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    Happy bday Warlord, if you still come here. I miss that clown lol.
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    Quote from name="-Mephisto"s Lament-" »
    I fucking love how I'm the thorn in your side.

    Don't flatter yourself. Your as faceless as the rest of the people here.
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    posted a message on Was Baal's Soulstone destroyed?
    In response to this entire conversation I just thought of something a bit ago. The objective of the Soulstones was to capture the souls of the Three in them and thus keep them contained so that they could not break free into Sanctuary. Then when they did break free, we recaptured them and realized we could destroy the stones to exile them back into Hell. I mean, the Horadrim didn't know about smashing them I don't think.

    Anyways, Baal died and Tyrael was forced to destroy the Worldstone. The Worldstone's purpose was to keep Heaven and Hell in check, with it gone now Sanctuary is wide open. My point being, whether the stone was destroyed or not would not matter anymore. Baal's corrupting of the Worldstone undid all our efforts to outcast Diablo and Mephisto from Sanctuary. We did all that for nothing pretty much.

    And Baal's soulstone was not enough to contain him, which is why Tal Rasha sacrificed himself to endure so much torture to keep Baal contained. So its safe to say that whether the stone was destroyed or not matters not. It would not have been enough to contain him.

    Which leads me to another interesting theory. Remember from D1 that if Diablo was slayed but not contained in a soulstone, his soul (or whatever) would just go to another close body and reform itself into his demonic self? Tyrael was the closest there, Baal might have at the very least corrupted Tyrael himself if not taken over the angel. Who knows, maybe he lives in any or even all of our heros. Not enough to form a clear assumption, thats why I leave it a theory.

    Anyone see any logic to this?
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    posted a message on Who do you think deserves a set ?
    Quote from "Zhar" »
    Even if he never wore armor, it could be armor that he created for one of his favoured champions, or a particularaly righteous paladin.

    I like the idea of a rapid regeneration power, not as imbalanced as the invulnerability, yet still good enough to provide some kind of defensive bonus.
    I'd say regenerate 10% max health every second, for 10 seconds.

    Well, considering he kinda, uhh, blew up, I don't see him making armor for anyone :D

    That is actually not a bad regen rate considering the character, but I'd regenerate his mana and give him a damage bonus of like %40 more for those ten seconds. Again though, I'd like them at random moments so you can't plan it. It adds a bit more fun to the game, and keeps people from using it when they really need it. Then when your about to die in a boss battle and it pops on, you get that good feeling of your character giving that extra push to destroy the monster. Know what I mean?
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    Quote from name="-Mephisto"s Lament-" »
    Headed down? More than half the countries in the world are bathing in sewage water, including my own country.

    Don't we all do what we do because we want money out of it? Don't teachers teach for money? Don't plumbers plumb for money? Marines fight, for money. I doubt anybody would do what they do, risking their lives, no matter how petty the reason behind said fighting is, for free. Give another thought? If the human race wasn't immensely stupid, we wouldn't even have wars.

    I don't get to pick my wars (though I'd like to go to North Korea ^_^) and yes we fight. But money is only the icing on the cake. Who would risk their lives for money alone? Theres ALOT more to it.

    Now lets stop this talk of wars and military (and PLEASE don't talk shit about Marines no matter how trash the ones you know are) and get back to the real issue. Who lives in Virginia that would not mind hanging out with myself?
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    posted a message on A favor
    Why don't you try googling it? Actually make an effort to find stuff on your own before you go asking for stuff.

    First of all, do this:

    Google "how do i make wc3 heroes higher level in world editor" as I did in this picture.

    Click on the link I highlighted.

    Press Ctrl+F and type in "hero level" in the little box.

    And that is all there is to it. So easy. Stop being lazy and research your own stuff.
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    Quote from "TeHAJ" »
    Iam in tucson....(the 520) lol uhmm where u at?

    Not going to disclose the location in which I live, but I'm really goddamn close to Pheonix.
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    posted a message on Ikariam
    Quote from "Requiem" »
    Excellent. I'll go ahead and send the 600 marble shortly.

    Got the marble, sent you 700. :D
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    posted a message on Old Legion Archives *CLOSED*
    Quote from "Thasador" »
    You need to stop talking like that. SLAYERS is pretty much the foundation legion that rose SICK to power....that's right, led by you...Dont feel like this, get your comp up and start recruiting. I have already instructed a few Assassins on bnet to help out the other legions and they are fully aware of your predictament.

    Much like Great Greece and Rome, SLAYERS rose to supremacy. Greece and Rome fell apart by crumbling from the inside, and the fatal blows dealt by outside forces. The question I ask myself is, have we crumbled yet? I keep going back to when the others left, was that it? Is that going to be remembered as the blow that crippled SLAYERS and soon followed by the rest of its demise?

    I've tried to motivate them, to get some activity. And they are trying, they have their own problems and such that disables them from fully focusing in SLAYERS, and I understand that. But SLAYERS is in need in massive reformation and there are not enough people to do it. I may just be overthinking this, but it's something that is staring me in the face and I can't look away. Time will tell whether SLAYERS will rise greater and more powerful than ever before and retake its throne as the centerpiece of SICK, but things are looking dark for my legion, and I am beginning to doubt my ability to finish what I set out to do after everyone left.

    SLAYERS was and still is a proud force. As you said Thas, it was key in making SICK what it is. But I see SLAYERS as a warrior. A warrior who is to his knees hacking and slashing desperately to not be drowned in a sea of darkness. Eventually the warrior will reach a point where he can no longer fight, and will merely roam around remembering and trying to be once again the once powerful commanding self he once was. I won't let that happen. There is only so much I am willing to let SLAYERS fall before I sink my blade in the heart of the one thing I poured so much love, pride, and effort.

    Now you guys know what's up concerning SLAYERS. Those of you who have been here long enough should have an idea of how big this is for me, and how it's something I take super seriously. It seems lately I am feeling very emo-ish and defeatist, but I try my very hardest not to let any of it out. To quote Eminem in a song of his:

    I'm supposed to be the soldier who never blows his composure
    Even though I hold the weight of the whole world on my shoulders
    I am never supposed to show it, my crew ain't supposed to know it
    I'd never drag them in battles that I can't handle unless I absolutely have to
    I'm supposed to set an example
    I need to be the leader, my crew looks for me to guide 'em
    If some shit ever just pop off, I'm supposed to be beside 'em

    And to be quite honestly, I've been doing a crappy ass job. I'm not fit to lead. My pride has gotten in the way too much, I've lost respect with many, and I feel as if SICK no longer needs me. I've been away from gaming for a full month and if anything SICK is getting better! I've only been in the way by causing strife with SENTINELS over unhealed wounds, and doing something good here and there. I'm ignored when trying to get into conversations, I'm disrespected left and right by people who, as ranked in SICK, have no business speaking to me in such manners, I've turned friends into enemies, and I am in no way making a difference anymore. People I thought to be friends have trashed me and tried to destroy what I stand for. One example from someone, and I won't say who:

    "You are living in a fairy tale"

    My opinions mean crap to this particular person, and I understand that. Others think I behave childish, am hot-headed, have a huge ego, etc.

    In all, I feel like I am no longer needed. I was a fix for those times people have lost or began losing hope, and for forum activity. Forum activity is back, there is news on Diablo however miniscule, I no longer serve a purpose in this community.

    There are times when I am soaring high in the sky, and I feel great because I'm making a difference. And then there are times when I am so low in the pits of hell that it pains me. And there are times like yesterday when I was soaring high because things in my personal life are finally looking up. My face is getting better after having Proactive for a week, I really like this one girl and she likes me and things are going really good with her, and my comp is close to being in my hands.

    Yet yesterday I was bombarded with how my views are stupid and childish, and how having hope is meaningless and how I'll end up a virgin at 30 years old because I actually value virginity and feel sex should be with someone you love very much, or because I have hope, and am optimistic. And then another person rants about how I should fix things according to his way, and if I don't nothing will ever be fixed between us, even though he's the one that did all the damage. Two people I once considered friends, trashing me and telling me how things really are and how wrong I am. And yes, I don't consider either of you as friends.

    Morale. That's all it comes to. I've lost it, I have had it lost for a while now. I give hope to men, and keep none for myself. Time and time again that quote I relate with alot. And I don't know what exactly happened this morning to cause me to snap and feel all this stuff, but here it is. Do with it what you will. Flame me, criticize me. Understand me, help me. Do what you will. Now will be the time where I find out who is friend, and who is not.
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    posted a message on hey everyone
    Quote from "Zubin" »
    May god give you the strength and power to bear the madness which flows through the minds of everyone present here.


    *Looks back at Winston, who nods, and looks back at Zubin*

    This is SPARTA!!!!

    *Kicks Zubin into bottomless pit*

    Welcome buddy, and don't mind Zubin, he likes to fall into this pit all the time. Hope you get your browser problem fixed and stay with us!
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