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    Having trouble seeing how the changes to Sunwuko are good or going to be more fun. It's just like throwing a huge stone between turning gears is what this feels like.
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    You know whats really funny is when you play a game like this and a guy starts saying you suck when you may have gotten the worst rolls from the broken RNG that so many people are willing to defend because they don't like the idea of zone specific farming or other things that persist you have a specific playstyle to get an item and to be honest, what you're saying is that you would much rather mindlessly do stupid amounts of rifts over and over and over to get screwed over by the same stupid RNG nightmare that Diablo 2 and 1 NEVER had that made -that- game so good because there was GUARANTEED rolls of 10-20% on things and it -always- had those rolls whereas in -this- pile of shit if you roll an item you get 3-4 stats out of 12 with rolls anywhere from 25-100 and 629-750 on an each stat, per item NOT including secondaries which is where all monks get a majority of their toughness (which is what I play), that you really need, that you've been farming since you were Paragon 100 since you took that long to figure out what you needed to do only to be now paragon level 400 which implies you've played at least 4-12 weeks of playtime if you have a normal life (subjective). Tell me, what crack do you smoke, people who are willing to argue with this vicious circle of rift, rift, rift, Grift, rift, rift, bounty, rift, bounty, grift. INSTEAD, why not do, Rift, act boss, bounty, special event, upgrade, try new items, tinker with builds BECAUSE YOU ACTUALLY GET USEFUL GEAR, fun game. End. Try a new char. Instead of Rift, rift, rift, rift, Unfinished character, try a new character, rift, rift, rift, repeat. Never finish a character, never get the gear you need, never have real fun, can't actually enjoy the reason the game's mechanics work the way they do, My guess is the IDEA behind the bad design which is broken was to encourage players to experiment with skills, (then paragon points) and items so that you could figure out if particular things worked or didn't, make builds for specific tasks, such as a certain boss, or rift running. That doesn't happen because, the time it takes to get one set of items you would like to try takes weeks and weeks. This is a CLEARLY broken game mechanic, STOP SUPPORTING THIS. People who bring this up are actually sane. People who support RNG, are probably botting or have had good luck unlike some people. Having an NPC that gives you hope of getting items only to cruely punish you with bad rolls is a terrible mechanic. Consider the mindset, If I farm this item, I could get enough shards and finally get it, Rebuttal to your thought: I could just get a bad roll defeating 7 days of farming? How is that not broken, Whether you group farmed or not, Maybe you can't do T6 and you get kicked from T6s cause your gear is bad, Fun community. I've had that happen. It enrages me to see people defend RNG, It's what has made this game the laughing stock of RPGs, Cause it is no more an RPG than a gambling game, A gambling game that requires you to smash your face into your keyboard for 10-20 minutes about 5 times then cash in, repeat. Etc.

    There is no such thing as farming when there is no idea of limit to how long something might take to get what you're looking for.

    There is a big difference between farming and playing this time vampire.
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