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    With the Season clean-up commencing, I decided to try to optimize the way I was approaching stash organization, builds in the Armory, and multiple character content.

    Assumption: all 10 stash Tabs are unlocked in my example, but not all are needed if you don't play all classes.

    The goal was to allow Armory builds across multiple characters since each character is limited to 5x builds. The challenge was to organize the stash to only include build-related items (currently used or swap-able replacements) and store the non-build related items in Mule characters or same Class characters. Class characters can equip a build isolated to that character's specific Armory definitions. For example, Witch Doctor #1 uses Helltooth/LoN builds while Witch Doctor #2 uses Zuni/Arachnyr/Jade builds making up a total of 10x Armory builds.

    It was an organizational challenge, but finally got it working using the following Stash Tab layout:

    01) Marquise, Imperial, Flawless Royal Gems, Ubber Keys, Ramalandi Gifts, Legendary Gems (multiples)
    02) Monk specific build gear
    03) Demon Hunter and 1st 1/2 Barbarian specific build gear
    04) 2nd 1/2 Barbarian and Crusader specific build gear
    05) Rings (Str, Dex, Int, no-primary stat class independent)
    06) Witch Doctor specific build gear
    07) Wizard specific build gear
    08) Ancient/Primal specific build gear (Str, Dex, Int, no-primary stat class independent)
    09) Temp storage (Greater Rift Keys, extra Puzzle rings/Bovine Bardiches for Kanai Cube portals), character swap items (Marquise gems, Rift Keys, legendary Potion), gear comparison drop zone.
    10) 6x10 empty slots to store/move Mule/2nd class character inventory

    Using the Witch Doctor example split builds above:

    Additional character used as a storage mule: WD character #2 stores non-build specific gear (best of Ancients/Primals in its inventory + wears one of the build specific sets (13 slots of armor, jewelry. weapons, gems, legendary gems (not used in WD #1's builds).

    a) WD #1 can play Helltooth and LoN builds. No swapping needed.
    B) When Zuni/Arachnyr/Jade builds are needed, select and switch to WD character #2.
    c) Go to Tab #10 and move WD #2's entire inventory into it.
    d) Go to Tab #09 and move character swap items (Marquise gems, Rift Keys, legendary Potion to WD #2's inventory.
    e) Play WD #2's builds.
    f) When done with current WD #2 build, go to Stash Tab #09 and move character swap items (Marquise gems, Rift Keys, legendary Potion) back to Tab #09.
    g) Un-socket any legendary gems used by WD #1 builds and move them back in Stash Tab #01 and any overlap gear back in Tab #09.
    h) Go to Stash Tab #10 and move entire contents back into WD #2's inventory.
    i) Rinse and repeat with other character pairs.

    Some builds have overlapping gems and gear that may be used between the character builds for WD #1 and #2. If the Armory build shows and error icon, view the build gear to see what is missing. Normally, the builds should use independent gear or equivalent duplicates to avoid these conflicts to make them avoidable (Legendary Gems for each character, common Belts, Bracers, Shoulders, etc.). Another way is to un-equip overlapping items before switching characters and store them in the Temporary Storage Tab #09 and manually equip them and visa-versa when swapping characters.

    The benefit of this Stash, Character, and Armory organization within the game limitations, does allow one to extend build definitions beyond the limit of 5 and works pretty well do far.

    Blizz has done a wonderful job adding the Armory to make life easier in build variety support. This is one possible solution for extending builds across characters. This will also work with the upcoming 2x new Necro char slots too.

    What are others doing to organize their Stash, character slots, and Armory builds?

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    Quote from lordnazgul1984»

    Does it matter you lose or win???

    No ... just complete to end of match.
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    Quote from zikje»

    Is there any way you can verify that you have completed the event? User Interface in HoTS is terrible. Can't find anything in there.

    When you complete the Malthael's Bargain event (on PC), after the 15th match is completed, a screen will pop-up showing "Leoric's Phantom" horse mount unlocked. Once it is unlocked, you can check your mounts inventory to see it (as "owned") / select it for your characters (anytime). The Malthael's Bargain event (listed by clicking the "!" icon bottom middle right of screen, where Special Events are listed too) only appears when you invite a friend to the game and will disappear once the event is completed. Solo games will not display it. So to test it, invite a friend to check if the event is still listed. If listed, it also shows how many games were completed out of 15 before completion. I just completed it playing WD Nazeebo specialist and my friend played Diablo as newbs and leveled to 7. Most were with AI teammates and enemies, but the last few were with other seasoned players (those actually went a lot faster ~ 4-5 mins). Just pick a lane and attack to the core. Game on.
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    Quote from Molster»

    we have verified that it is due to an over-aggressive easilylist on ABP. We will try to contact someone to get them to update it, until then, you can paste the following into custom filters (click "edit filter as raw text to paste in). Should allow you to keep adblock on, and still use the editor

    Great news ... glad you found the source of the problem ... :-D
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    I noticed as well. It's adblock. Have to disable it.

    Yes ... Adblock Plus was the cause ... disabling it on diablofans fixed the problem ... Strange that this cropped up recently, since I've created builds in the past without a problem ... thanks for the fix ... :-D
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    I tried to create and edit a witchdoctor build last night and the text input fields are not select-able nor edit-able ... as if they are disabled. Moving to Chrome, they work fine. Anyone else having this issue?

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    Quote from Ratazzi»

    I have tried several combinations of gear on my spare monk that I keep leveling to do this. I don't want to keep bothering the community to PL my monks to do this achievement so with that. May I please ask the community for some help....this achievement is all I have left to finish getting my extra tab and I just can't find a good build / Gear layout for it.

    I have tried WoL builds and they are doing no damage....I run out of spirit before the mob even comes close to dying. I haven't tried any other builds but the WoL build. If you have completed this achievement please help.

    I was in the same boat with "The Thrill". It really depends on the gear you have. I posted what worked for me here


    It took some practice in T10 first ... for damage, stacking as much fire dmg as possible (Magefist, Cindercoat, Pinto's, amulet, even Burning Axe of Sankis/Devistator weaps) really boosted the WoL dmg along with CoE/Oculus rings + Kyoshiro's Blade + Tzo's helm + Envious Blade. Spirit regen was increased by Templar, Mystic Air Allies x2, Exalted Soul, Sweeping Wind and as much CDR as possible for WoL. Pinto's, Halcyon CC/BotT also helped/slowed elites from attacking. Hope this helps and good luck !

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