties hate the war and want it done with. im more interested in new energy source and education, in atlanta the number of homeless is too much. and in other parts of the world ive been to its pretty bad too, NYC, london, rio de janeiro and beijing are filled with slums and sudan and Liberia are gigantic slums...which id like to see someone do something over in Africa. but im just basing this off of the US...
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