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    posted a message on What entirely new character class would you like to see in D3?
    Quote from "Zombie_Kamikaze13" »
    no amazon (no males i assume)

    Amazons won't be in Diablo 3. Read the lore from your D2 manual. There are males in said society but none of them fight.

    Rogue,gunslinger, swashbuckler, Ranger, something of this nature will take the ranged class since none of those are sex limited.
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    posted a message on ‘Diablo III’ Producer Justifies Controversial Art Direction: ‘Color Is Your Friend’
    “A great analogy is like in ‘Lord of the Rings’ — not everything is dark.”

    Yeah... maybe the devs don't remember but in Diablo 2, every inch of Sanctuary was scared by the Prime Evils' presence. Everything was dark. You stepped out into the wilderness in act 1 and were wading through a perpetual shadow. Act 2 there's a quest where everything is benighted and dark. Act 3 you're in a jungle. A colorful jungle but a dark, I just stepped into hell, kind of jungle. Act 4 you're in hell, and Act 5 you're in a warzone. Not a particularly dark act but not exactly lucky charms colorful either.

    Blizzard is gonna do what it wants. Blizzard north people have broken off and tried for Hellgate which flopped, now we have people who aren't as devout to the original vision and are falling short.

    Thing is though, I liked how the game was. Gothic scenery is what made the game for me.There are parts of the demo which are dark, and then there are parts which are too much. Regardless, despite how much I don't like this art direction, as long as the blood is red, it'll work out for the better.
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    posted a message on Will you try a female character.
    If you actually read the lore, the amazons do have men in their culture, but they don't serve in martial roles(merchants, politicians, etc) Amazons won't be chosen for Diablo 3.

    A rogue or ranger class will take that spot. Think witch hunter looking for the male rogue and maybe something Baldur's Gate-ish for the Ranger.

    Also I don't believe there's any statistical differences between male & female characters so it'll all be personal preference.

    I'm figuring though they're only gonna use 2 classes from the diablo 2 roster and have new classes fill the other slots. Classes which don't have gender-specific lore.
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    posted a message on Diablo III Races
    A big thing in diablo is that the denizens of Sanctuary(mostly humans) are fighting for their place in the midst of the Sin War.

    I don't think another race would be viable.

    Everything kinda falls under human, beast, or demon.
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    posted a message on What's your favorite Diablo quote?
    (poems from the manuals D1 & 2)

    The Initiate

    Which way is the right path, as I stand upon this chaotic crossroad of hate...
    How many ways are there to roam on this dark and damned road of Fate...

    "There are Many ways, my son, to find where the souls of Demons remain...
    But it takes only one second of despair and of doubt until at last, your soul, they will gain...
    Inherit these lands, these things, these dreams that are yours, forever, to adore...
    For there is no life, in the depths of chaos, my son, for you to explore..."

    The Adept (The Initiate, part 2)

    "I have walked the paths, the shadowed roads that led to terror's breast. I have plumbed the depths of Hatred's womb and scaled Destruction's crest.

    For every secret left unveiled, for every power learned, I'd sell the remnants of my soul, regardless of how it burned. And still, I sought a higher wisdom few could have attained.
    Though I found it, it would leave me - broken, damned and drained.

    For now I find this power gained is more unto a curse. My spirit burns with every spell and each irreverent verse. Despite this strength and knowledge earned, I have paid a heavy toll, Never should've traded power for my own immortal soul."
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    posted a message on Graphics, Actual Pixel Counting
    I'm more concerned with the archs of blood spewing from demons than rainbows.
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    posted a message on Φ Graphics Discussion (New art style proposal to Blizzard)
    I'm sure of all the people working on diablo that they haven't lost the gothic vision which all made us love the game.

    The game will look as dark and twisted as we all hope it will on release; worry not.
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    posted a message on Stop crying about WoW, you little children.
    The people are simply concerned that the spirit of Diablo will be lead astray by the influence of WoW.

    Personally, I have faith that Blizzard will not disappoint us and that when the game is realized in all its hellish glory that we will not be found wanting, regardless.
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    posted a message on Things we want to see/have in Diablo 3
    Quote from "Normal" »
    I think Blizzard really has an opportunity here to push the online experience with the genre. Including online content updates, a GM presence, guilds events, pvp areas open to the public - basically pushing the hack and slash online experience more towards that of a traditional MMO

    That is exactly what I pray to God not to happen.
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    posted a message on Things we want to see/have in Diablo 3
    No more mule characters please. Just give us a big place to store our stuff, larger than the chest from Diablo's of old.

    Maybe even make it so that characters bound to a single account can access other characters gear(have no idea how difficult that would be but just an idea)

    Having to go through 6 characters looking for 1 item that you got a month ago is kind of annoying.
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    posted a message on Witchdoctors might summon zombies!
    Much like Necro of old, I'm sure in addition to Zombies(skele lvl mobs), they'll have something that resembles a golem among many other skills that we can point to and recognize their origins.
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    posted a message on Characters/classes we want to see/be in Diablo 3
    Barbarian, Witch Doctor, <Insert Ranged Class>, <Insert Sorc/Mage Class>, <Insert Paladin/Cleric/Warrior Priest>
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    posted a message on Diablo 3 Stealing from WoW
    Hmm, if you haven't realized, Blizzard doesn't have a host of brand new ideas. They take what works from their own games as well as others & compile them into single projects, namely WoW(SIEGE WARFARE... grats on Age of Conan)

    It's a skill Blizzard has and uses quite well.
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    posted a message on Respecs: Yes or No
    I say no to unlimited respecs. Quested Respecs perhaps once or twice is acceptable but the old saying

    If it ain't broken, don't fix it.

    applies here.

    Thing is making respecs cost money will become a moot point as with all games, as time progresses, gold becomes utterly useless(Lol@SoJ economy).

    Keeping the lvling experience something that requires forethought and experimentation is what helped playing Diablo worth doing over & over again. As some have said before, your skills defined you, and I personally liked that aspect. Hammerdins were just that, Frost/nova sorcs were that. Your skills were you and to that end you were unique in a way. Of course many people copied others with successful builds, but at the same time there was always a variety of each class you'd encounter.

    By adding haphazard respecs you belittle your decisions.

    Quote from "Souther" »
    it should not be added, it will make people lazy

    Quote from "Angel_of_Wrath" »
    But, to clarify, I meant like a 30 second undo after selecting it, not ongoing respec, i am against that. No respec is part of discovering character builds imo trying to get that perfect build.

    Something to this effect would be nice. Lag and other random crap can screw things up so perhaps a window to withdraw skills would be a good idea at the very least.
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